As the dog attacks Pete, Esme freaks out and tries to remember the number to 911. She panics a little and goes to find a phone. The attack suddenly stops and she realizes the dog is now coming for her. "Oh God. I'm gonna die!" she exclaims. Esme tries to fend off the dog with some witty banter and notices some red stuff all over him. She picks up a bottle of champagne and continues to nervously talk. She opens the bottle and cork hits the dog. She runs to find her phone in her purse and calls Fancy. As she tells Fancy about the dog, the phone is knocked out of her hands and the dog comes after her. Esme tires to fend off the dog, but it doesn't look good.

At the Crane Mansion, Fancy and Luis talk about their strange feelings and feel like they've lost a few hours. Fancy remarks that she feels like the people who have been abducted by aliens. Luis questions her belief in the phenomenon, but Fancy says with everything that has been going on lately an abduction would be a welcome occurrence. Luis kisses her and asks, "Is that better?" Fancy says it's a start and they head to Fancy's bed and have sex. While basking in the afterglow, Fancy gets a call from a panicked Esme. All Fancy can hear is the commotion of the dog, but she doesn't know where Esme is.

Luis and Fancy somehow find Pete's place and find it torn apart. They see Esme passed out and Fancy says, "I think she's dead." Luis checks her out and finds a pulse, much to Fancy's relief. Esme wakes up and freaks out worried about the dog. She tells them what happened and they ask what she's doing there. Esme says she was trying to distract herself from Fox's death and goes off on a tangent about kinky costumes. They ask how the dog got in the room and where Pete is. Luis goes to find Pete in the bedroom and Fancy calls 911 for an ambulance. Luis comes back and says to cancel the ambulance, they need a hearse instead because Pete is in pieces. Fancy tries to console Esme over both Fox and Pete's death. Esme says she's like the black widow since men sleep with her and then turn up dead and that condoms should put a warning about her on their packages. She goes on to tell Fancy about the catnip and gives her more info than Fancy could ever want. Luis comes back from checking things out in the area and asks if Pete was wearing a costume. Esme says yes like it's completely normal to dress up like a cat. Luis looks a little thrown off, but then tells her that a woman from across the street said she saw a strange lady dressed in all black open the pen for the dog to run loose. Luis then says he found a footprint that matches her size. Esme realizes Luis is suggesting she may have killed Pete. Esme grows upset and tells them she did not let the dog out. Fancy believes her and Luis says he never said she killed Pete. Fancy tells her to come home with them and they leave Pete's place, but not before Esme yells out goodbye to Pete and hopes that this was just one of his nine lives. Luis says to himself he doesn't really buy her act and follows the ladies out.

At the cottage, Sheridan sits at her laptop and says, "Don't worry Marty, Mommy's coming." She continues to look for clues regarding his location and picks up a photo of her and Luis and then one of Marty. She tells Marty's photo that she loves him and that she can't tell anyone he's alive because if Alistair finds out he will move him and then she'll never find him. She puts the photos together and says "There. A family. Just the way things are supposed to be." She vows to find Marty and, "Then we can tell everyone you are alive." Gwen walks in and says "Marty's alive?!" Sheridan tells Gwen that Marty survived the train crash and tells her to not tell anyone because she's terrified of Alistair. Sheridan tells Gwen that Alistair believes that every Crane belongs to him body and soul and Gwen says she knows how Alistair feels when he thinks someone belongs to him and thinks of Theresa and Ethan. Sheridan tells her friend that Marty is somewhere in Harmony and that once they find him Luis will come back to her. Gwen questions this and asks if this is about getting Luis back. Sheridan says finding Marty isn't about Luis, but once they do get their son back, all bets are off. She tells Gwen that she is the love of his life and she will not let him forget it. Gwen tells her that Luis might not come back to her, but Sheridan is sure of it. Gwen worries for her friend, but Sheridan tells her that Luis is her life and they will be happy together forever. Gwen then tells Sheridan that she had a baby. Sheridan is shocked and Gwen tells her that she has a son and now Ethan will come back to her for good. They celebrate over the fact that they both have sons and will be reunited with the loves of their lives. They discuss how Gwen wasn't supposed to be able to have babies and Gwen calls it a miracle. The friends discuss Ethan and Theresa and Gwen says Theresa won't be a problem because of Alistair. Sheridan asks what happens if Alistair is locked up and Theresa divorces him. Gwen says she's not worried because Alistair always gets away with his crimes and she knows in her heart that Ethan will come back to her. Gwen says she's happy and feels like everything will work out for her, but is waiting for the other shoe to drop. Just then the phone rings and it's Rebecca calling for her. Rebecca tells her that she's erased the entire USB stick JT had and Gwen tells her how to fix it because they need that info to ruin Theresa's life. Sheridan asks if everything is alright and Gwen says it was just a project that Rebecca almost ruined. Sheridan remarks that it sounded like it was life or death and Gwen says it might be. Sheridan deduces it has to do with Ethan and Gwen offers to give Sheridan any info she might find to help her with Luis. Gwen then offers her condolences for Fox and Sheridan remarks he was shot in his bedroom and that none of them are safe. She then goes on to recap how she lost Marty and how it led her to choose between Spike and Vincent and that she let her nephew fall to his death. The friends then fantasize about the moment their men choose them and their sons over the other women in their lives. Gwen and Sheridan offer each other support in their quests for their men and Gwen leaves. Once outside, Gwen tells herself she must decode the USB stick. Sheridan goes back to her laptop to find Marty.

Over at Eve's house, she comes downstairs looking for Julian. Eve finds a note he left telling her he's gone out to get food, but Eve remarks that she doesn't need food, she needs booze. She grabs a few bottles and sees that Julian has emptied them all out. Eve says, "This is my house and if I want to stack alcohol up to the rafters it's my business." She goes to look for a bottle of brandy she hid and is delighted to find it as she takes a drink. As Eve enjoys her "one true friend," Vincent appears in the flesh to her. She asks if he's really here and he says "What does it look like?" Eve asks if he's a ghost and he holds out his hand and asks if he feels like a ghost. Eve touches him and says "You're real!" She hugs him and tells him she knew he wasn't dead. She asks what happened because she saw him fall off the cliff. All Vincent says is that he's missed her and gives her a couple pills to make her feel better. Eve asks what they are and Vincent tells her they'll make her feel better and asks "Don't you trust me?" She says of course she does and turns to take the pills. When she looks back Vincent is gone. Eve yells out for Vincent as Julian walks in the door with a bag of groceries. Eve tells Julian that Vincent was just there and asks him to help her find their son. Eve tries to convince Julian that she's telling the truth, but Julian thinks she was sleeping or drunk. They argue about it and Julian tells her that Vincent is dead-there's no doubt about it. Julian tells her that he loves her and wants what's best for her and goes to make coffee and sandwiches so they can talk about what really happened to Vincent. Eve becomes dizzy and lays back on the couch. Vincent calls for her and appears to her again, but this time won't let her touch him. Vincent tells her he loves Daddy, but whines that Julian doesn't believe he's alive. "Why doesn't Daddy love me?" Vincent asks. Eve begs him no to go, that he should stay and convince Julian that he's alive. Vincent says that Julian is ashamed of him and that he doesn't want him around. Eve says that's not true, but Vincent states that he doesn't believe her and that's why he's going for good. Eve breaks down as Julian returns and she slaps him telling him it's his fault Vincent is gone. Julian is completely confused and Eve tells him that Vincent was just there and Julian accuses her of hallucinating. Eve takes another drink and continues to blame Julian. Julian tells her he heard from Sam and that the police have solid evidence that Vincent is gone. Vincent eavesdrops from behind the curtain and says "This should be good." Eve asks what lies Sam is spreading because she just touched him, but Julian says they found a lot of blood on the rocks that matches Vincent's DNA. Vincent pulls up his sleeve to reveal a bandage and says "Lucky for me I bled like a stuck pig." Eve won't believe it and breaks down. Julian tells her not to ignore the evidence because she's a doctor. Eve wonders if she's going crazy and Julian tries to console her. Eve asks what she should do and Julian says they should think about that tomorrow. He wants her to get a good night's sleep and they'll talk about it in the morning. Vincent makes a noise form behind the curtain and worries that they will find him. Julian passes by the curtain and sees someone standing behind it. He grabs the person and throws him to the floor as Eve yells out that it's Vincent.

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Pilar tells Theresa to fight for Ethan.

Gwen and Rebecca look at the computer and Gwen says, "Theresa you are going down."

Fancy tells Luis to "Get the hell out of my room" and slaps him.

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