As Whitney and Chad say goodnight to Miles, he takes the chance to give her a kiss in front of their son. She tries to control herself while their son is still there. While Chad remarks on how nice this is, Whitney reminds him that it's over between them. Reluctantly, Chad lets Eve take Miles home, but he'll be taking him to school in the morning. As Eve takes Miles away to pack his things, Whitney tells Chad that she doesn't like him cornering her like this. 'But you loved the way I kissed you,' he says. She insists that she was only being convincing for Miles' sake and she really felt sick. He doesn't believe it; they're not over, not by a long shot. Eve brings Miles out and they leave to wait in the car. Chad begs Whitney to keep an open mind about their future, but she won't. Kissing him is gross enough, but being intimate with him again would just be sick. She is going to file for divorce and sue for full custody of the children. 'Over my dead body,' he says as she walks out. He's been a good father; if she doesn't want him, he won't let her be a mother to their children, no matter what. Whitney and her mother return home as she threatens to leave the country, sure that things will only get worse from now on. She starts to blame her mother for all of this: If she had told the truth long ago, everything that happened between her and Chad wouldn't have happened. Eve insists that Chad would have gone looking for another man no matter what. Whitney apologizes and takes her child up to bed , leaving her mother to wonder if her daughter was actually right. When Whitney comes back, Eve is happy to realize how well TC has taken all of this.

'I never realized Fox would sink so low just to win a skank like Kay,' Ivy says as Miguel rants at Fox for manipulating the love of his life into believing that he was dying. Kay is disgusted and wants to get away, but Fox stops them, warning her that Miguel isn't as great as he thinks he is. Kay isn't going anywhere yet; she still wonders if it might be true that Miguel ran Fox down. He becomes annoyed, but Ivy encourages her to run away with him. Julian repeats his threats to have Miguel put away, but Ivy tells Kay not to be bullied. 'Shut up,' Fox says to his meddling mother. Kay is more confused than ever, but the demon elf returns to lend a helping hand. Through a loudspeaker, he tells her to use her magic to learn who is lying. Kay appears to be talking to the air and everyone wonders if she's lost it. Miguel tries to usher her out but she needs a few minutes to figure things out. Fox brings her a glass of water and she looks in to see if she can see the truth inside. This looks awfully bizarre to everyone and they wonder if she thinks Fox drugged it. As she starts talking to the water, Ivy hands her another glass. The demon elf makes the glass in Ivy's hands boil and she drops it, spilling all over herself before she leaves for the kitchen. Kay talks to the water again until the demon elf walks over and spits in it. They then look inside and watch Fox confess that he hired Spike to hit him. She grabs the glass and throws the water at Fox. 'Miguel is right!' she screams before laying into him for all of his lies. Jessica must have been right as well: They must have hired impersonators to pretend to be Miguel and Charity making love. Ivy and Julian begin to trade insults before Kay threatens to send them to prison for what they've done. Before she can leave with Miguel, she stops to tell Fox that she did love him once, but, seeing the way he took advantage of her, he must have never really loved her. After she flounces off, Ivy happily sips a martini. 'I lost my wife because of you two,' Fox angrily says before walking away. Julian prays that it's not too late for him to be a good father to his son with Eve. Meanwhile, Kay and the still shirtless Miguel have wandered outside to look forward to their life together.

At the mansion, Pilar can't believe that she's cooking a meal to bring to her son of death row. Theresa seems more worried that she's lost her chance at happiness with Ethan. Her mother reminds her that there is really only one way to get out of this mess: Tell the truth. Theresa is sure that Ethan would never understand or forgive her. She knows that secrets ruin everything and they run through the familiar list of the secrets that have torn apart everyone's lives. Pilar can't believe that Ethan would just turn his back if he discovered the truth, but Theresa has no doubts. As they pack up the meal, Theresa starts to feel relieved that neither Ethan or Jared would ever be able to capture the blackmailer, after all, no one else could.

At Sheridan's cottage, as the blackmailer threatens to commit suicide, Ethan knocks the vial of poison from their hands. They grab him into a kiss, thrilled that he seems to have proven his love to them. Ethan pushes away and tells them to stay off. He doesn't want to hurt their feelings, but he doesn't love them, he loves Theresa. As he repeats this, the blackmailer seems to go into excruciating pain and screams at the sound of Theresa's name. Ethan is the only reason the blackmailer has for living. They promise that they can make him happy; his love is the only thing that's kept them going for months. 'Theresa must die my love so that you can be free to love me,' the blackmailer pleas. Ethan pushes them back again, threatening to kill them if they touch a hair on his beloved's head. The blackmailer doesn't understand, but Ethan reminds them that they abducted him, stripped him naked, held him captive, tried to kill him... 'I wanted to make our first encounters memorable,' explains the blackmailer, adding that they've already bought him some leather briefs. A relationship between them just isn't possible, Ethan explains. The blackmailers twirls around. 'I'm proof that anything is possible,' they say, still hopeful that they can be happy together. 'You're living in la la land,' Ethan concludes. The blackmailer is sure they have a future though and begins to imagine them dancing together in candlelight and blowing each other kisses. 'For a sick freak you're not that bad,' Ethan says. 'Oh baby! Wait until we have our first mattress mambo. You don't know what you're missing seeing as you've only been with women,' the blackmailer coos, as Ethan dips them. Snapping his fingers, Ethan knocks the blackmailer out of their trance inducing fantasy. They promise him that he will hate Theresa with a passion as soon as he discovers her secret and prepare to tell him.

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