On the plane over Harmony, the stewardess tells Pretty that paparazzi have already been spotted around the airport if she needs to take any precautions before they land. When she arrives at the airport, a limo is waiting. She climbs in and finds a video message from Vincent inviting her to the wedding at the prison.

At the prison, Luis asks Fancy what happened between her and Pretty; he doesn't want any secrets between them if they are going to get married. Father Lonigan tells her that the truth will set her free. 'It won't do much for Luis,' she says. As the family files in and gathers around, Luis still expects an answer. He suddenly changes the subject and announces that he and Fancy are getting married. They're all a little baffled but then try congratulating him. He turns around and asks Fancy for the truth again. She begins accusing Sheridan of putting him up to this in a last attempt to break them up. He agrees to forget about it and then declares to everyone that he wants to start the wedding. Fancy is thankful that she'll never have to tell him the truth.

At Tabitha's, Norma and Edna stumble around Tabitha's living room, telling her how amazing that Endora is. Edna asks the little witch to make her look like Paris (before she went to jail) and give her a subscription to DirecTV. Tabitha tells them to stop all of this; with great power comes great responsibility. Edna says that she'll do anything to stay out of the basement in the future. Tabs tells the 'addle-headed bird brains' that they'll have to help out around the house; hard work builds character, she says. Endora wants them to stay, she thinks they're fun. But her mother thinks they're more dangerous than anything. All of a sudden, the bowl rolls across the room on its own and she looks inside, spotting the fighting going on at the prison. Everything starts to seem clearer to her. Looking at her daughter, she tells her that they will be seeing quite a few changes because of her victory over the dark side. Suddenly, Esmeralda floats in and tells them that there will be many changes for the good. Tabitha doesn't think the boys in the basement will like having her around, but she explains that they no longer have a strong hold on the house. 'Who the hell are you?' Norma asks the good witch. Esmeralda zaps her for cursing in front of the child and threatens to send them to Hell if they start corrupting her. Tabitha refuses to betray the dark side so Esmeralda conjures up a game of snakes and ladders for Endora and the two ladies while she talks to the witch. The good witch reminds her that Endora may be the strongest good witch of all time. Tabitha argues that she is just a little girl, she hasn't chosen a destiny; she doesn't even know what that means. Esmeralda tells her that for her daughter's sake she must forsake all evil. Tabitha just wants a drink and to raise her child without anyone's interference. She tells Esmeralda to go away and she does, promising Endora that she will see her again soon. Tabitha looks in her bowl again and sees that Luis is set to get married. Endora wants to go to her half-sister's wedding and her mother just can't say no to her little witchling. 'We are going to leave before Luis dies,' she insists, however. 'But that's the best part!' Norma pouts.

At Eve's, Julian stops her as she heads for the door to out their son as the murderer. She thinks that Julian's being a monster for trying to protect Vincent, but he insists that it is their duty to protect their son. She assumes that he is only trying to protect the Crane name. He says that people who don't deserve to be Cranes are pulling the family down. She assumes he's talking about 'the black Cranes' and accuses him of being racist. He only went out with her to anger his father and dumped her as soon as he got the chance, she claims. He dismisses this argument as idiotic: She actually left him after he proposed to marry her. She begins taunting him about Ivy and he explains that what he has with her isn't love, it's only comfort. Eve is truly the only thing in his heart, even if she thinks there is nothing there but money. He would give up all the money and power he has just for her; he's always loved her with all of his heart. When they were young, they made mistakes; his biggest mistake was losing her, but when he got her back, he grew into a better man. 'I will go to my grave with your name on my lips,' he says. They gently kiss. She says that she's had enough talking.

Back at the prison, Ethan has finished all of the paper work that can be done: Now there is nothing in the way of Luis execution. Theresa spots Vincent and wonders what he is doing there. He says he's only there as a reporter. After Theresa and the family wander back to Luis, Sheridan warns Vincent that he better not fail to get Pretty there in time. Suddenly, Whitney and Chad arrive. Chad can't control himself and runs to Vincent, grabbing him by the throat and choking him. He accuses his ex-lover of seducing him when he knew that he was his uncle the whole time. Sheridan is shocked. 'That's right sis. Julian is Vincent's father,' Chad explains. Sheridan runs up next and starts choking Vincent herself, demanding to know whether 'that person' is really coming or not. Chad then starts punching him until Vincent fights back.

As the two men beat each other around the prison. Luis finally pulls them apart as Whitney explains who Vincent is. 'So you're my half-brother?' Fancy assumes. 'I'm much more than that,' he laughs perversely. As everyone puts this together and realizes that Chad has been having an affair with his nephew, he breaks free of Luis and jumps on Vincent again. Whitney begs him to stop and he, eventually, does. Father Lonigan rushes to Vincent's side. Sheridan takes him down the corridor alone and demands to know what is going on. His phone rings. Looking down, he sees Pretty has arrived at the prison. Sheridan becomes giddy with expectation.

As Chad tries to lay the blame on Vincent, Whitney really stops him: She doesn't want to hear this from him right now. Ethan reminds them that this isn't the best time or place to be settling their problems. They apologize to Fancy and Luis who then inform them that they are getting married. Noah rushes over to Luis and asks him if he and Paloma could get married alongside of he and Fancy. Luis agrees and Noah instantly drops on his knees and asks Paloma to marry him again. She doesn't want to cramp her brother's style, but he already said that it was okay. Taking out his grandmother's ring, he offers it to her and she jumps up, smiling and kissing him. Paloma embraces her brother and Pilar embraces them both. He tells them that he'll give Antonio a hug for them when he sees him. This makes Pilar break into tears and her daughter pulls her away.

A guard then arrives with an envelope for Theresa. It's her divorce papers from Jared: It's final. Ethan suddenly gets an idea: How about a triple wedding? Theresa loves that idea. He runs off to get a marriage license and Theresa starts to walk around giddily. Father Lonigan approaches her and tells her that he cannot marry her to Ethan. She can't be absolved of her sins until she tells Ethan that he is little Ethan's father. Ethan just happens to overhear this and demands to know if it is true.

Next on Passions:
Ethan needs to know the truth.

Sheridan is sure that it will soon be over between Luis and Fancy.

Pretty threatens to expose her sister.

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