At Tabitha's, the hooded demon tells her that Endora is theirs now and they will be taking her away never to be seen again. Tabitha threatens to turn the demon into a set of luggage so they zap her across the floor. When she gets up, ready for a fight, they tell her that she has failed as a mother and Endora needs to fulfill her evil destiny. Tabitha argues that this was Endora's choice. The demon is furious and Norma's protests and the smell of Edna's 'bowels from hell' aren't making this place any more enjoyable. Tabitha threatens the demon with the power of her mother's love; she's evolved beyond unchanging evil, she says. The demon easily beats her to the ground. As she writhes around on the floor, the demon prepares to take Endora away. She transports herself across the room and gives her mother the kiss of life. When Tabitha gets on her feet and continues to refuse to give her daughter up, the demon imprisons her, Norm and Edna in a cage. Endora refuses to go anywhere. This impresses the demon until the little witch starts to taunt him. The demon doesn't like her attitude, but he's getting on her nerves. When he tries to kill her, she fights back as Tabitha channels all of her love into her daughter. Finally, the demon is fried as Endora kills him with kindness. Once he's dead, Tabitha hugs her and thanks her for freeing them from the boys in the basement. Little hearts flutter around as Endora cleans up the destruction.

Chad is ready to run off and confront Vincent. Whitney wants to know why he would have set them up all along. 'Something about him has always struck me as odd somehow, 'he says. Meanwhile, at Eve's, when Vincent comes out in his blackmailer's costume, Julian is disgusted. He reminds Vincent that he is a Crane, not a 'clown on crack.' Vincent says that the costume is the real him. Julian isn't following, but Eve understands and drunkenly nods. As Vincent continues to explain that he is the blackmailer who has been terrorizing everyone, he lifts up his skirt to show Julian the rest of who he is. 'I told you he wasn't just our son,' Eve says. Julian tells his son that he needs help. 'It's hard to find clothes. Want to go shopping sometime?' Vincent asks sarcastically before lashing out some more and blaming them for everything that's happened to him. After he storms off, Julian wishes that this was just a bad dream. 'It's a nightmare,' Eve suggests, slumping against him. They start drinking and imagining that Alistair, at least, would be proud of this Crane. Julian worries about how he is going to clean up Vincent's 'indiscretions' and get him therapy. 'Poor poor Vincent,' Eve says as Chad and Whitney walk in. They assume that she is just drunk and, when she refuses to tell them where Vincent is, they become suspicious. Chad starts to search the house while Whitney demands answers from her mother and Julian. They keep saying that it's complicated, but this only makes Whitney furious. When Chad returns, unable to find Vincent, he says that there is something different about Vincent: At times he reminded him of Whitney. She suddenly remembers that Luis is about to be executed and runs off. Eve remembers that the coroner wanted her there as well so she could declare Luis officially dead. She doesn't feel like she can let this happen, but Julian won't let her stop it.

At the prison, Sheridan can't believe that she is witnessing Fancy propose to Luis. He seems a bit shocked that she's proposing when he's about to die. After a pause, Sheridan starts to clear her throat. Fancy shoots her a dirty look and Luis thinks some more before finally accepting. He jumps up and they hug and kiss. Sheridan's heart seems crushed as she gasps for breath. Listening to them talk about how much they love each other is torture for Sheridan. Finally, Fancy breaks away to get a marriage certificate from the warden with the priest. 'Nothing like getting married to get your mind off being executed,' Luis remarks. Sheridan wonders if Fancy has really thought things through: She's going to become the widow of a convicted killer in a few hours if she goes ahead with this. This sort of impulsiveness could come back to haunt Fancy in the future. Although Luis doesn't trust Sheridan's motives, he agrees that she has a point. Sheridan reminds him that if she wanted to break them up, she'd just have to tell him about Pretty. Fancy returns with the marriage license and Sheridan tells her Luis is having second thoughts. This makes Fancy angry, of course, but Sheridan shrugs it off. She is sure that she and Luis will be together in the next life anyway and, because of their commitment ceremony, in God's eyes they are already husband and wife. The priest tells the ladies that this is not the best way for Luis to spend his final hours. Spotting Vincent, Sheridan stops the argument and abruptly walks away. When Luis beings up what Sheridan suggested, Fancy tells him that she could never regret marrying him. Before he agrees though, he wants to know what happened to Pretty.

In the corridor, Sheridan demands to know what Vincent is doing there. He reminds her that she failed to live up to her part of the bargain. She knows that she didn't kill Theresa but he never brought Pretty back; so what is there to stop her from turning him in now? He tells her that they can still fix this. He can delay the execution and bring Pretty back. He shows her a photo of Pretty on the plane back to Harmony. 'She has certainly changed,' Sheridan remarks as she looks at the image. 'She's been through hell,' Vincent says. She is sure that it all began with Fancy...and there is time to stop her yet. 'It will be my pleasure to pay Fancy back for stealing Luis,' Sheridan promises.

Next on Passions:
Chad chokes Vincent.

Eve won't let Luis die.

Noah and Paloma decide to have a double wedding with Luis and Fancy.

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