Eve and Julian lay on her couch, fresh from lovemaking and amazed that this has happened again. The prison warden calls to interrupt their fleeting bliss. Eve feels bad; she knows that she needs to confirm Luis' death... she also feels like she has to come clean about who the real culprit is. Julian won't let that happen. He doesn't think that she can set an example to her children by turning one over to the police. He needs to help this son just as he would help his other children. Eve still can't live with the guilt, she claims. He asks her to keep quiet for Miles' sake. How would it impact on his life to know that his father had a gay incestuous relationship with his murderous cousin? That succeeds in guilting her even more. Julian won't abandon his own family, he vows. Besides, there is no actual evidence to connect Vincent to any of the crimes he claims that he committed.

Down the hall, Father Lonigan continues to refuse to marry Theresa to Ethan until she comes clean about being little Ethan's father. Ethan just happens to hear this and demands to know if it is true. When she opens her mouth, he rushes to the priest and asks him why he won't marry them. Suddenly, Tabitha, Endora, Norma, Edna, Kay and Miguel all arrive. Sam notices the two escaped convicts and is about to arrest them when Endora casts a spell on them all. Now everyone is happy to see them and welcomes them to the execution/ wedding. As they file into the makeshift wedding chapel, Ethan repeats his demand to the priest: Why won't he perform their wedding? Theresa says that they can't get married because he only has a divorce from Gwen and not an annulment, which is what the church demands. Even the priest had forgotten this but agrees that she's right. Ethan escorts Lonigan away while Whitney asks Theresa why she didn't just get this over with now.

At the prison, Fancy and Luis cuddle while his family watches. He just wants to focus on love today. Tabitha and her crew walk down the hall to offer their 'support'. Edna apologizes to Pilar for all the pain Beth put her and Luis through. Fancy reminds Sam that Norma escaped from a mental hospital. With a little prompting, Endora casts the spell on everyone again. 'Welcome Norma, welcome Edna. There is nothing strange about Tabitha bringing Endora to an execution,' they all chant as the spell takes effect. Kay then asks Fancy why they don't have a chapel. She reminds her that this is a prison. Kay rushes over to Tabitha and suggests that they conjure up something more suitable for a wedding that a prison cell. Tabitha doesn't like the sound of this.

Elsewhere, Sheridan becomes frantic when she and Vincent watch on his video-phone as the guards refuse to allow Pretty in. The guard makes her run her purse through the metal detector and then allows her in. Fancy soon appears and asks what they are watching. When she grabs the phone away from them, she's shocked. 'Thank you,' she says, momentarily confusing Sheridan. On the phone, we don't see Pretty at all, but photos of Fancy and Luis. Vincent admits that he took them because he used to be a wedding photographer. Sheridan pats him on the back and tells him that he is 'very thoughtful'. Fancy asks her aunt to leave and stop trying to poison Luis against her. After rubbing the wedding in her aunt's face again, Fancy walks off.

When Fancy returns to Paloma and the other women, Kay asks them all what they will wear. They don't have any ideas, but Kay gets one. Tabitha starts rolling her eyes and Norma and Edna tease the trainee witch. She conjures up a delivery for the two brides...but the packages that arrive don't turn out to be wedding dresses but lingerie. Vincent wanders in and admires the outfits but Paloma slaps him away. Endora zaps the delivery bags and wedding gowns suddenly appear. Everyone assumes that Theresa sent them but she has no idea what is going on. Thinking fast, Kay invents a wedding planner and has her suddenly appear and announce that they all need to go to the meeting room. Since no such thing exists, Endora has to make one and zap all of the guards to let everyone leave death row for the ceremony. The witches take the wedding planner down to decorate the room but she starts to freak out so Endora zaps her to England. Kay tries to conjure up everything she needs for a wedding but she only gets a shotgun. Endora has better luck and conjures up chairs, balloons and flowers. All the guests arrive and start to thank Theresa while Edna teases Tabitha for turning into a good witch. Tuxedos arrive for the men and everyone starts to waltz off to their dressing rooms. Soon, the warden appears, shocked to find decorations everywhere and all sorts of new rooms which were never there before. 'This is insane,' he exclaims, unable to believe his eyes. Endora zaps him and he starts to smile. 'Now I remember! Endora Construction did the job,' he says happily.

Julian and Eve arrive, confused to see that the prison now looks more like a hotel. Vincent runs over to 'mommy and daddy' to give them hugs while Sheridan smiles and tells her brother that she just met her new nephew. Once Eve and Julian leave, Pretty walks in and Sheridan greets her. They quickly send her into Fancy's dressing room. As she walks in, Fancy turns around and her jaw drops when she sees her sister. 'What are you doing here?' she asks. Pretty says that she is only there to support her sister and bury the hatchet. She's just surprised that her sister is marrying a killer. He's not a killer, Fancy explains, before apologizing for never trying to get in touch. She just wants Luis to concentrate on the good things in his last few hours. The wedding is strange enough without him meeting having to meet her. When Pretty says nothing, Fancy assumes that she understands, but her sister suddenly steps forward and threatens to tell Luis everything if she goes ahead with the wedding. She knows that ruining this day for her sister will ruin her life. Pretty pulls her hair back and shows Fancy the scar on her face. 'Every time someone calls me Pretty it is a knife through my heart!'

Ethan walks into the wedding chapel and embraces Theresa. She tells him that as long as he is around, she can get through anything. After they sit down, the grooms walk in. Theresa tells Luis how wonderful he looks and she tries to hold back her tears. Julian and Eve walk in and Endora zaps him when he spots Norm and Edna. As he starts talking to his daughter, Tabitha gets in the way and he wanders off. Kay tries to take credit for everything and suggest that they need some doves. She turns Norma and Edna into birds and puts them in a cage.

Pilar finishes dressing Paloma in the wedding dress. They always waited for this day, but never thought it would be like this. When they walk out into the hall, they see Vincent and Sheridan anxiously waiting at Fancy's dressing room door. Luis and Noah proceed down to the altar while Endora throws flowers. Tabitha almost cries at how cute her daughter looks. Sitting down, Pilar turns to Eve, crying that only a miracle can save her son now. Julian whispers to her to say nothing. As Whitney leaves to check on Miles, Paloma comes down the aisle as Luis and Noah smile.

Next on Passions:
Tabitha knows that Julian could stop the execution.

Luis looks for Fancy while her sister threatens her.

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