At Tabitha's, the boys in the basement have been annoyed a little too much by Norma and Edna's antics and try to pull them back into Hell. The ladies scream and beg Endora to help them. They offer her a share of the profits from their next world tour of lesbian cabarets and finally convince the little witch and her mother to help. Tabitha casts some spells and the two women get stuck in a net in the basement doorway. The winds continue to blow and a fireball erupts in their faces. Tabitha searches for her meat hook so that she can pry them free from the doorway. When she is about to latch into them, the winds stop and the ladies fall to the floor. Another fireball then rolls through the room. It stops on the other end and turns into a hooded demon. Tabitha recognizes them as the leader of the boys in her basement. This is the first time that the hooded demon has come upstairs and she finds it hard to believe that he would bother doing this for bumbling Norma and Edna. That's not who he has come for, he explains. He is there for Endora. Tabitha begins to scream: NO! The demon starts to shame her for saving mortals, feeling love and aiding enemies. Tabitha says that she will do better in the future. The demon says that he is sure she will without Endora to distract her. They pull the little girl to their side, putting up a barrier between Tabitha and her daughter, vowing that she will never be with her again.

Walking down the street, Whitney runs into Chad and starts laying into him. Did he know that Vincent was her long lost brother? This is a complete shock to him; he had no idea that Vincent was his nephew. 'How could my husband's boyfriend turn out to be my brother?' she asks herself. This seems like more than a strange coincidence. Chad thinks that she must be on to something: Maybe Vincent planned all of this to destroy their relationship... Whitney doesn't care and she doesn't want Chad to turn this into another excuse for what he did. He points out that Vincent may have set them up all along. She can't understand any of this, but he would have to be pretty sick if he targeted his own uncle for sex. They should go to Vincent right now and get the truth out of him, even if it's more sick than they could ever imagine.

At home, Eve confirms to Julian that Vincent really is their child. Although Julian has imagined this moment a thousand times, he never imagined it like this. He can't believe that a sleazy tabloid reporter is his son. 'What kind of crazy freak are you?' This question makes Vincent angry. Julian is angry too. His son is a murderer and he's been having an affair with Chad. He's not really gay though, Vincent claims, prompting his mother to explain that he is not really a man at all. Delaying the full explanation, Eve tells Julian that he needs a drink before she tells him anything else. She starts pouring herself a drink as Vincent walks into the other room to change his outfit. All of this is baffling to Julian, but he's still not sure why she is so distraught. Is it because Vincent's gay? No, it's because their son is seriously messed up, she says. Julian states that, whatever is wrong with him, he is still his son. 'And so much more...' Eve says, already drunk. Julian can't imagine things getting worse, but when he turns around he sees his son in the blackmailer's costume.

At the prison, Luis' friends and family gather around his cell to say goodbye. They brought him all of his favorite foods. Ethan breaks the news that his final request for a stay of execution was rejected. Luis is crushed and rests his head against the bars on his cell. Sheridan keeps her distance while all the other women cling to Luis' side as he is let out to eat. He thanks them all for being in his corner and asks them to sit down and eat. Father Lonigan arrives to give him his last rites. Luis invites the priest to eat with them and Pilar helps him to sit. First, Lonigan asks Luis to unburden his soul. Luis repeats that he is innocent and the priest promises him that God will punish whoever is guilty for this. Stepping aside, Pilar tells Theresa to tell Luis the truth about Ethan. He overhears this and wonders why she hasn't told Ethan the truth yet. She agrees to break the news to him. Sheridan moves over to him next. She tearfully tries to say goodbye as Fancy watches them together.

Theresa walks Ethan out into the corridor. She starts to tell him, but the guard interrupts and asks him to come and take care of something. Looking over, she sees Sheridan staring at her. She walks over to Theresa and reminds her that they are in the same boat: They both have been pursuing men who are with other women. The only difference is that unlike Theresa almost losing Ethan to Gwen, she isn't losing Luis to Fancy, she's losing him to death. A depressed Theresa wanders down the corridor and mumbles to herself about her secrets. One of the convicts on death row stops her and tells her that you don't have to be rich to have a secret that can ruin your life. She tells him that her secret might cost her the man she loves. He tells her that his wife kept a secret from him and, when he found out, he killed her. This makes Theresa uncomfortable, especially when he explains that his wife came between he and his son. Ethan appears and Theresa quickly pulls him away. When he asks her what she wanted to say to him before, she says that she's already forgotten.

Back in the cell, Noah asks Luis for his blessing to marry Paloma. Luis grants it and makes him promise to look after his family when he is gone. Noah promises and Luis seems relieved that someone will be looking after them. Pilar fixes a plate of food for Father Lonigan. She hands it to him as he sits by Fancy. She tells Pilar that they have been discussing something and need to ask her a question. After they talk, Theresa returns and Luis asks her if she let her secret out yet. She hasn't and she promptly walks away. Suddenly, Fancy sits down by Luis and asks him to marry her. Sheridan's jaw drops and she begins to shake her head.

Next on Passions:
Luis has something to take his mind off being executed.

Vincent teams up with Sheridan.

Endora battles the demon.

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