Kay comes back to Tabitha's house and sees that she's still in the paper bag. Sam and Ivy walk in and Kay thinks "Tabitha I know you're mad at me, but please do not cause a scene." Ivy accuses Kay of killing Tabitha and Kay suggests that maybe Tabitha and Endora went on a trip. Ivy goes on a rant accusing Kay of killing everyone in town, but Sam says there's no hard proof linking Kay to any of the murders. Ivy counters by pointing out that fibers from Kay's sweater were found on Fox's ledge and Pete's catnip was found in her purse. Sam tells Ivy he's not arresting Kay for anyone's murder, but she's not off the hook just yet. Kay explains that even though she didn't want to be married to Fox it doesn't mean she killed him, and as for Pete, she didn't even know him so why would she kill him? Sam goes on to question her about why she doesn't know where Miguel, Tabitha and Endora are. Ivy starts to accuse her again and Kay says, "If you don't shut up..." "What you'll kill me?" Ivy finishes. Kay then fantasizes about doing just that by hitting her over the head with a fire poker, zapping her with the lamp and then taking a chainsaw to her. Back in reality, Kay tells Ivy to just go home. Sam says there is no sign of Tabitha leaving town and that her car is in the driveway. Suddenly the bag lights up and a drop of blood splashes on the floor. Ivy sees the blood and says it's proof that Kay killed Miguel, Tabitha and Endora. As Ivy and Sam argue about the blood, Kay yells at Tabitha in the brown paper bag and tells her to make the blood disappear before Sam arrests her. Sam and Ivy turn to her and ask whom she is talking to. Ivy asks, "Are the voices in your head telling you to kill again?" Kay says that Tabitha is not dead and Ivy asks where she is then. Kay flashes back to shrinking Tabitha and says that she didn't kill her and that Tabitha is in the bag. Frustrated, Kay starts to freak out and yells at the bag, as Sam and Ivy look on in bewilderment. Kay then yells out that she didn't kill anyone. Sam goes to get samples of the blood from the floor and Ivy tells Kay that they are going to get the truth out of her yet and the truth is she's a serial killer.

At the Crane Mansion, Sheridan runs into Luis in the hallway outside Fancy's door and tells him she was looking for new leads on Marty in Alistair's room. Luis thinks maybe she came up to spy on him and Fancy, but she denies it. Luis asks if she found anything useful on Marty, but Sheridan says no. Luis says that's no surprise since Alistair isn't careless. Luis then tells her that tomorrow they will start searching for Marty and won't stop until they find him. Sheridan says she's going back to the cottage so she can sleep and that he probably wants to get back to Fancy. After a callous remark, Sheridan asks if something is wrong. He tries to play it off, but Sheridan sees right through him. Luis admits that something is in fact wrong with Fancy, but he doesn't know what it is, as someone spies on them.

They both go down to the kitchen to have a glass of wine and Sheridan asks if there are problems between him and Fancy. Luis says he shouldn't be talking to her about this. Sheridan says she knows that Fancy thinks she is trying to come between them, but while that may have been true in the past, she is only focused on finding Marty. She tells him that she only asked because she cares and she'll listen if he wants to talk about it. Luis tells her that Fancy is acting like two different people and that something is definitely not right. Sheridan says she remembers how Fancy used to be, citing her throwing the chemicals on Pretty and that there's always been something not quite right about her. Luis says he doesn't now how she was then, but he knows her now and there's something wrong with her. He then tells Sheridan, " I love Fancy too much to let her go through this alone." Luis thanks Sheridan for listening and she tells him that maybe Fancy is just suffering from post traumatic stress. Before Luis leaves to check on Fancy, Sheridan gets a phone call from Spike and she asks if he has any info on Marty. Sheridan says into the phone, "You have a lead on Marty's whereabouts? Tell me where Marty is."

Theresa and Pilar show up at Ethan's and they rehash the evils of Alistair and how Theresa will tell Ethan the truth. As Theresa takes off to find Ethan, Gwen comes down the stairs and says, "You have got to be kidding me!" Pilar turns around to see her and Gwen can't believe she would convince her daughter to go against Alistair. Pilar says it's time to put a stop to Alistair's controlling ways, but Gwen doesn't think it's a good idea. Pilar tells her that Theresa should be with the father of her children and Gwen reminds Pilar that she has a son with Ethan too. Pilar tells her it's time they talked about that.

The women go into another room and Pilar says she knows Gwen and Rebecca are up to something. She asks Gwen to not cause anymore problems for Theresa. Gwen is incredulous considering how much pain Theresa has caused her and asks if Pilar has lost her mind. Pilar concedes that Gwen gone through a lot and that she understands losing a man to another woman, but that Theresa will always hold Ethan's heart. Gwen tries to leave, but Pilar asks her to hear her out. She explains her past with Martin and how she couldn't break his connection to Katherine and that it's the same for Gwen and Ethan. Pilar assures Gwen that even if she gets him back through her son, Ethan will always love Theresa and Gwen shouldn't settle for second place. Pilar pleads with Gwen to let him go for Theresa's sake, as well as her own because she deserves to be with a man who wants to be with her. Pilar then tells her she did the right thing by divorcing Ethan, but not to let Rebecca convince her to manipulate him because even having a son with the man isn't enough to change the fact that he loves Theresa. Gwen reminds her that she once gave Theresa the same advice when Gwen and Ethan were together. She tells her that no matter what she says, Ethan loves her and always has and that Theresa has just tricked him into thinking he loves her. She says she didn't need to scheme her way into Ethan's heart, unlike Theresa and that he just loved her once upon a time. Pilar sticks up for her daughter, but Gwen rehashes their past and how Theresa schemed her way into Ethan's life. Gwen tells Pilar she's out of her mind if she thinks she's going to let Ethan go even if she has to play by Theresa's rules. Gwen then tells Pilar that she should persuade her daughter to not tell Ethan that he is Little E's father. Pilar asks if she is threatening her and Gwen says not yet, but Pilar better stop Theresa from telling Ethan the truth. Pilar tells her that the truth needs to come out. Gwen says no good will come from it because Alistair won't let the truth be known even if he's in jail. Pilar says nothing will get her to tell Theresa to keep quite and Gwen presents her with a piece of paper that "Is your worst nightmare and has come back to haunt you big time." Gwen tells her she gives her a lot of credit for keeping a secret like this for so long. Pilar denies there's anything to what she's saying, but looks at the paper in shock and says, "How did you get this?" Gwen tells her if she wants it to remain a secret she will do as she says. Gwen tells her to call Theresa and get her to stop trying to get Ethan back or this secret will come back to haunt her.

Theresa goes to find Ethan and says to herself that she needs to tell him everything. Ethan comes into the room and says, "Everything? What don't I know?" He suddenly turns to leave the room and tells her to keep talking. He comes back with a romantic late night snack so he can show her how much he loves her and that she's the only woman in his heart. He tells her he knows how hard it's been for her with Gwen showing up with their new baby and that even though she's happy for him, he knows she's sad because she wanted to give him his first born son. Theresa says she doesn't doubt his love for her and knows that she can be honest with him. He asks if she's ok not being the woman to give him his first born son. She tells him, "I did. I gave you Little Ethan." Ethan says she's right, since he loves him like he was his own son. Theresa tires to get out the words, but Ethan keeps talking about how Little E is Julian's son and how special the father son bond is. He explains that even though he loves Jane like crazy, he's always dreamed about having a son and now he has one with Gwen. Theresa says, "You have your own son with me. Julian isn't Little Ethan's father." Ethan says he certainly doesn't act like it and that he's never understood how Julian can be so indifferent to his son. Theresa tries to tell him that Little E is his, but Ethan doesn't hear what Theresa is saying. Ethan then says he finally understands why Julian isn't fighting for custody of Little E. He tells her he realizes that she probably made a deal with Julian in exchange for him dropping his custody suit. He tells her he doesn't need to know the details and kisses her before she can say anything else. He tells her that he just wants to enjoy the food he prepared and her company and not worry about anything else. Theresa thinks to herself that she needs to find a way to make him understand. Theresa and Ethan dance and he tells her how much he loves her and she says she loves him more with every breath he takes. Ethan talks about the future and tells her she needs to divorce Alistair so they can be happy together. They start to make out as someone watches them from outside.

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