In his office, Julian is recording his daily journal. He will finally meet the son that his father took from he and Eve. It's still rather hard to believe that Alistair is dead... Imagining that Alistair is still there, he begins updating his father on everything that's happened and how happy he is that he'll finally have a real father-son relationship, the kind that he has never had. Meanwhile, Eve walks into her kitchen, still reeling from discovering that Vincent is her long lost son. On edge, she drops her mug and it shatters on the ground. She tries to figure out if she should turn her son in for his crimes or try to save him. Panicking again, she begins popping pills to calm down. Whitney comes in after hearing the smash. As she cleans up, she begins complaining about Vincent before turning the subject to Theresa and Luis. She can't understand what sort of person would stand by and let an innocent man be put to death. Eve tries to make an excuse, but Whitney can't see anything that would excuse keeping silent. Whitney kisses her mother goodbye before going to Theresa's. Thinking of how awful her dilemma is, Eve takes some more pills. Suddenly, Julian wanders in looking for news about their son. There's obviously something wrong with her though; he knows instantly that she's high. What's going on with her to make her fall back into her old habits? This doesn't make any sense to him when they have just found their son alive and well. 'He's alive but not well...he's a murderer Julian!'

Noah, Paloma and Pilar are unloading groceries in the kitchen. Paloma is determined to teach Noah how to cook, but Pilar is more worried that she may be cooking Luis' last meal. She can't lose another son. As they sit down and begin preparing the food, Pilar tells them of how Luis was different from all of the other children. When Martin left her, he became the man of the house and always made sure that they had food on the table. They are going to take all of this food down to the prison for him and the family will have a meal to celebrate his life. Tears fill her eyes. Later, as Pilar continues to cook, she tells her daughter that she sent all of her recipes to her sister so that Paloma could eat the same food in Mexico that she cooked for the family at home. That was all Luis' idea; he was an extraordinary boy who became an extraordinary man. Paloma wishes that she hadn't been so hard on her brother; she knows now that he always wanted to protect her. After Pilar leaves them alone, Paloma has to try and save the food when Noah almost ruins it. He wishes that he had his mother's sense around the kitchen. After a slip of the tongue, he asks her if she is ready to say 'yes' to his marriage proposal.

In the parlor, Fancy's heart is breaking when, by phone, she is refused access to Luis in his final day. Who could be doing this to her? No one is this cruel or... wait a second, aunt Sheridan just walked into the room. Fancy hangs up and promptly rushes across the room to smack her aunt across the face. 'Luis is supposed to die and all you care about is making me miserable!' Fancy yells. Sheridan is smiling deliciously though, reminding Fancy that she is not his wife and has no claim on him. He's just been traumatized and doesn't know what he is doing or feeling. Now he will die and it is all Fancy's fault. Fancy lets a stream of insults out, but they bounce off Sheridan until she begins describing how Luis makes love to her. Sheridan becomes disgusted as her niece continues to taunt and mock her for all of her failures with Luis. Watching her put Luis through so much suffering when she chose Chris over him reminded her of how much she is like grandpa Alistair. Sheridan snaps at this and threatens to expose what Fancy did to her own sister. She suggests that it may even make it easier for Luis to go to his death knowing what a monster Fancy really is. They slap one another before grabbing each other's scalps and getting into a nasty cat fight. As they punch each other around the room, Pilar runs in and berates them for fighting on today of all days. The only thing that they should be thinking about is how to save Luis.

Theresa wakes up with Ethan in her bed. He's been awake for awhile, watching her sleep and thanking God for finally being able to be by her side. Something is wrong though: Luis is going to be executed tonight. Theresa always thought that being a Crane would save her brother. It turn out that she was wrong. She can't understand how anyone can be standing by and watching Luis die for something he didn't do. Ethan blames himself for failing Luis at the trial, but Theresa says that it isn't his fault. He reminds her that the blackmailer still might not win: He's already failed to keep them apart or to keep her with Jared. Looking in her eyes, Ethan promises to be with her forever and that he will do everything he can still to save Luis. Later, Whitney arrives to visit her friend. Theresa can barely hold back her tears. She wishes that she could be stronger, especially for her mother. It feels like she is losing her father all over again. Luis was like her father and always protected her and gave her so much love, despite the fact that she always gave him grief. Whitney admits that she is jealous that Theresa had a brother like that... maybe her new brother will be the big brother she always wanted? 'It's ironic isn't it? You're about to gain a big brother and I'm about to lose mine,' Theresa says. Whitney tells her that there is still time and hope. Theresa quickly turns things back to herself, pointing out that Jared has left her and knows her secret, as do Gwen and Rebecca. They have all promised not to tell Ethan the truth though. Whitney doesn't understand why Theresa is taking their word for it. They hug and pray for a miracle for Luis. Meanwhile, Ethan is busy at work in his office.

Next on Passions:
Eve tells Julian that Luis will be executed for their son's crimes.

Valerie tells Whitney that Vincent is her brother.

Pilar prepares Luis' loved ones to say goodbye.

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