On the wharf, Eve doesn't think that her son can be serious about dying if she turns them in. They explain that they will be executed if they are found guilty: Is that what she wants? Well, of course not... but there must be some middle ground? she wonders. As her son walks away, leaving her to decide his fate, she takes out her phone and tries to talk herself into calling the police. Instead, she calls a therapist and begs them to see her son as soon as possible. The therapist agrees, despite the fact that Eve doesn't know the 'patient's' name. As she gives the doctor details about the patient's condition, the therapist says that they need to get him off the streets as soon as possible. When Eve gets off the phone, she realizes that her son killed Rae to hurt Simone, so what could he have done to hurt Whitney?

Chad arrives on Whitney's doorstep with a stuffed animal for his son. She wants him to leave, but he refuses to leave until they get something straight. 'That's rich coming from my gay husband,' Whitney remarks. Chad stifles a laugh before insisting that he's not gay; he was just on the down-low and it was only sex with Vincent. 'It was gay sex,' Whitney points out (while Vincent himself listens outside the door). She repeats that she is filing for divorce and he repeats that he loves her and their son. She refuses to open herself up to more hurt. If she insists on going through with the divorce though, he says, he will fight for the custody of the children. Whitney is sure that a judge would never grant him custody, but he is confidant that he would win. When she threatens to call the police, he leaves. She tries to calm down because this stress isn't good for her baby. There is a knock at the door. She angrily answers expecting Chad, but is even more unhappy to find Vincent standing there. Although she wants him to leave, he saunters in, telling her that they have lots to talk about. They're both adults and they've both done Chad; they should compare notes, he suggests. She threatens to call the police on her 'other half's other half.' When she starts to call him the scum of the earth and claim that her family is so much better than him, he smugly tells her that he is going to be part of her life forever.

Eve arrives at home and tells Vincent to get out. As he begins telling her how lucky her daughter's must have been to have such loving parents, Whitney leaves to check on Miles. Vincent tells Eve that he is there to stay. She can barely believe his gall as he reclines on the couch and puts his feet up. When she starts to lecture him about his moral choices, he stops her-- he knows all about her past. 'At least I regret my mistakes,' she says. 'Your parents obviously did a miserable job bringing you up,' she adds before threatening to call the police. He stops her. 'I already told you how I hurt Simone, don't you want to know how I hurt Whitney?' he asks. 'Oh my God! You're my son!' Eve realizes.

In the hall at Tabitha's, Kay will never get over Fox lying to her about dying from a terminal illness. He thinks that his desperation only proves how much he truly loves her. He begs her for one more chance. That's not going to happen; she can't forgive or forget anything that he's done. (In his mind, he is sure that she'll change her mind as soon as Miguel is dead.) Fox has already forgiven her for cheating on him with Miguel, she needs to forgive him as well. 'I'm sorry, I want a divorce,' she insists. He reminds her that Miguel has left her before and she obviously has nagging questions about whether this will happen again.

In the parlor, Tabitha is uncomfortable watching in her bowl as Spike prepares to kill Miguel. Norma and Edna make it clear that the boys in the basement will be bringing fire and brimstone on everyone if Tabs doesn't shape up and go back to her old evil self. She just hopes her daughter doesn't hear about this because Endora's good streak could cause complications. Even though she's still evil, Tabitha finds it hard to watch Miguel die. Edna understands; she hates to see a buff body get destroyed, but they need to let this happen. When Tabitha admits that she cares about Miguel, fire shoots up from the basement and the house starts to shake. She realizes that she can't annoy her evil superiors anymore. Norma asks her to check on Endora and make sure that she doesn't get up to anything good.

Outside, as Spike tries to sneak up on Miguel and knock the jack out from the car to crush him, Miguel crawls out and he has to hide. After Miguel goes back under, annoyed that his car hasn't been the same since it ran over Fox, Spike creeps out again to do the deed. As he raises his hand, Endora peers down from her window and spots what is happening. She instantly sets Spike spinning in the air before he drops to the ground. After he gets up, he starts up again, but Endora raises him in the air, binding and gagging him to a pole. Doing good makes Endora hungry so she starts eating cookies. Meanwhile, Tabitha, Norma and Edna are all going into a panic watching in the bowl as Endora saves Miguel. The house begins to shake and Kay falls into the living room. After being surprised to see Norma and Edna, she asks Tabitha what's going on. When Miguel walks through the front door, the house stops shaking. He tells her that he saw the house was shaking again. This doesn't seem to bother him and they start to make out while Fox looks for Spike back outside. Spike falls down off the pole and begins to mumble manically before running away. Fox is furious. 'No Miguel...I will not let you have her!' he declares.

At the mansion, Ethan demands to know what is going on. Gwen apologizes for dragging this out for years, but it delights her so much to do it. Before Gwen can let the bomb drop, Jared walks through the front door. Listening in, he wonders what Gwen could say that would change everything. Rebecca offers Theresa some tissues so that she can cry while Gwen exposes the truth. 'What I have to say is long overdue...by years,' she begins as Rebecca points her camera at Theresa. Everyone is baffled when Gwen finishes her sentence by saying that she is granting Ethan his divorce so that he can be with Theresa. Rebecca is terribly disappointed: 'I think I'm going to be sick,' she says. As Ethan and Theresa embrace, Gwen sits down and takes out the divorce papers. As she signs them, she admits to herself that part of her will always love Ethan. She then walks away and Theresa runs after her, asking her why she didn't tell him the truth. Gwen admits that she felt bad and couldn't do it. As Theresa runs back to Ethan, Rebecca runs to her daughter's side, demanding to know why she did this. Gwen explains that she is waiting until Theresa is going down the aisle; that way she can truly destroy her happiness. Having overheard all of this, Jared walks in on Tess and Ethan. He knows how much they love each other and want to be together. 'I knew having you as my wife was too good to be true,' he says. Now that Gwen has left Ethan, he knows that he has no chance with her so he will give her a divorce. Tess doesn't know what to say. Rebecca and Gwen are nauseated as they watch Jared walk away. Ethan feels good though. Fate is working out for him and they're finally free to be a family. Theresa kisses him. 'Enjoy it while you can Theresa,' Gwen smiles.

Next on Passions:
Vincent blames Eve for being who he is.

Gwen plots Theresa's end.

Norma and Edna try to kill Miguel.

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