Tabitha lies on the floor talking to the vent trying to contact the evildoers, but gets no answer. She tells them about all the evil she's been up to, namely implicating Miguel in Fox's murder. She hopes it is enough to get Endora back, but to not avail. Kay walks in to pick a bone with Tabitha, but the elder witch feels no remorse for setting up Miguel. Kay tells Tabitha her plan stinks because once they get Miguel back, he will then have to deal with the murder charges against him. Tabitha reminds Kay they have to be evil or else they will never see their loved ones again. She urges Kay to enjoy being bad, but Kay thinks there must be another way. Just then the magic bowl shows them Luis, Sheridan and Fancy and Tabitha thinks it's a sign of what evil she can do next-destroy Luis and Fancy's happiness by way of Sheridan. Kay tells Tabitha "There's no way I'm doing that" because Fancy has enough to deal with after losing Fox. Tabitha reminds her of all the dirty deeds she did to Charity and Miguel years ago, but Kay says it was different and they need to find another way. Tabitha tells her the situation is as dire as it gets and they must do what the bowl tells them in order to get Endora and Miguel back. Tabitha tells Kay to move out of the way so she can get Endora back as she has been instructed. As she watches Luis and Sheridan in the bowl, Tabitha stops Luis from calling Fancy. Kay thinks it's enough to appease the dark side, but Tabitha says they have to rob Fancy and Luis of all happiness. Kay talks to the grate that goes downstairs and pleads her case, saying she doesn't want to cause any more evil. Tabitha just laughs at her and says "Moving right along; I have some love to muck up!"

At the Blue Note, Esme and Fancy enter as Esme, still wearing the big black hat and dark sunglasses, tells her friend she's still in mourning over Fox who was her one true love. She then chastises her friend's lack of black clothing and tells Fancy she doesn't look like she's mourning her brother at all. Fancy assures Esme her clothes don't reflect her mood and says she realizes how precious life is and intends to spend as much time with Luis as she can. Esme tells her to call her man, but Fancy doesn't think it's a good idea. Esme urges her to find Luis and stop Sheridan from taking Luis away from her. Fancy is confident that Sheridan won't be able to lure Luis away, as she hasn't been successful so far. Esme tells Fancy that doesn't mean Sheridan won't eventually win him back and she should high tail it over to Luis right now. Esme again tells Fancy that Fox was the one, but Fancy reminds her of all her past "ones" and that she falls in love too easily. Esme tells her friend that Fox was different and that she will never get over losing him. She then worries how she will support herself and Viki. The conversation turns back to Fancy and Luis and Esme wonders if there's anything Sheridan could do to break them up. Fancy remembers Sheridan saying something about Marty being alive, but thinks it couldn't be possible. Esme remarks that it's a good thing, because nothing is stronger than the bond between parents. Even though she's in mourning over her "one true love", Esme takes note of all the hot men in the club. She flirts with on lookers, as Fancy frets that Luis hasn't called her yet.

Sheridan and Luis are at Sheridan's cottage and discuss the Marty situation. They worry how Alistair has been treating their son and if Marty has been traumatized. They try to figure out what to do next and Sheridan thinks to herself that Marty will bring her and Luis back together and Alistair will lose this round. Sheridan grows weepy thinking about Marty and how he thinks that Beth is his mother. As Sheridan and Luis talk on the couch she thinks to herself, "Kiss me Luis, you know you want to." Luis gets off the couch and talks about finding Marty, much to Sheridan's dismay. Luis then wants to call Fancy, but Sheridan tires to convinces him not to. He tells her he just wants to let her know he's thinking about her and promises not to say anything about Marty. He tries to get through to Fancy, but due to Tabitha's magic, the call won't go through. Luis and Sheridan turn back to talking about their son and how they want to be able to watch him grow up. Sheridan makes Luis promise to find their boy and he promises to do his best. Sheridan thanks him with a hug.

Seeing the two together, Tabitha casts a spell making Luis and Sheridan kiss and then zaps Esme so she tells Fancy where Luis is. Tabitha delights in her success, as Kay frets over what they've done. Tabitha checks back in on Sheridan and Luis to see how things are progressing. Seeing as they're only kissing, Tabitha wants to up the ante so Fancy sees them having sex. Kay tries to get Tabitha to stop because Luis loves Fancy, but Tabitha just thinks it will help their case in getting Endora and Miguel back. Kay tries to come up with another way, but Tabitha shuts her down. "What I'm doing is the only sure way to get our loved ones back," Tabitha tells the young witch. Kay tries to use her magic to stop Fancy from walking in on Luis and Sheridan, but Tabitha says she will prevent Kay from doing so.

As one of Esme's hotties comes up to talk to her, she gets a zap from Tabitha that makes her tell Fancy that Luis and Sheridan are at the cottage. Fancy asks how she knows, but all Esme can tell her is she will find Luis at Sheridan's. The man Esme is flirting with sits down with the ladies and Esme secretly gets a hold of his wallet and credit card. Fancy interrupts the two to ask why Esme thinks Luis is at Sheridan's. She tells Fancy it came to her like a bolt of lightning and that maybe Fox is trying to help her out from the beyond, or maybe she's just psychic. Either way, Fancy rushes of to find Luis.

As Fancy and Luis make out, Luis tries to fight his pull towards Sheridan because he loves Fancy, but he can't help himself. The two start to undress and Luis tries to stop himself, but pulls Sheridan's shirt off instead. "Take me Luis! Make me yours again!" Sheridan begs him.

The witches each rub their hands conjuring up their own individual spells. Tabitha and Kay wreak havoc on Luis and Sheridan, as the couple goes from wanting to have sex (per Tabitha) to wanting to stop (per Kay). Ultimately Tabitha's powers prove too powerful for Kay and the elder witch wins out. Kay worries that it will kill Fancy to see Luis and Sheridan having sex. Just then Fancy walks in and sees Luis and Sheridan going at it on the couch.

Still at the Blue Note, Esme stumbles around the club drunk and publicly proclaims her love for Fox. Her new man, Pete comes back to talk with her. She whips off her dramatic hat and glasses and dances with Pete, because "Scarlet O'Hara danced after her husband Rhett Butler died, so oh well." The two dance and flirt on the dance floor when Esme has a break down over the word dead. She tells Pete she's trying to numb the pain and he says he can help her with that. "Fox would want me to move on with...uh, Pete", Esme thinks trying to remember her new beau's name. Esme asks Pete to help ease her pain and heal her broken heart and Pete tells her he has what it takes to help her, as someone watches from across the room. Esme then gets a weird feeling, "like when all my medication wears off and all the voices start to talk at once." Pete assures her he can make her forget, as they continue to be watched.

Back in the hospital, Alistair taunts Theresa about her love for Ethan. He reminds her that he will kill Ethan before he lets him publicly claim Little E as his son. Alistair then tells Theresa her dream of having a family with Ethan and their children is dead. He assures her that she will never be happy with Ethan and that her fate is to spend the rest of her days with him as his wife. Theresa lashes out at him and he reminds her that all she has to do is keep the secret and she will reap all the benefits of being a Crane. She angrily tells him she will never let him take Ethan from her--ever! They go back and forth arguing over Ethan and Alistair tells her to pull herself together so Ethan doesn't come back and see that she's upset.

Out in the hallway, Ethan rolls up to Gwen in his wheelchair and Gwen tells him she and Rebecca want to take him out of the hospital so he can see their son. He tells her he's exhausted and wants to go back to his room. Gwen panics as she tries to come up with a way to keep him from seeing Alistair and Theresa together. Gwen is too obvious in her efforts to keep Ethan out of his room and he calls her on it. Gwen tells him she isn't up to anything and Ethan insists he go back to his room. Gwen decides she can't stall any longer and that she must face whether or not Theresa will tell him the truth. Reluctantly, Gwen wheels Ethan back to his room.

Ethan enters to see Alistair and Theresa together. He tells Theresa to call his father so he can arrest Crane, but Alistair tells him that won't be necessary. Ethan then asks what he's doing there and "What are you doing with my wife?" Alistair reminds him Theresa is still married to him, but Ethan retorts that Theresa will divorce him and they will be remarried. Alistair turns to Theresa and asks if that is true or "Is Ethan just confused after eating those tainted strawberries?" Ethan says of course Theresa wants to divorce him and Ethan asks Gwen and Theresa to call the police. Alistair abruptly leaves the room ushering Gwen out with him. Ethan is upset over Alistair being back and promises that he won't let Crane hurt Theresa again and that everything will be ok. Theresa thinks to herself, that nothing will be ok because she must keep the secret so Alistair won't kill Ethan. Ethan tells a distraught Theresa that all he wants is for them to be a family with Little E and Jane.

In the hallway, Alistair tells Gwen she must be there for Ethan when he and Theresa break up. She promises she can win Ethan back and Alistair says, "Excellent."

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Sheridan says "Nothing will break up Luis and Sheridan," as she lays with Luis on the couch half naked.

Tabitha and Kay battle.

Gwen and Theresa face off.

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