At home, Tabitha is pouring her morning tea when the boys in the basement start making noise. They're angry that Norma and Edna didn't succeed in killing Miguel thanks to Endora's intervention. Norma and Edna come down the stairs in their long underwear, sure that the boys in the basement are letting them get away with failing this time. Edna didn't hear any bellows from below, she could only hear her Norma sleeping. Suddenly fire starts to burst out from the basement. This can't be good. Edna wishes that she could make a deal and Norma crawls over to the vent so they can talk to the demons. Tabitha cues some violins (literally) to play while the ladies plea with the dark side for another chance. They offer to steal candy from children and re-arrange blind people's furniture, but instead a fire ball comes up which leaves a note saying 'no deal.' They can't go back to Hell: That's where the NBC peacock lives and it's frightening. Later, Norma brings in some wood and tools. She's ready to play hardball. She's going to nail the basement door shut so nothing can get out. Tabitha rolls her eyes while they get to work. Endora thinks they're fools. Once the door is hammered shut, the ladies start to congratulate themselves until the door begins shaking and soon flies open. Flames and wind gush forth as the forces of Hell try to draw them back down.

In Theresa's room, Whitney tells her friend that none of this seems real. Luis was like everyone's big brother... but at least Whitney will get a new big brother now, one who can be a role model to her son. Suddenly, Vincent calls and asks for a comment on Luis' execution. Disgusted, Theresa hangs up. Ethan then walks in with news from the governor: His hands are tied and there is nothing that he can do. She is about to give up hope when he reminds her that they have beaten the odds, so Luis can beat the odds too. After Whitney leaves to warn Valerie about Vincent, Theresa tells him that Vincent just called her.

In the mansion kitchen, Noah asks Paloma if she is finally ready to accept his marriage proposal. Since she doesn't seem to remember, he kneels done and proposes again. She agrees that they are perfect together and compete each other...but she can only think about Luis right now. Noah starts apologizing, realizing that he should have picked a better time. She doesn't want him to give up on her though; she just needs some time. They kiss. Meanwhile, in the parlor, Pilar stops Fancy and Sheridan from pounding on each other and reminds them that they should be praying. The two blonds grudgingly apologize before Pilar commands them into the kitchen to help her cook.

Valerie returns home to find her door has been left open. Vincent (who is never seen) begins to laugh and she asks him to leave, but he refuses: It's not over until he says it's over. Slamming the door shut, he tells her that she won't be going anywhere until he gets what he wants. He starts to tear the place apart as she screams. Whitney comes knocking. When she walks in, she finds Valerie alone with her shirt torn. She begs her not to call the police and explains that Vincent is furious because he thinks she let his secret out. Whitney would like to know what the secret is. Although Valerie is reluctant, she finally tells her that Vincent is her long lost brother. Whitney can't believe it and runs out of the house in shock.

At Eve's, Julian is thrown off when she informs him that their son is a murderer. He killed Rae to punish Simone. If they don't do something, Luis is going to be executed for it. This all sounds crazy to him, but she tells him that their son confessed everything. He sits down, unable to understand how the son they always thought was dead is actually a killer. If they turn him in, they save Luis and sacrifice their son. Eve doesn't think she can live with that, but she hasn't done anything yet because she can't sentence her own son to death. When she goes to the phone, he stops her, concerned about how the truth could impact on the Crane empire. Besides, maybe their son just has mental problems and didn't actually do anything. Eve already knows that their son is 'more than a little crazy'. Julian tells her that she is a loving and wonderful mother; she can't throw away the son they've never known. This is too much for her though; she wishes that he had never come to Harmony. Julian realizes that she is still hiding something from him. Vincent walks in and Julian tells him to get out. Vincent doesn't think that's very friendly but Julian doesn't care about his feelings. 'I thought you loved me daddy dearest,' Vincents says sardonically.

Back at the mansion, Ethan and Theresa go down to the kitchen as Sheridan and Fancy follow them in. Everyone starts working on the meal under Pilar's direction. This reminds Theresa of when she was a little girl. Pilar tells them all that, no matter what happens tonight, Luis will always be in their hearts. She soon collapses at the table in tears but forces herself to be strong. They need to pray for a miracle. A bulletin comes over the radio: The governor rejected Luis' final plea and the execution will go on.

Next on Passions:
Ethan tells Luis that the final plea was rejected.

Whitney tells Chad the truth about Vincent.

The boys in the basement come after Norma and Edna.

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