Tabitha, Julian and Endora return home, no matter how hellish and happy it is. He can barely believe that he's fathered a supernatural child, but Tabs tells him that their daughter is very gifted for a girl her age. He has lots of questions. 'A father should know everything about his children,' he says. No wonder Tabitha was so reluctant to send her to pre-school. 'It's like an episode of Bewitched and I'm Darren,' he smiles. She explains all of the magic and mayhem that she's been behind over the years. She also tells him that she made Timmy from a doll and, with some prompting from her daughter, tells him that she's had her current body since the Seventeenth Century. With difficulty, she then recounts Timmy's death. It was one of the hardest things that she and Julian ever had to face. He changed both of their lives. As she cries, he takes her hand. Endora is happy to see this and conjures up some martimmis for her parents. Julian remembers that last time they had one of these: It was the night they conceived Endora. He asks Tabitha if her supernatural powers extend to the 'boudoir'. She's insulted by the idea that she needs magic to woo any man and zaps a 'magical girlfriend' skeleton onto his lap. She and Endora laugh as he struggles with the skeleton chained to his thighs. Tabitha recalls all of the famous men she has seduced over the years, from Julius Caesar to various presidents. He begs her to release him from the skeleton's clutches and she eventually gives in. Sitting by his daughter, he calls her 'endorable' and tells Tabitha that she is the greatest mother he's ever seen. He asks her if she knows anything about his son with Eve. She's reluctant to say anything, but Julian begs for information. He wants to finally be a good father. Eventually, she agrees to try and find him.

The blackmailer blames Eve for their being the way they are. They are deformed because of all of the drugs and booze she took while she was pregnant for them. This is something she will never be forgiven for. Not only did this deform them, they were then abandoned and unwanted by all foster families thanks to their monstrousness. Eve begins to apologize and asks them to take off their mask. They refuse. Eve tells them that they have no idea how much she and Julian suffered when they realized that their child had been stolen away from them. 'I think I have you beat when it comes to suffering,' they say, lifting up their skirts again. Everyone rejected them and abandoned them as if they were no more than a hideous mistake. They spent years trying to convince themselves that Eve would come and rescue them but she never did. They had to grow up watching her raise two perfect daughters. Disgusted by this injustice, they had to settle the score and make her daughter's feel the unspeakable pain they've had to live through. 'How did you hurt them?' Eve demands. They made sure that they both lost the loves of their lives. 'Poor dead Rae...' the blackmailer laughs.

Sheridan wanders by the water thinking over the blackmailer's offer to kill Theresa so that Luis can be freed. As much as she loves him, she just can't do it. The demon elf is nearby however, and he has different plans. Close by, Theresa continues to worry that Gwen could split her and Ethan up, despite his promises that this could never happen. Nothing will ever get in the way of them being together now, he insists; Gwen has moved on and Rebecca is busy battling PETA over her donkey. Theresa doesn't think that he can be sure about how he will feel when he learns the truth. He reminds her that fate has finally brought them together. Suddenly, Sheridan interrupts them and Ethan tells her that someone just tried to kill Theresa. Lurking near, the demon elf laughs at the thought of his minions killing Theresa. Ethan suddenly decides to leave Theresa with Sheridan while he goes to see Gwen.

Sheridan brings Theresa to the Book Café. Theresa begins to ask her about her brother, although she's sure that Fancy is much closer to Luis now than she is. Luis was devastated when he lost Sheridan but he's moved on and she can't go back and pick up where she left off, Theresa insists. The elf is thrilled to watch Sheridan get more and more upset as Theresa goes on and on about how Luis will never want to go back to Sheridan. She tells her that she needs to respect Luis' wishes and move on. 'Just like you respected Ethan and Gwen's?' Sheridan asks, biting her tongue, annoyed and walking over to the counter trying to control her anger. The demon elf shoots his minions into her mind as she walks. Spotting some rat poison on the floor, she grabs it and drops it into a cup of tea for Theresa. 'I will win Luis back...even if it's over your dead body,' she vows.

At the mansion, Rebecca drinks champagne, thrilled that they finally have the dirt on 'little miss doe eyes'. As they toast, Gwen is sure that Ethan will hate Theresa as soon as he knows the truth. She can't wait to finally destroy her arch-enemy. They start to plan how they should do it, but Gwen can't help but wonder why Theresa never told him the truth in the first place. Now that she can get Theresa out of Ethan's life for good, she doesn't even want him anymore: She just wants some payback. Once little Ethan's true paternity comes out, Alistair's final will and testament will be null and void; the child and his mother will have nothing! As they toast, Ethan wanders in, wondering what they are celebrating. They're toasting to the end of their marriage. He's sorry she's so happy to see it end, but he's only there to talk about Theresa. 'What a coincidence!' Rebecca exclaims, eager to talk about Theresa herself.

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Tabitha is shocked by what she sees.

Eve tells her son that the reign of terror has to end.

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