Fox and Spike arrive outside of Tabitha's and begin to skulk around. Fox is more determined than ever to make sure that Miguel will soon be dead. Inside the house, Miguel and Kay wander by Tabitha laughing. She's surprised to see them when they're supposed to be off on a romantic evening. They were missing Marina so they came home. Miguel kisses Kay and then leaves to check on his car. Tabitha is happy to see her friend happy. Kay thinks that her life will be perfect now. Talk like that makes Tabitha nervous: Kay should be grateful, not taunting fate. To make things worse, she's still a fledgling witch with little self-control. Kay starts to conjure up some champagne to demonstrate how talented she is. Tabs repeats her warnings, even after Kay says that she has decided to be a good witch and only help people. Choice has nothing to do with it, Tabitha explains. The universe decides whether you'll be good or bad and your intentions don't matter. Miguel returns, glad to see some champagne and he offers to let her come out with him to work on the car, despite the growls coming from the basement. Before they can get outside, Fox appears, desperate to talk to his wife. Miguel doesn't want to leave her alone but she send him outside anyway. She tells Fox that he's the most 'despicable man' she's ever met. Peering in on this, Tabitha closes the door and decides she better keep an eye on them in her bowl. As Kay rants at Fox, he won't make excuses for any of his actions, he just wants to apologize. He loves her and did some terrible things but has learned his lesson and wants one more chance. The bowl suddenly switches images and reveals Spike getting ready to kill Miguel. When Tabitha is about to hurry out and stop the carnage, a fireball erupts from the fireplace and Norma and Edna appear. They've come to stop her from saving Miguel and to warn her. The boys in the basement sent them in to tell her that she has to stop being so good all of the time: She has to let Spike kill Miguel. Outside, Spike prepares to kick the jack out from the car so that it will drop on Miguel's head. Tabitha can't stand the thought of Kay being heartbroken, but Norma and Edna won't let her warn Kay.

Fancy arrives at the prison to tell Luis that his execution date has been moved up. Even worse, no one has been able to find any lead about who really committed the crimes he's been accused of...and someone tried to kill Theresa too. They both assume that the slippery blackmailer is behind this. All of the attacks have been personal so the guilty person must have a vendetta against someone in Harmony. But who? All that Fancy knows is that she will lose Luis and she is afraid. He tells her not to give up yet. She wants to break him out but he says it's too dangerous.

At Valerie's, Julian is baffled to see that Eve seems to be hiding something about their son. He, half-jokingly, asks if he is a serial killer or something. Eve shakes her head and says that their son is just 'unique' and 'something I would never have expected.' As she wrings her hands, her son watches through the window, ready to kill them both if she reveals the truth. Eve needs some air so they leave. Once they're gone, the blackmailer walks in. 'I'm, afraid you're in for a lot more disappointment daddy,' they mournfully say.

Julian and Eve go down to the water. He feels strange trying to get to know his son when he spent most of his life ignoring his children. This time he will change: He will take the boy in and introduce him to the company, just like he did with Chad. Eve thinks their son may have made other career choices already and there may be other things... Suddenly, Pilar starts to wander by, distraught at the news that her son will be executed in a few hours. Pilar begins to rant about how the murdering, rapist animal is letting her son be executed. She has been praying that someone would come forward and reveal the real killer, but God doesn't seem to be listening. Now she will lose yet another son. As she begins crying, Eve gives her a hug before she runs off to visit her son in his final hours. Eve wonders why Pilar has to suffer so much. Julian gets a call from the office and has to leave. Alone, Eve begins to pace, asking herself what kind of monster she must be to let Luis die when she knows she could free him. 'Shouldn't you be more worried about your own son mommy?' her son says, appearing suddenly. Eve takes out her phone and threatens to call the police. Her son reminds her that if she does that, her own son will die.

At the mansion, Theresa sits down with Ethan, feeling better after her near-death experience. Gwen walks in, happy to see her fully recovered. This means that they can have a chat about 'fathers and sons.' Before she can go on, she wants Ethan to make them a pot of tea. Ethan asks if this is a sick joke but Gwen insists that there is no hidden agenda. He can go and make the tea and then she will reveal what she wanted to tell him. When he leaves, Theresa demands to know what all of this taunting is about. It's about revenge, Gwen says frankly. She doesn't want Ethan, she just wants to destroy Ethan. Theresa doesn't believe her, she is sure that Gwen has only come back to get Ethan. 'I know your secret and it's time for you to pay for everything you've done to me...and Ethan as well,' she says. Theresa is defiant and dares her to just come out with it. Returning with his tea tray, Ethan says that he's tired of games too: He wants the truth. Suddenly, Theresa becomes more uncomfortable, especially when he and Gwen talk about his relationship with Julian and how the truth ruined their lives. All of this has made Gwen wonder what it must be like to gain a son that you never knew you had. 'Wouldn't you hate a woman for keeping you from your son?' she asks. But before Ethan can answer, Theresa asks him to get her a sandwich. Slightly confused by the timing, he agrees anyway and walks off to the kitchen. Gwen takes the opportunity to gloat about Theresa's impending ruin. Theresa thinks they're bluffing and don't have any proof. Gwen reminds her that her son will lose everything when Julian can legally deny paternity, that will negate all of little Ethan's inheritance. Now Ethan will be free and, when he knows who Theresa really is, he will hate her. Theresa begins to beg, but Gwen and Rebecca just smile until Ethan returns.

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Theresa's secret is about to be exposed.

Endora's good creates more chaos.

'You're my son!' Eve exclaims to Vincent.

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