Tabitha's annoyed when there is a knock at the door. It's only Julian, who's rather surprised when her door opens all by itself. He's there to see his daughter. When she tells him that's not possible, he becomes annoyed. She tells him that their daughter is away at school. This doesn't sound good to him. He wonders what happened to the school that he sent their daughter to. Tabitha tells him to back off; she's taking care of things. When she asks him to leave, he begs her not to cut him out of his daughter's life; he wants to finally prove that he can be a good father. She tells him that the best thing he can do is just leave the child alone: Maybe his children are just so troubled because he is their father? He agrees to trust her, although it hurts him to be removed from his little daughter's life. She walks him out, rather surprised that he caved in so easily. Grabbing her cloak, she runs out and he follows behind. 'Now let's see what sort of ridiculous school Tabitha is sending my daughter to,' he says. She makes her way down to an alley where she casts a spell so that she can walk through a wall. Julian can barely believe what he just saw. After taking a swig from his flask, he walks over and finds that the wall is completely solid.

At the Good Witch School, the evil witches watch through the window as they prepare themselves to go in and abduct Endora. Holding their noses, they drink a potion that slowly makes them look like good witches (well, the sort who wear terrible prom dresses at any rate). Inside, Esmeralda and Endora work on casting spells. The two bad witches arrive and try to pass themselves off as good witches. This fails miserably and their disguises soon vanish. When they try to take Endora, Esmeralda stands in their way. They try to convince Endora that she should be a bad witch and go with them. When Esmeralda refuses to let them take her, the bad witches zap her, knocking her to the ground. Stepping over the old witch, they tell Endora how much talent she has and how much fun she can have with them. Offering her ice cream and candy, they take her by the hand. Before she can leave, however, Esmeralda has risen and floats in the air. The bad witches taunt her, but she threatens to fill them with so much goodness that they'll never recover. The witches begin shooting at each other when Tabitha arrives, angry to see her daughter under threat. As she battles the witches, Endora smiles at her mother. Sensing that her father is searching for her, she opens up the portal that allows him to pass through the wall and across dimensions to the witch school. He looks in through the window at the supernatural battle, unable to understand what he is seeing.

At Valerie's, Eve is shocked to find the blackmailer when she has gone looking for her son. She demands to know what they've done with her son. Eve begins running around the room, accusing the blackmailer of all sorts of things. Sitting down, the blackmailer wonders why she is so worried about a child she threw away. Eve claims that she always wanted him but he was stolen from her by Alistair. They aren't impressed that she gave up so easily, but Eve tearfully argues that she's been searching for him for years and has never forgotten him. 'I almost believe you,' the blackmailer says before explaining that her son is right there in the house. Frantic, Eve begins to search before asking if they've killed her son. She goes into the bedroom and begins crying out 'my baby!' But there is no one in there. When she begs the monster for answers to end this torture, they warn her that she may not get the answers that she wants to hear. She threatens to kill them if they've hurt one hair on her son's head. 'Your son isn't here,' they tell her. The son that she gave birth to doesn't exist. Eve becomes outraged, claiming that she has DNA evidence and that this must just be one of their cruel jokes. As she goes to leave, the blackmailer begs her not to go. 'Please stay... mother.' Eve is shocked when she hears this and turns around.

On the wharf, Gwen is strangling Theresa while the demon elf floats by clapping and laughing. Not far away, Ethan wanders around looking for Theresa when he runs into Rebecca instead. He admits that he's worried Gwen and Theresa might be together. Rebecca takes their brief moment together to tell him that Gwen has already fallen in love with someone else. He doesn't seem terribly interested. Suddenly, they hear Theresa and run after her. As they approach, the elf calls his demons back and Gwen snaps out of her homicidal rage. Realizing what she's doing, she stops and runs away. A moment later, Ethan and Rebecca find Theresa collapsed on the ground. Rebecca is beaming and hopes to herself that her daughter finally did the deed successfully. But Gwen's failed again and Theresa rolls over alive. She didn't see who attacked her and doesn't want to go to the hospital. Rebecca leaves them alone. Ethan is sure that he knows who did this: The blackmailer. He talked to them tonight and they promised to get rid of her. Ethan vows to make the blackmailer pay for everything they've done. Theresa feels like she's being sucked into Hell. He tells her that she can end all of this anytime: She just needs to tell him the truth. He knows that she must have a reason for not telling him, but this has gone on for too long. Why can't she trust in their love?

Rebecca catches up with her daughter and congratulates her on almost killing Theresa. Gwen doesn't know what she's talking about. Her mother points out that she has rope burns on her hands. Gwen still can't remember doing anything. Rebecca then takes out a clue that she hopes will lead her to JT's USB stick. The demon elf is excited at this and decides to hurry things along by casting a spell on the clue. It turns into a map which shows them where the USB is. It's in Theresa's office. They giddily run off to get it. Soon, in Theresa's office, they find the stick with ease and slip it into a computer. 'Theresa is finished!' Gwen declares.

Next on Passions:
Gwen and Rebecca find out Theresa's secret.

Theresa tells Ethan that he'll leave her when he knows the truth.

Julian learns that Tabitha and his daughter are witches.