Miguel brings a blindfolded Kay to the B&B. When he takes off her blindfold, she sees that the room is full of candles and he has made a heart on the bed with rose petals. He knows that she's still married to Fox, but that's a minor detail now. They sit down to eat and he tells her that he will be able to put a downpayment on a little house soon. Kay is still beating herself up for being fooled by Fox and thinks that Miguel should hate her for not trusting him. After she promises never to doubt him again, he kneels down and proposes to her. They can get married tonight for the eyes of God if not for the law. Wheeling out an effigy of Father Lonigan, he asks her to get married right there. After going through a mock wedding, where she wears a napkin on her head instead of a veil, they exchange their vows, thanking God that they'll finally be together as a family. She takes off Fox's wedding ring and wraps it in a napkin before saying her 'I do' to Miguel. Then they get down to their 'honeymoon' in bed.

In a run down bar, Fox is drinking alone when a disguised Spike appears. Fox agrees to buy him a drink as long as he keeps his voice down. After taking a drink, Spike tells him that he broke out of jail. Fox smiles when he sees Sam walk through the doorway. As Spike runs off, Sam wanders over to his son-in-law. While Fox isn't Sam's favorite person, he's not half as bad as his other daughter's husband, who he just happens to be looking for. After Fox claims that he hasn't seen Spike, Sam wonders how he could have disappeared into thin air. Before he can leave, he pauses to glance over at Spike, who is hiding in the corner behind a newspaper. But Sam is really only noticing the fake health notice approving the place. After telling off the bartender, he walks out and Spike breathes a sigh of relief. As he sits back down, Fox offers him a new job: Murder. Spike is reluctant; killing people is not his favorite way to spend an afternoon, but Fox won't take no for an answer. He wants Miguel dead tonight.

At Valerie's, Julian is eager to meet his son. Eve goes to the bathroom door and knocks. Her son isn't ready to meet anyone. Eve tells them that they just want to make up for hurting them and find a way to get them help. Julian follows her over to the door and asks his son to come out. He can't understand why a Crane would be afraid of anyone and is dying to see what an outstanding man his son has become. Eventually, he opens the door and finds that his son has escaped through the window. When they run out the door to look, Valerie appears, shocked to see the mess Eve's son left in her house. Eve begins to apologize and finds it difficult to explain to Julian what their son was angry at her for. He reminds her that she didn't abandon him, she didn't even know that he was alive. 'I should have known,' she asserts. Why didn't she listen to her mother's intuition and find the boy before he could become so confused? Julian insists that they'll just have to un-confuse him, whatever it takes. Suddenly, Valerie bursts into the conversation to announce that Luis' execution has been moved up and he'll be dead soon. Eve is horrified: She knows that Luis is innocent, her son told her so. 'Told you what?' Julian asks. She has trouble muddling through an explanation but insists that their son didn't murder anyone. Valerie decides that it's time for her to get back to work. They thank her for her help. She tells them to lock the door when they leave. As Julian tries to get more information out of Eve, he asks her, jokingly, if their son is a serial killer. The blackmailer watches them through the window.

At the Book Café, Ethan arrives and smells Theresa's breath. Because a sweet smell comes out, he assumed that she must have been poisoned. Rebecca eagerly hopes that she will actually die this time but Gwen refuses to let her die before Ethan finds out the truth. Jared watches as Ethan gives mouth to mouth until the paramedics arrive. Gwen gets on her knees and starts trying to slap Theresa awake. She's pulled off and Jared gets her breathing again so that she can have the antidote to the poison administered. The Demon Elf throws his hands up in disappointment and Sheridan continues to wonder if she had anything to do with this. Gwen eats a muffin, surprised that she actually wants to see Theresa alive, even if it's only to make her life a living hell. As Theresa revives, she embraces Ethan and tells him that she loves him. Standing right beside her as this happens, Jared realizes that he means nothing to her. When Ethan explains that she's been poisoned, she accuses the smiling Gwen, although Ethan knows that's not possible since she was with him. Meanwhile, Fancy apologizes to Jared for calling Ethan over. Upset, he leaves while Ethan tells Theresa that she needs to get checked out. There is something that no one can protect her from though, Gwen says cutting in, and that's the truth. Theresa just wants to go home; she's sure that leaving now won't have any impact on the investigation. Sheridan starts to fidget nervously while the police bag the evidence and question people. Sheridan insists that she saw nothing and she walks out while Fancy stares after her. Theresa asks her where Jared went. When she tells her that he went to the office, Ethan finds this hard to believe. Meanwhile, Rebecca tries to push her daughter to let the truth out. Gwen promises she will, but watching Theresa squirm is just too fun.

Next on Passions:
Gwen threatens to take her revenge.

Tabitha is shocked when Spike and Fox try to kill Miguel.