After a night of dancing, Esme and Pete go back to his room where she calls him Paul and tells him he should change his name when he corrects her. Pete turns on the light and Esme is horrified to see his massive collection of cat figurines, posters and other things feline. She learns that he has a dozen or so live cats as well. Pete then acts like a cat to try and catch a mouse. Pete jumps on furniture and tells Esme to help him because it's fun. She tells him to let his cats get the rodent, but Pete is appalled by the suggestion because his cats could pull a muscle or something. Just then he pops up with a dead mouse in his mouth. It's a little too weird for Esme and she makes an excuse to leave, but Paul surprisingly convinces her to stay. She does request that he use some mouthwash, disinfectant or bleach to get the mouse ick out of his mouth and he says he has to use the litter box, um...bathroom. As he leaves the room, Pete yells to his cats, "She's staying! She's staying!" Esme realizes he's got a screw loose, but considering he's hot she overlooks it. Pete comes back in the room and he's dressed like a cat with a furry costume on. Pete prances around the room like a cat as Esme looks on in astonishment. Pete asks her to pet him and he purrs for her. Esme seemingly gets into it, but wants to get the costume off him. He says not yet and tells her to be gentle and to go slow. Esme remarks how this will last at least four sessions with her shrink. They hear dogs barking outside and Pete says it's his next door neighbor's dog and that it wants to kill him. Esme worries the dog will escape, but Pete assures her they're safe from the dog unless someone frees him from his pen. The door to Pete's room cracks opens, but they don't notice, as Esme gives Pete some cat nip and they get frisky. The door then closes and Esme thinks she hears something. Pete says it's nothing and they go back to their kinky scene. Esme is distracted by the barking, but Pete isn't bothered by it and asks Esme to scratch his belly. He puts on some music and starts to strangely dance. He then puts on a recording of cats meowing and gets back to nuzzling Esme. They notice the dog has stopped barking, but aren't aware that someone has let the dog out of his cage. Esme and Pete play cat games and he suggest he get Esme a cat suit too. She seems to like the suggestion, but then Pete gets a hair ball. After Pete coughs it up, they hear the dog again and Esme thinks the dog is on the loose, but Pete says it's impossible. Esme gives Pete more catnip, which makes him very frisky, and the door opens to a gloved hand turning off the light. Pete goes to see what's going on and the dog enters and chases Pete around the room.

Over at Tabitha's, the witches look in the magic bowl and see Fancy walking in on Luis and Sheridan. Kay is angry about it, but Tabitha tells her to get a grip because the dark side was very explicit in regards to them proving their evilness so they can get Endora and Miguel back. Kay asks what guarantee they have the dark side will return their loved ones once they've proven their evilness. Tabitha says they have to have faith and she conjures up her wand so she can get extra power against Sheridan and Fancy. Kay objects and they wrestle over the wand. While they struggle, Kay tells Tabitha she wants her to stop breaking Fancy's heart, but Tab says she'd break a million hearts to get Endora back. Tabitha elbows Kay to the stomach to get free and once recovered, Kay hits her on the head with a rolling pin. As they continue to fight, the wand starts to blow up. The wand is broken in half and shoots off sparks, but Tabitha throws a bowl over it to stop it and tells Kay she's out of control and she'll be the target of thousands of curses for breaking a witch's wand. Kay says she doesn't care, she just doesn't want Fancy to suffer. Tabitha threatens her, but Kay blows it off so she can figure out a way to fix the Fancy/Luis/Sheridan situation. After Tabitha leaves the room, Kay asks the good spirits to give her the strength to make Tabitha's victims forget everything that happened that night. A yellow light comes over her and she uses her magic over the bowl. Tabitha comes back with a duct taped wand. Kay tells her about the magic she just performed and Tabitha incredulously asks if she ever wants to see Miguel again. They again struggle over the wand and Kay suddenly lets go. She asks the good spirits to help her cut evil down to size and she shrinks Tabitha down to a pint sized witch. She then puts Tabitha is a brown paper bag and tells Tabitha she's stopping her from causing any more pain. Kay picks up the wand and laughs at Tabitha's frustration. Kay tells an angry Tabitha she will let her out of the bag when she proves she will be good. Tabitha retorts that Kay has no idea what she is capable of, as Kay walks over to the bowl and asks "What is that?" Tabitha tells Kay to get a good look at the pain she's going to bring to Harmony. Kay says, "You can't do this. It's really evil." Tabitha just cackles.

At the cottage, Fancy watches in horror as Luis and Sheridan make out on the couch and slams the door. She yells at them to stop, but they don't seem to hear her. Luis tells Sheridan "It's always been you" and Sheridan responds with, "Make love to me forever." Fancy yells "No!" and they look at her, but go back to what they were doing. Sheridan thinks to herself, "It's too late Fancy; I've won. Luis loves me now." Fancy asks Luis if he loves Sheridan, and Sheridan says "Nothing can break up Luis and Sheridan. Certainly not you." And they go back to making out. Fancy lashes out at Luis and tells him she's upset he didn't have the decency to tell her the truth. Luis just looks at her unable to speak. Sheridan tells her niece that Luis won't answer her and that he needs a real woman. She then accuses her of being weak and Fancy slaps her aunt. Sheridan just smiles as Fancy asks Luis how he could do this to her. The three of them are suddenly zapped by Kay and start turning around in circles until they rewind back to before Luis and Sheridan started having sex. Fancy is zapped back to her house while Luis and Sheridan are back in their clothes and can't remember what they were talking about.

Luis thinks there's something wrong with Fancy and tells Sheridan he needs to find her. Sheridan says she feels pretty strange herself. Luis says there's nothing more they can do to find Marty tonight and he leaves. Sheridan wonders to herself why she feels so strange... and so good.

Luis goes over to Fancy's place and she says she has a funny feeling she just saw him. Luis says he feels the same way, but that he also had a feeling that she was in some terrible pain. They both admit they feel like they've lost time and Fancy says she feels like she's about to cry. She doesn't know why, but she feels like she lost him. They embrace and she tells him to never let her go. Luis tells her she will never lose him. Fancy asks him is he would ever lie to her about anything important and he says of course not, but thinks about the secret he's keeping about Marty. Fancy reminds him that she and Noah broke up because he lied to her. Luis tells her he loves her and nothing will come between them.

Back at the cottage, Sheridan thinks about Luis being with Fancy, but notes that it won't be for long because Luis will be hers and swears it on the life of her niece.

Finally out of the hospital, Ethan and Theresa enter their bedroom and Ethan tries to seduce Theresa. She playfully fends him off telling him he needs sleep, but he says he feels just fine and that being near her is the cure he needs. They profess their love and Ethan tells her she needs to divorce Alistair quickly because he's the only stumbling block to their happiness. Ethan wants to have sex, but Theresa tells him he's too weak. Ethan reluctantly backs off and decides to put together Little E's model airplane as he promised he would. Theresa worries about his health, but Ethan says there's nothing into worry about. Theresa thinks "Except Alistair. He'll kill you if you find out Little Ethan is your son." Ethan asks Theresa if she ever wondered what their lives would be like if Little E were really his son and then tells Theresa how understanding she's been about his son with Gwen.

Gwen holds her baby outside their door and tells him Ethan will be with them soon. Gwen and the baby eventually enter Ethan and Theresa's room after listening in on their conversation. When he sees them Ethan remarks, "There's my guy." Theresa says, "I thought Little Ethan was your guy." Gwen says of course he is, but it's different. Gwen asks Ethan to feed their baby and Theresa reminds him about the model airplane. Ethan begs off feeding the baby so he can finish the project for Little E and Gwen makes him feel guilty. Theresa relents and tells Ethan to go ahead and feed his son. Ethan takes the little guy and Gwen smugly smiles at Theresa. As Ethan feeds the baby, Gwen tells Theresa that her son will bring Ethan back to her. Theresa says that will never happen, but Gwen reminds her she can't tell him about Little E and Alistair won't let her go, so there's nowhere else for Ethan to go except back to Gwen. Gwen remarks how happy Ethan is with their baby and that the three of them will be a family. Theresa says Ethan is hers, but Gwen wonders how Theresa will fix things with Alistair because "No one goes up against Alistair and wins." Theresa tells her she won't give up and that she and Ethan are fated to be together. Gwen scoffs saying that Theresa's lies always catch up to her and she waited too long to tell Ethan the truth, therefore it's too late for her and Ethan. Theresa tells Gwen Ethan will never love Gwen the way he loves her. Gwen says she'll take what she can get and will put up with the part of Ethan that doesn't love her. The two trade barbs about who's the bigger liar and Gwen ends by telling Theresa that she got herself into this mess and she needs to live with it because there's no way out. Theresa tells Gwen that no matter what happens she will always be the woman in his heart, but Gwen tells her he's happy right now because of their son and that it will be easier to come between Theresa and Ethan than she thought.

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