Looking through the window of the Good Witch School, Julian tries to understand where he is and what is going on. Spotting his daughter amidst the battling witches, he starts to worry for her safety. Endora casts a spell that allows him to walk through the wall. As he stumbles in, Tabitha isn't pleased to see him. He demands to know why they are all fighting right before his daughter's eyes. When he threatens to take Endora home with him, the bad witches start shooting at his feet until he blurts out that he is the biological father. The witches are all shocked. Esmeralda asks Tabby if she is sure...they know that she's always been a bit loose. 'Aren't those Canadian police named Mounties in honor of you?' Esmeralda asks. Tabitha shakes her head after the barrage of lewd remarks and the bad witches zap Julian into a cage. They offer to release him only if she gives up Endora. 'No deal!' she proclaims. She could care less if he lives or dies. He's not her husband, lover, boy toy or anything else for that matter. They're shocked that she'd just let him die, but Endora begins to protest and asks her mother to free Julian. Grudgingly, Tabitha asks with a 'pretty please' to have Julian released. The bad witches cackle and explain that they'll just have to kill Tabitha and Julian together. When they begin strangling Julian, Endora fights back, throwing the witches back and freeing her father. They are shocked by her power. He kneels down and thanks his daughter while Esmeralda takes Tabitha aside. She reminds her that she is not a bad witch anymore; she needs to do what will make her daughter happy. They begin battling with the bad witches again as Esmeralda tells her that she will have to use the power of love to fight off the darkness. Reluctantly, Tabitha goes along with this, joining hands with her daughter and Julian while they shoot beams of little pink hearts at the evil witches. After the old hags blow up, Julian helps the exhausted Esmeralda sit down. He realizes that he can read Endora's thoughts in a bubble. 'Egad!' he exclaims. They really must be witches! Tabitha is surprised that he's so shocked. Julian smiles at his daughter as she tells him that she loves him. 'My children are forever surprising me. I wonder what could top learning that my youngest daughter is a witch?'

Meanwhile, at Valerie's, Eve is taken aback when the blackmailer calls her 'mother'. They explain that they are the child that she had with Julian and beg her not to leave them. Eve is confused and terrified. In denial at first, she asks them if they are in disguise because they're ashamed of what they've done. The blackmailer tells her that they aren't really ashamed but they truly are her son. Sitting down, they asks her what she thinks they should do. She suggests that they turn themselves in. When she picks up the phone, they take it from her hands. Wouldn't she like to ask them some questions first? Yes, but she doesn't want to pry. They claim that they don't mind and go on to explain that they wear men and women's clothes because that is their identity. She demands to know why they've been torturing innocent people. 'No one is innocent! Especially you and dear old dad!' they exclaim. They have something special to show her. When they lift up their skirts, Eve begins to scream out. 'I didn't expect that,' Eve admits. 'Like I haven't heard that before,' her child says. They need to know what she is going to do. Eve tells them that they are different, but it's not that bad. Her child explains that they were badly treated in foster care; they had to get even with all of those who hurt them over the years. Eve tells them that she loved since before they were born and hates that she could never protect them. She and Julian will do everything they can to make it up to them. 'You did this to me! You ruined my life!' They are the way they are because of all the drugs and booze Eve took while she was pregnant.

At the wharf, Ethan tells Theresa that she needs to tell him her secret so that he can protect her. She is sure that he'll hate her if he knows the truth, but he promises her that that will never happen. Trying to explain, she claims that she is in the same position that Chad was in and the truth will only force him away for good. He promises again that nothing she could do would send him away. 'There are all kinds of betrayals,' she says. Ethan is sure that she could never keep a secret that would tear out his soul. Theresa brings up Gwen and tries to shift all of the blame onto her, despite the fact that she doesn't want anything to do with either of them anymore. Theresa thinks that he'll go back to Gwen when he discovers the truth. He assures her that isn't going to happen. Right now, he's going to go and sign the divorce papers and end this. She runs after and stops him. He promises her again that he loves her and nothing will change that.

In Theresa's office, Gwen and Rebecca are searching through JT's USB stick for Theresa's secret. Rebecca reminds her to delete their secrets while she's looking. They are both giddy with anticipation as they dig. It doesn't take long for them to find some outrageous secrets about their friends, but they soon get back to the issue at hand. Their jaws drop when they discover the secret and the fact that Theresa's known since they were in Rome. Smiling, Rebecca is sure that Ethan will hate little Theresita forever as soon as he finds out. Gwen wonders whether it is really true though... maybe they should double check. After going through the evidence, they decide that it must be right. Toasting with wine, they smile as they imagine that Ethan's love will soon turn to hate. He will leave her forever. 'If I can't have Ethan, neither can Theresa,' Gwen gloats.

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Gwen and Rebecca prepare to destroy Theresa.

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