Eve excitedly tells Julian that she was right about Vincent being alive as she goes to pick him up off the floor. Much to Eve's dismay, the person Julian threw to the ground turns out to be "Valerie." Eve is completely confused and asks where Vincent is. "Valerie" says Vincent is dead and Julian asks what she's doing there. "Valerie" tells them she wanted to check up on Eve and that she felt guilty about Eve finding her and Julian on the docks. Eve says it wasn't the first time and then demands to know where Vincent is. Valerie/Vincent thinks to himself, "Closer than you think mother." He then flashes to putting on the Valerie disguise right before Julian found him. Julian and Eve go back and forth again about Vincent being alive. Eve accuses him of thinking she's going mad. She tells him that she will prove that Vincent is there. Julian tells Eve he thought she accepted that Vincent was dead, but Eve says that changed when she touched him earlier that night. They rehash how Vincent died and the DNA evidence, but Eve can't understand how he could be dead. She says she just wants her son to be alive and then asks Julian to get a sedative and a cup of tea of for her. Julian asks "Valerie" to keep an eye on her while he gets Eve's medication. Valerie/Vincent thinks to himself that it won't be a problem. As Eve lays on the couch with her eyes closed, Vincent rips off his Valerie mask and stands in front of Eve as himself. Eve looks up and is shocked to see her son. After the shock wears off she's thrilled to seem him and yells for Julian to come back. When Julian returns, Vincent is gone. "Valerie" comes back into the room and wonders what all the commotion is about. Eve freaks out and wonders what is happening to her. Julian tries to calm her down as "Valerie" slips some pills into Eve's doctor bag. Eve yells for Vincent to come back and "Valerie" assures her that Vincent is gone. Eve then attacks "Valerie" and says she must have seen Vincent and knows where he is. "Valerie" says she doesn't know what she's talking about, but Eve again accuses her of knowing where Vincent is. Julian tells her to stop the craziness and Eve insists that "Valerie" knows what's going on and that she's part of it. Eve sticks to her story that Vincent was in her house and tells Julian that he's supposed to love and believe her. Julian says he does love her, but just looks distraught when Eve insists that Vincent is alive. Eve tells Julian and "Valerie" to get out of her house when she realizes that they think she's crazy. She tells "Valerie" that she's on to her and calls her a conniving little b**** before she leaves the room. Julian says he'll go calm Eve down, but "Valerie" tells him to wait till she's more rational because there's nothing he can do for her right now.

At the Crane Mansion, Kay walks into the living room to see Fox's casket. She cries as she says even though they had problems he didn't deserve to be murdered. She picks up a black sweater lying on the couch and puts it on because she's cold. She goes back to the casket and tells Fox she hopes he's at peace and that she knows they loved each other despite their problems, as Esme walks in. Kay asks if she's alright since she's known Fox since she was a little girl. Esme tells Kay that it's more than that because her and Fox were together up till the end. Kay hugs her and tells Esme she's glad Fox wasn't alone. Sam walks in and asks Kay what she's doing there. She tells her father that even though they were broken up, Fox was still her husband. Ivy then enters the room, accuses Kay of killing Fox and slaps her. Sam pulls Ivy away from Kay and Ivy tells Sam to arrest "Your s*** of a daughter." Sam tells her he has no evidence linking Kay to Fox's murder. Sam then notices Esme and asks if she's ok, telling everyone about her being with Pete who was also murdered. Esme says "He was the cat's meow," and they discuss the incident and Pete's bizarre preferences. Ivy bitingly says she's glad to hear Esme has gotten over her son so quickly and Esme replies that it wasn't like that, "Everyone has their own unique way of grieving." Viki then enters the room and lays her head on Fox's casket. Ivy is pleased to see that someone besides her is grieving for her son. Ivy asks Sam about Fox's case and Sam pulls out the file on Fox's death and says that some fibers from a black cashmere sweater were found on the window ledge. Everyone notices Kay's sweater matches that description and Sam says he needs to gets some samples from the sweater. Kay swears she didn't have anything to do with Fox's death, saying it makes no sense that she would kill him. Sam asks where she got the sweater and Kay responds that she just found it and gives it to Sam. She then offers for him to search her and empties out her purse. Sam finds a bag of catnip and Esme notes it was the same stuff she used on Pete. Sam then asks where Kay was when Pete was killed. Kay is questioned about her whereabouts and Kay says she was at Tabitha's all night. Sam wants to talk to Tabitha to confirm the story, but Kay remembers that she turned Tabitha into an "Evil Tinkerbell" and says that Tab is gone somewhere, but she doesn't know where. Ivy thinks Kay probably killed her too and Sam says things don't look good for Kay. Ivy demands Kay be arrested since she doesn't have an alibi. Ivy verbally attacks Kay and Sam tells her to let him handle it. He questions Kay's story, recounting that she doesn't know where Tabitha is and that two men are dead. Ivy then says, "The next thing you know, you won't be able to tell us where Endora is." When Kay can't come up with the little girl's whereabouts, Ivy accuses her of being a serial killer.

Upstairs, Pretty spies on Luis and Fancy making out in Fancy's bedroom and is upset by her sister's happiness. As she tries to think of a way to destroy Fancy's bliss, she thinks it's the perfect time to play with the chip Alistair put in Fancy's brain and goes to find the controller. Pretty comes back and sees Fancy and Luis kissing again and swears that Fancy's days of love are over. She plays with the controller to make Fancy turn on Luis.

Fancy thinks she hears something in the hallway and feels like she's being watched. When she doesn't find anyone, Luis says they need to stay sharp considering Alistair is back, but pours them each a glass of wine anyway. They toast to their alone time. As Fancy and Luis go back to kissing, Fancy suddenly doubles over in pain and then tells Luis to "Get the Hell out of my room" and slaps him. Luis asks what that was all about and Fancy tells him to get out. Luis asks if she's lost her mind and Fancy threatens to call security. Luis leaves in a state of confusion.

Out in the hallway, Luis is baffled and says, "I will never understand her," as he leaves. Pretty says to herself, "Nope you never will" and remarks how Fancy's free will is gone now that she has control over her. When Pretty overhears Fancy breaking things she thinks it's time to power down. When Fancy goes back to normal, she doesn't know what's happening to her and wonders why she slapped Luis again. Luis comes back and Pretty takes off. He wonders to himself what's wrong with Fancy and recalls that her strange behavior all stared with the nosebleeds. He then turns and sees someone and says, "You!"

Gwen runs into the house and yells at Rebecca for almost destroying JT's files. Rebecca tells her daughter that there's more to Theresa's secrets than just Little E's paternity. Gwen goes to the laptop to try and figure out what other secrets Theresa could be hiding. Rebecca and Gwen talk about Gwen's son and Rebecca says she thinks the boy sleeps too much. When Gwen says it's normal, Rebecca isn't convinced, but drops the issue anyway. They then start to talk about J.T. and how Rebecca misses him. She recalls their many sexual escapades, much to Gwen's horror. Gwen tells her mother to be quiet, as she needs to concentrate on digging up dirt on Theresa. Gwen presses a button and everything goes haywire. The women fear the stick's memory is being erased. Gwen presses another button that restores the laptop and a message pops up that reads, "Congratulations! You're close to breaking my code - JT Cornwell." Apparently it was just a joke to scare them and Gwen presses on in her search for dirt on Theresa. The women successfully break the code and after reading what was on the USB stick, Gwen says, "Oh my God this is huge! We can destroy Theresa forever with this!" Gwen thinks she has Theresa exactly where she wants her and that Theresa will never be happy again.

Theresa enters Pilar's house and tells her mother that she's lost Ethan. She recounts how close she got to being a family with Ethan, but then Gwen and Alistair ruined everything for her. Pilar tells her daughter to stop feeling sorry for herself and "If you want Ethan, you fight for him!" Pilar tells Theresa if she gives into Alistair's threats that Ethan will be free to remarry Gwen and he will do just that. Pilar tells her to "Fight for Ethan. Fight to the death if you have to." Theresa asks her mother what if she goes up against Alistair and she loses and he goes crazy and takes out their entire family? Pilar says he's like a cancer that has been eating at the town for decades and that Theresa can be the one to make it stop. Theresa asks how she can do that and Pilar says she'll tell her how. Pilar tells Theresa to tell Ethan about his son and then she can tell him what Alistair is up to. Theresa thinks Alistair will then kill Ethan, but Pilar thinks the entire police force will protect him. She then reminds her daughter that if she doesn't fess up, Ethan and Gwen will be together and she will be forced to remain Alistair's wife. Theresa agrees with her mother and says she won't let Alistair ruin her life and that she will tell Ethan the truth. Pilar says she will go with her and they both run out to find Ethan.

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