At Tabitha's, Julian and Endora watch as Tabitha looks in her bowl to find his son. He begins to thank her and worry about wasting his second chance with his first born. When Tabitha casts up an image, she is appalled to see Eve with the blackmailer. As she gasps, she hides the image when Julian asks for an explanation. She tells him that a fly dropped in her bowl and she felt bad for it. He's skeptical about this but she insists that she wouldn't lie. As she explains how her bowl works, he asks her if it gets DirecTV. She says no, because DirecTV is 'heaven sent' and her bowl is dark side technology. She'll have to subscribe to it like everyone else; it has some glorious programs. She sends him into the kitchen to get some apples for Endora and then sits down. Endora wonders why her mother has been lying to Julian. She says that she had to, but she can't understand why. 'Some of your infernal goodness is rubbing off on me,' Tabitha says. She doesn't have the heart to tell Julian the truth. Endora's newly revealed half-sibling is just too evil. Later, Julian reads Endora a story and Tabitha has to admit that he's good with their daughter. When he asks her to look for his son again, she tries to tell him that her bowl isn't working,. He suspects that there is something she doesn't want him to know. When he tells Endora that she has a brother she's never met, she gets excited but Tabitha rolls her eyes.

At Valerie's, Eve's son tells her that they killed Rae. When she calls them a monster, they begin to scream and smash things. They aren't a monster, they're a human being! Eve suggests that killing innocent people doesn't exactly endear them to anybody. They can't let an innocent man be killed for a crime that they committed: They have to confess and set Luis free. The blackmailer falls on their knees and begins to cry, unable to make the call. Eve creeps over to the phone to end the reign of terror, but her son grabs the phone away. As they cry again about how no one ever wanted them and they were thrown away like trash, left to wish that they had never been born. Eve tells them that she always wanted them and reaches out, putting her hands around them and trying to explain. She loved them so much when she was pregnant with them and she loves them still: They are her child and if they hadn't of been stolen away, she could have shown them how beautiful life can be. Her son turns around and embraces her as they both cry. All they ever wanted was a mommy to love them and tell them stories about happy families. Eve can't help but smile. They start to asks her if she loves them as much, or more, than her other children and if she will comfort and protect them. Eve tells them that she wouldn't be a very good mommy if she didn't teach them right from wrong... so they need to do the right thing and turn themselves in. Her son flips out at this, accusing her of trying to trick them. They back her into the wall and start to choke her.

At the mansion, Ethan arrives to talk to Gwen and Rebecca about Theresa. That's just what they wanted to talk about too. Gwen offers to go first: She has a feeling he really wants to hear what she has to say. As she opens her mouth to speak, he stops her and begins apologizing for everything. He's known her since boarding school and he finds this divorce very sad. Rebecca wonders if he is trying to call it off, but he says that it's too late. He wanted to save their marriage but she disappeared and wouldn't let him so he had to accept that it was over. Rebecca teases him about moving on to become 'Mr. Theresa number four'. He'll never get a blessing from her, only sympathy. He just wants Gwen's assurance that she won't be trying to break up his new marriage. Gwen is appalled that he would come there to ask her to stay away from Theresa after all of the horrible things that she's done to her. If anything, he should be there promising her that Theresa won't do anymore to ruin her life. Theresa has been a liar all along and he needs to know the truth.

At the Book Café, the Demon Elf shoots his minions into Sheridan as she stands at the counter. Spotting some rat poison, she drops it into Theresa's tea and carries it over to her as the elf cheers her on, getting tingly at the thought of murder. Sheridan is becoming agitated when Theresa seems to delay drinking the tea. Theresa apologizes for everything that she said before about how Luis should be with Fancy.'While we're at it, why don't we give her the lethal injection too and lay them in the same grave! What? I can't go after Luis but you can go after Ethan? Why don't you just drink your tea you selfish hypocritical b***!' Sheridan snaps. She continues to lash out at Theresa with more nastiness until Theresa excuses herself. The Demon Elf realizes that he may have gone too far and pulls his demons back. Theresa returns and tells Sheridan that she's obviously made her angry and she should go. Un-possessed and unable to recall what just happened, Sheridan has no idea what she's talking about. She says that Theresa is entitled to her opinion but they can agree to disagree. Why don't they just enjoy their tea together? Reluctantly, Theresa sits down and begins to drink.

Next on Passions:
Jared tries to save Theresa when she is poisoned.

Julian can't wait to meet his son, will he hear Eve's warning?