At the mansion Sheridan and Gwen hug, reunited after a long time apart. The demon elf has followed them and hides off to the side while the two friends catch up. Gwen insists that she is not there to stay and she doesn't want Ethan anymore. She will always love him, she admits, but she is definitely finished with him. A worried look fills Sheridan. She warns her friend that she is making a big mistake: She knows from experience. Gwen won't debate this though; she refuses to come in second to Theresa and be a punch line in a joke. Lately though, ever since she got back into town, she's had the most overwhelming urge to kill Theresa and she's afraid that she may go through with it. Sheridan understands; she's been having the same feelings. It's scary. The demon elf chuckles to himself, expecting blood soon. Sheridan tells her friend that a lot of people feel like killing Theresa. It's really not that unusual. Gwen insists that this is different. All of the times that she tried to kill Theresa before, she actually felt like she was doing something wrong. Now, something has changed. She just wants to get the divorce over with and leave town before she actually loses control. Sheridan wishes that she could go too, but she can't leave Luis to die. She does have a way to free him, but the price is very high. She has to do more than just get him out; she has to get rid of Fancy. Gwen knows the best way to get rid of Fancy is Pretty. Almost no one knows where she is though...except for the blackmailer, Sheridan whispers. They tried to kill her once, Sheridan explains, but then offered her a deal to get Luis free and bring Pretty back if she would just kill Theresa. Sheridan's afraid that she may give in because she loves Luis so much. 'You will do it Sheridan. Theresa is about to die,' says the elf.

At the mansion, Pilar and Theresa finish packing up a meal for Luis. Pilar urges her daughter once more to tell the truth, but Theresa is sure that the blackmailer is too clever for Ethan and Jared. Her mother isn't pleased with this response. It sounds like Theresa doesn't even care about helping Luis. It takes awhile to get an answer. Disturbed by this, Pilar suggests that her daughter should be talking to a priest about this, but Theresa just insists that this is an impossible situation. After her mother leaves, she sits in the kitchen and tries to convince herself that doing nothing is the best thing. She suddenly gets a phone call and runs out.

Fancy arrives to visit Luis again in the prison. He wishes this visit could be like their last magical visit, but that is only a memory now, and that's exactly how it should stay. 'Forget about me,' he begs her. She can't imagine that he means this but he does. He'd love to have a family with her more than anything in the world, but that's not going to happen. She moves away from him as he reminds her that he already watched his mother throw her life away on a man and he doesn't want that to happen to her: She deserves happiness and he wants her to find someone else and start a family. All that Fancy has learned about family she has learned from him. Her family is a disaster and he doesn't even know the worst of it. Something bad happened with Pretty...maybe now would be a good time to talk about it... With a little extra prompting, Fancy agrees to tell him every horrible detail. She's afraid that this will make him hate her; what she did was really pretty terrible. 'It all started when...' but before she can continue, Pilar arrives with a meal for her son. The guard agreed to let her in so long as he gets some of the food. She begins to unpack and Luis excitedly looks through all of his favorite dishes. Taking Fancy aside, Pilar reminds her that nobody ever talks about Pretty and she can't tell Luis now. She wants her son's last days to be happy and no one will take that away from him. Fancy swears that she never meant to do something so awful, but Pilar, who is clearly uncomfortable even thinking about this, demands that she drop the whole thing.

At the cottage, the blackmailer holds a knife on Ethan and promises him that the truth about Theresa will destroy everything. Backing him up, the blackmailer tells Ethan to get ready to hear the secret and have his life changed forever. Ethan's sick of playing games; he wants to hear something he doesn't already know. The blackmailer wants to tell him; they spend their nights alone fantasizing about telling him so that they can spend the rest of their lives together. Before they'll tell him anything though, they need a promise that they will be paid with his love. Will he give Theresa up and be the man of their dreams forever? the blackmailer asks. Ethan isn't crazy for this offer and doesn't want to know the truth at the cost of getting involved with such a sicko. At that, the blackmailer starts to flashback to being called names as a child and begins to convulse and collapse on the floor before leaping up again. Now it seems as though Ethan is just as bad as everyone else. When they lunge for him to tear out his heart, they struggle with the knife and Ethan takes them in a headlock, calming them and offering to be their friend. The blackmailer has never had a friend before and wouldn't know what to do. Ethan offers them his hand. When they take it, they pull him into a hug and cry on his shoulder. He tells them that they have to think about the terrible things that they've done and make things right: Only then will they find the compassion and peace that they seek.

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