Down by the water, Julian prays to god and thanks him for being there through everything. Now he will finally be able to meet the son he thought that he had lost and is grateful that he has a chance to be a good father. This son is a 'gift from heaven.' Meanwhile, at Valerie's, his son, the blackmailer, holds his mother by the throat, he threatens to kill her for her attempted betrayal. She won't get rid of them now the way she did when they were a baby! 'Die mommy die!' Eve reaches toward her purse and the blackmailer empties it, finding the baby boots she made for them when she was pregnant. The blackmailer lets go of her, apologizing when they realize that she has clung to this object for years. They embrace her, setting her down. Eve is confused, so her son explains that they believed that she was trying to trick them into turning themselves in. She's only trying to get them to do the right thing. They aren't a child anymore: They can't do all of these terrible things. Maybe it's time for them to go away where they won't hurt themselves or anyone else. 'Not yet...I still have more to finish,' the blackmailer insists. All of Julian's children still need to suffer. They then tell her that only Ethan understands their pain: Julian threw him away too. When they gleefully tell her that they 'love Ethan to death', a disgusted look creeps onto Eve's face. This is hard to believe. 'Why? He's dreamy!' coos her son. What's the problem? Does she think that no one could love them because they're a freak? Eve reminds them that Ethan is taken. This makes her son angry, but he controls himself and tells her that Ethan will learn to love them. When Eve seems skeptical, they become angry and run into the bathroom, locking the door behind them, removing their mask and sobbing into the mirror. Realizing how unstable her son is, Eve has no idea what to do. When she begs them to come out and talk, they refuse, claiming that she doesn't really love them.

She doesn't know what to do so she calls Julian with 'some interesting news.' He's so excited that he hangs up to hurry over before she can warn him. When he arrives, he tells her that he can't wait to meet his son and build a relationship; he imagines they have so much in common. 'I wouldn't count on that,' she warns. As she goes to the bathroom to get their son, Julian thanks god again. 'After this night, my life will never be the same.'

On the wharf, Fancy is calling around and demanding to be involved in the ongoing investigation into the blackmailer. She needs to know what the police have already covered. She runs into Jared and he tells her that he is looking for the blackmailer too. Tracking them down is the only way that he'll be able to keep Tess. If anyone comes between he and Theresa, he will kill them, he vows. Everyone needs to see Ethan for the sneak he is, Jared explains. Ethan asked another man's wife to marry him the second his back was turned. Between Ethan and the blackmailer, Tess is at her wit's end. He asks Fancy to team up with him so that they can find the blackmailer together.

At the Book Café, the Demon Elf cheers on as Theresa drinks the tea which Sheridan poisoned. As he does his comedy routine, Theresa starts to feel awful. Sheridan hopes that she's not getting a cold. Tea is the best thing for a soar throat, Theresa says as she drinks more poison. Sheridan says that she will never let go of Luis, even once he's free, she will still go after him. Right now, Luis is just confused: 'He's a man and they truly are the weaker sex,' she explains. Fancy is just what was around because Sheridan was unavailable, but why have saccharine when you can have sugar? Theresa says that they should really be worried about getting her bother free right now. There is nothing anyone wouldn't do to free him. Thinking of the blackmailer's offer to free Luis if she killed Theresa, Sheridan wonders if she's right. Theresa insists that she is right: Anything necessary must be done to free Luis. Fancy and Jared arrive and tell them that they are looking for the monster together. As he goes to get some coffee, Theresa starts to cough and choke, she still tries to find a way to talk to Jared about their relationship. When he returns to the table, she collapses onto the floor making nauseating guttural sounds while Jared cradles her head and tries to keep her breathing. When Jared tries to revive her, Sheridan starts to have strange memories that she poisoned the tea. After making a phone call, Fancy returns to say that she called the paramedics and Ethan. Although Jared wishes she hadn't called his nemesis, he continues trying to get his wife breathing again.

At the mansion, Gwen is anxious to end her marriage, so she needs Ethan to know that she has no ulterior motive for telling him the truth about Theresa. Once he knows her secret, he will lose all respect for her, she warns. Ethan understands that they don't like Theresa (an understatement) but nothing they can say will change the way he feels about her. Ethan is sure that she has bigger problems right now: Someone even tried to kill her tonight. Rebecca thinks back to finding rope burns on her daughter's hands and Gwen tries to hide the burns, confused about how they got there in the first place. He assumes that the blackmailer tried to kill Theresa this time and just wants her to be left alone. Gwen wants to wash her hands of all of this, but first, because she still cares about Ethan and knows how important family is to him, she has to tell him something... maybe he should sit down first? she suggests. He doesn't want to. 'There's a little boy out there...' Gwen begins rather vaguely. Suddenly, Fancy calls and says that Theresa is dying. Ethan needs to leave. He runs off and Gwen and Rebecca go along to watch the carnage.

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