The blackmailer is scared, but Ethan promises them that he'll be with them every step of the way. 'I'm ready to turn myself in and make a full confession,' the blackmailer says. When Ethan gets on the phone to call Sam, the blackmailer runs away.

At home, Tabitha feels so bored and lonely without her little Endora. As she wonders how her daughter is adjusting to Good Witch School, she zaps herself back there and peaks in through the window. She can see Esmeralda and her daughter together. This makes Tabs sad; it seems like she isn't being missed at all. She sighs and wishes that she could be close by somehow. Suddenly, she gets a flash: A kitty, she'll have to turn herself into a pet cat for her daughter. Inside, Esmeralda tells Endora that she's very impressed by her; she just hopes that she isn't naughty like her mom and mortal father. A little black cat runs in and Endora begs to keep her. Esmeralda makes the cat levitate and then starts to spin it faster and faster as Endora laughs. Finally she is put down and Endora wants to do it again. Esmeralda sends her off to get some chalk first. Once she's gone, Esmeralda tells Tabitha that the jig is up. She knows that it's really her. Turning herself back into her human form, a dizzy Tabitha stumbles around. She misses her daughter terribly and can't help worrying about her, even if they killed all those evil witches who abducted her. Little does she know that those evil witches are alive and well, watching all of this on a plasma screen in their own dimension and plotting revenge. 'That child belongs on the dark side,' they say. It's time for them to intervene. They fly down to the school and pull out their magical potion to keep all good things they come near away from them. As they cackle, Endora continues to practice. Meanwhile, Tabitha has already gone home, sad to be without her daughter but knowing that the Good Witch School is the safest place for her.

A distracted Eve sits down when Whitney walks in to apologize for blaming her for so much. Eve doesn't need an apology; she's sure that everything really is her fault. She only ever wanted to be a good mother but has failed totally. A text message from Valerie comes in. Her son wants to meet her right now at Valerie's house. Excited, Whitney wants to come along, but the message says that she needs to come alone. Eve is so excited she can barely breathe. After hugging her daughter she runs off. When she arrives at Valerie's, all of the lights are out but the door is open. She walks in and begins to call out. Soon, the sound of the blackmailer's voice comes back. They come out of the shadows and a horrified look fills Eve's face.

Theresa arrives at the Book Café to visit with Chad. She reminds him that he should have told Whitney the truth a long time ago. He points out that she, of all people, should understand what he's been through: She still refuses to tell Ethan the truth. She doesn't think that it's the same thing at all, but he is sure that he was even less in the wrong with his secrets than she is. He's dying without Whitney in his life: Can she please talk to her friend and convince her to give him another chance? She will talk, but she can't make any promises. Later, Ethan arrives and tells Chad that he was just with the blackmailer. They promised to tell him Theresa's secret but then they ran away. He's sure now that her secret really can't be a big deal. Chad shakes his head and tells him that he may not forgive her when he knows the truth. Considering that she married someone she didn't even love just to keep a secret from him, there must be something seriously wrong. Ethan tries to excuse it; he just can't imagine that she has a secret that could drive him away.

Whitney and Theresa sit outside and Theresa explains Chad's side of the story. Although she insists that she is not defending him, she knows why he did what he did: They are both guilty of betrayal. Whitney is sure that Ethan will forgive her. Theresa thinks that she should forgive Chad then. No, she can't, Whitney insists. She can't even stand to think of him. She walks away. This convinces Theresa that keeping the secret is the best thing she can do. Down the street, Chad runs into Whitney and begins apologizing and begging for another chance again. She won't listen; he's already thrown out everything he cared about just for the sake of sex. All of this has taught her that she can never trust him. She walks away.

At the mansion, Sheridan tells Gwen that the blackmailer offered to free Luis and bring back Pretty if she would only kill Theresa. That price seems too high, but lately she's really felt like she could do it. They start to talk about all of the times that they've wanted to kill Theresa. The next time, they might not be able to stop themselves. They rush over to the church for some spiritual guidance. The demon elf follows them, doing a James Brown impersonation all the way, but he has to stay outside of the church walls. Once inside, the ladies meet with Father Lonigan. He tells them that there is a terrible evil in the town, a demon's evil far worse than that of the blackmailer's. 'We are doomed,' he announces. After some prayers, Gwen decides it's time to go. She's not scared to go alone. No demon has hurt her more than Theresa already has. When she goes outside, the demon elf is waiting. He sends a few demons into Gwen's ear and conjures up a cord. Gwen kneels down and picks it up. 'I wonder where Theresa is?' she smiles before finding Theresa and putting the cord around her neck. Back inside the church, Sheridan asks the priest if she should bring Pretty back. He already knows what happened to the unfortunate Pretty and wonders what Sheridan's real reasoning is. He assumes that she wants to bring her niece back to destroy Fancy and Luis. That would be wrong. Sheridan tells him that she's already made a deal with the blackmailer to free Luis. The priest tells her to break the deal. This love she has for Luis will destroy her.

Next on Passions:
Julian comes looking for his daughter.

The bad witches try to abduct Endora.

Ethan finds a strangled Theresa.