At Chad's, Eve tries to calm Whitney down. She refuses to forget what Chad has done to her. Eve is sure that Chad still loves her, Miles and the baby and only wants what's best for them. Whitney is sure that the only thing right for Miles is getting him away from his father. Who knows how many other men he's slept with? 'None. I'm not gay,' Chad repeats. That's not what she wants to hear and, besides, she doesn't care anymore. She just wants to take her son away. Chad reminds her that he is their son and he has never done anything but protect him. When Eve agrees with Chad, Whitney becomes even more livid. Eve tries to calm them and begs them to be reasonable. When they continue arguing, Eve accuses them of behaving like spoiled brats. Whitney runs toward Miles' room when Chad stops her and tells her that he loves her and their children. She tells him again that there is nothing he can do to change things. He begs her to tell him what to do and not to throw away what they have. 'We're done forever,' she insists. If he loved her, he would have been faithful. She wishes she could believe him when he swears that it would never happen again, but she can't. Nonetheless, he remembers the good times they had and will still fight for them. She wishes that he'd stop making him think of everything they've been through. 'Don't make me fight you,' he threatens. If she takes his children away, he will fight with everything he's got. As they continue to fight, Miles wakes up and walks in. Eve picks him up and the parents sit with him until Chad gives Whitney a 'goodnight kiss' for his son's benefit.

As Miguel and Fox pound on each other, Ivy blurts out that Fox was never even sick. This is just what Miguel wanted to hear and Ivy can't deny it. Kay is shocked. Fox admits to it, but he only did it because of how much he loves her. Kay can't believe that he would have put her through all of this. Miguel starts to gloat and throw it in his rival's face, saying that Kay won't be his wife for much longer. Kay just feels stupid; she's in shock. His hair was falling out and he had a catheter in his chest: How could he fake all that? Julian explains that he was accidentally given the real treatment and it made him sick. They paid off Dr. Gasparro. Kay and Miguel say that they're all monsters. Julian hopes that Ivy's happy now that she's broken their son's heart. She'd do it again if it means keeping him from Kay. Fox sarcastically thanks his mother for ruining his life. 'Good lord! What's wrong with this family? Can we sink any lower?' Ivy wonders. Fox continues to tell Kay that he loves her and reminds her of how happy they were before Miguel came back to town. He apologizes, but all he ever wanted was to be with her. Miguel tells him to back off; he's the man she loves and wants to be with. Ivy points out that what her son did only hurt her, unlike what Kay did to her own family. As the two women lash out at each other, Kay concludes that Fox must have been cursed at birth. Julian tries to calm the women, but before Kay can leave with Miguel, he reminds her of their agreement. 'That was before I knew your son was lying to me,' she says. Julian reminds her that if she breaks the promise, Miguel is going back to prison. Miguel accuses Julian of setting him up the whole time, even with the hit-and-run, unless Fox faked that too...or maybe they just hired Spike to run Fox down. If they try and put him away again, he threatens, he'll go to the tabloids and expose them for everything they've done.

At the mansion, Theresa worries that Jared or Ethan might find the blackmailer and her secret. When she hears a noise, she becomes paranoid, sure that the creature has returned to kill her. She runs out of the mansion and into the garden. As she runs through the dark, she gets cornered, but it's only Pilar. She takes her daughter back to the mansion and gets her a drink, promising her that she will be safe. Theresa is still frightened, so her mother suggests that they cook a meal for Luis to get her mind off things. Theresa doesn't think that will help. Pilar asks her where her husband is. Jared went looking for the blackmailer and she had a fight with Ethan.

Ethan arrives in Sheridan's cottage as the blackmailer hides in the closet. 'Don't make me kill you Ethan,' they grumble with their knife out. When he hears someone, he begins searching around and comes to the closet. As he gets close, the blackmailer bursts out. Ethan tells them that he's not afraid and demands to know Theresa's secret. They run for the door and Ethan grabs them, wrestling with them against the door. Ethan throws them across the room and grabs the knife. 'It's time to go to jail,' Ethan says, vowing that they're finished ruining Theresa's life. The blackmailer begins taunting him for staying with someone who won't tell him the truth. They jump at Ethan, grabbing the knife and holding it to his throat. 'If I can't have you, Theresa can never have you!' Ethan asks them why they would kill someone they love. The blackmailer becomes outraged again and Ethan kicks them off as they raise the knife. As they wrestle around, the blackmailer pulls out their poison and threatens to commit suicide if Ethan calls the police. He goes for the phone and they raise the vial of poison to their lips. He knocks the poison away and the blackmailer pulls him into a kiss. 'Oh Ethan! You do love me!'

Next on Passions:
Whitney refuses to go back to Chad.

The blackmailer tells Ethan that Theresa must die so they can be together.

Kay attacks Fox.