Julian kisses Eve and tells her how magnificent she is, but Eve can only bemoan her role in Vincent's life and insist that he's still alive. Julian tells her that many people hold on to the fantasy that the people they love are still alive, but Eve angrily tells him she has in fact seen and talked to their son. Julian tells her to be reasonable, but Eve tells him if he can't believe her than he's dead to her. She tells Julian to leave and to not come back. "I'm not gonna be with a man who mocks what I believe in and Vincent is alive," she slurs. Julian responds by saying her devotion to their son makes him love her even more. He says he wants to be with her, but Eve won't allow it if he can't believe that Vincent is alive. Eve intentionally breaks a bottle and holds it to Julian saying "You get out or I will make sure you never make love to another woman again." He tells her he doesn't want anyone but her, but Eve says he can't have her and he needs to get out! Julian leaves and Eve yells "Damn you for doubting me! Vincent is alive!"

In his Valerie disguise, Vincent tells his reflection in the mirror that his parents will pay for what they've done to him and it will be "Sick in more ways than one." "Valerie" prepares herself to seduce Julian and thinks about Eve walking in on Julian kissing Valerie.

After Julian has left, Eve talks to herself about him not believing her and recounts her interactions with Vincent. She then takes a drink from a bottle and sees herself in the mirror. Not pleased with her appearance Eve wonders what's she done to herself and that perhaps Julian was right about her not really seeing Vincent. She realizes she been taking out her guilt over Vincent on Julian and wants to find him to tell him she's sorry and that she loves him. Eve decides to sober up and find Julian.

Julian ends up on the docks to clear his head. He thinks himself a fool for trying to reason with Eve when she was so drunk. He laughs over it and thinks perhaps he should have indulged her thoughts since she was so out of it and decides to go back to apologize. Before he can do that, "Valerie" happens upon him.

Eve heads to the docks and looks for Julian to tell him the pills and alcohol made her think Vincent was alive. A surprisingly sober Eve looks over at a couple kissing and thinks that if Julian can forgive her, they can be just as happy as the couple she sees. As she walks up to the happy couple, she sees it's Julian and Valerie. A smug "Valerie" thinks "Perfect." Julian asks what Eve is doing there, thinking she would be passed out by now. Eve lashes out at him for making out with "Valerie" and he tells her he was planning on heading back to her house, but he ran into "Valerie." Eve accuses him of always running into a woman's arms when they have a fight. Julian defends himself by saying she threw him out and he didn't think she wanted him around. As Eve runs off with Julian trailing her, "Valerie" tells herself that "Daddy and mommy's misery is just staring, isn't Vincent?"

Julian follows Eve back to her house telling her they both made mistakes and that Valerie was just comforting him over the loss of Fox. "With a lip lock?" she angrily asks. He tells her he was upset over losing his son and possibly losing her. Eve relents and offers her condolences for Fox and apologizes for how she has been behaving. She tells him that maybe the mix of pills and guilt made her imagine things. Eve gets a phone call and says "Oh my God." Julian asks if anything is wrong and she says no, everything is right because it's Vincent on the phone. Eve tells Vincent over the phone that she wants to check him out at the hospital and that they need to discuss his legal problems. Julian looks on with concern as Eve hands him the phone so he can talk to his son. Julian plays along and gets a weird look on his face saying, "My god is that you?" It's revealed that Valerie is on the other end of the phone and she tells Julian she's worried about Eve since she was talking to her as if she was Vincent. Valerie offers her help with Eve and Julian tells her it's something he needs to resolve on his own. Julian hangs up and tells Eve that is was Valerie on the phone, but Eve insists it was Vincent. Adamant that it was her son who called, she tries to show Julian the caller ID, but sees that the call came from Valerie's phone. She tries to get Julian to believe her, but he just tells her she might feel better after a good night's sleep. Eve insists she's not crazy.

On the docks, Sheridan and Luis hope that Marty is at the address they found. Sheridan thinks to herself, "Once we find Marty you will forget all about Fancy." They then head off to find the place they think Marty is being held.

Luis and Sheridan enter a child's bedroom and find boxes of shoes like the one's Marty likes. They search the room looking for clues, but can only conclude that the room has been used recently. They don't find any cameras, but Sheridan just thinks they were removed once Marty left. Luis tells Sheridan that just because they found the boxes of shoes doesn't mean Marty was there. However, Sheridan then finds the calendar she saw on the video hook up and Luis finds "Proof that Marty was definitely here." They look through a child's drawings and see one of a train going off the tracks and one of a family with Mommy, Daddy and Marty. Sheridan thinks the picture of Mommy is of Beth. Luis agrees since the woman has dark hair and has "crazy eyes." Sheridan is upset to think Marty believes Beth is his mother, but Luis assures her once they get him home he will know Sheridan is his real mother. Sheridan looks at the drawings and promises Marty she will make his dream come true of a life with a mother and father and that Beth and Fancy will be out of the picture. She looks at more drawings and says out loud, "I understand your dream of wanting a life with Luis. I want the same dreams sweetheart." Sheridan then fantasizes about her and Luis being happy and in love and how all the other people in their lives, Chris and Fancy in particular were just mistakes and that they will always be a family together. Luis interrupts her daydream with more pictures that Marty drew. Disturbingly, the drawings are of Alistair as they show the him as the devil holding Marty up with a pitchfork. Sheridan becomes concerned that Marty has been terrorized by her father. The parents worry what Alistair could be doing to their son considering how awful he's been to Sheridan in the past. Sheridan tells Luis that he was wonderful with her in the past defying Alistair's wish that they not be together and Luis says "You think I'm gonna let Alistair tell me who I can love?" They continue to discuss the evils of Alistair and how they need to find him before he turns Marty into another Vincent. Luis and Sheridan worry that their son is scared thinking that everyone has abandoned him. Luis vows to not let Alistair torture Marty and that he will find Alistair and threaten to kill him if he doesn't tell him where his son is.

At the hospital, Theresa continues to explain why she didn't tell Ethan the truth about their son. She says she was afraid Gwen would convince him to take Little E away from her the way she did with Jane and then she was blackmailed by Vincent. She tells Ethan that she now needs him to help protect her and Little E from Alistair. When Ethan doesn't respond, Theresa thinks he's sleeping because the covers are pulled up over his head. Just then, Alistair pops up to reveal she's been talking to him the whole time. Theresa demands to know what he's done with Ethan. Alistair tells her he sent him away for some tests and says, "If you don't do what I say you're gonna wish you were never born." Theresa tells Alistair to go away and be dead for real this time. She vows to divorce him, but Alistair warns her he can cause a lot of pain. He then tells her he always gets what he wants and if she tells Ethan that Little E is his son he will torture her and her loved ones in ways she can't imagine. She tells him she will confess the truth no matter what, but Alistair reminds her that she is his wife and will always be. Alistair marvels at how she was able to keep the truth from him and warns her that if the truth gets out he will look like a fool. He then threatens to kidnap Little E if anyone else finds out Ethan is his father. Alistair reminds her how when Sheridan defied him Marty ended up dead. He tells her to keep quiet or her son will suffer a similar fate. Alistair continues to warn Theresa against telling Ethan or else he will kill Ethan and will stop at nothing to have his way. He asks his wife if she'll keep quiet or "Do I have to get deadly?" Theresa backs off and promises not to tell Ethan the truth.

Rebecca comes to the hospital and tells Gwen her son was safe with her and freaks out over the fact that she is a grandmother. Rebecca asks if Gwen is breastfeeding because the baby seemed pale and didn't seem to have a whole lot of energy. Gwen insists the baby is fine and fears her having Ethan's baby won't win him back. Rebecca assures her that Theresa won't have him either because Alistair won't allow it. Rebecca tells her daughter they still have information on Theresa from JT's USB sick. Rebecca doesn't have any concrete info, but is on to "something huge." Gwen asks if it's about Theresa or her latest hook up. Rebecca feigns being offended at the suggestion, but says she just needs to decode what's on the USB stick, or sleep with someone who can and she will have her proof. Rebecca than sees Theresa and Alistair in Ethan's room and tells Gwen she may win Ethan back after all. Gwen realizes that Theresa didn't tell Ethan that he is Little E's father-she told Alistair and that he will kill Theresa before she can tell Ethan the truth. Gwen and Rebecca discuss how they're glad they're not on Alistair's bad side right now and Gwen flashes back to Alistair telling the two women he will kill them if they tell anyone about Little E being Ethan's son. They continue to listen in on Theresa and Alistair and Rebecca remarks how cold Alistair is, "He makes a certain Vice President look warm and fuzzy." They then hear Theresa say she'll keep the truth to herself and they high five each other. Gwen talks about how she will be able to win Ethan back now that Theresa won't be telling him about their son. Rebecca sees Ethan coming back to his room and they remark how they must not let him overhear Theresa and Alistair's conversation.

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