At Tabitha's, Miguel realizes how much Kay really loves him when Julian tells them the truth about their deal. Julian says that now he'll have Spike recant his testimony and 'Romeo' will be going back to prison. As he goes to leave, she runs after him and begs him not to do this. The demon elf laughs as they argue. Miguel begins taunting Fox, suggesting that the only way a Crane man can keep a woman is by buying her. Fox claims that he didn't know anything about his father's manipulations. Miguel doesn't care; he has a future with Kay. Julian laughs, suggesting that the only future they have is Kay bringing him crayon doodles from Maria while he's locked up. Kay pleads with Julian. He tells her to use her tears on someone who gives a damn. The only way that Miguel isn't going to jail is if she stays with Fox. Miguel declares that there will be no deal. Kay seems less sure, but Miguel insists that he is speaking for Kay and she's not going back to Fox. 'That's the best news I've heard in years,' Ivy declares as she walks in and hugs Fox. He tells her that he's staying with Kay. This doesn't make any sense to her and she's not thrilled when she finds that Julian is still negotiating with Kay. When he tries to call the police, Kay starts casting spells on all the phones so that he can't. As she tries to hold the phone down so it won't float away, the elf decides to help out and settle it down. Fox starts punching Miguel again when he puts his hands around Kay. Julian breaks them up while Miguel asks Fox why he wants a woman who clearly doesn't want him. They start to fight again while the elf sighs before zapping himself away. Julian mocks Miguel for beating a terminally ill man, but then Ivy slips up by exclaiming: 'Shut up Julian! Fox isn't even sick.' Everyone freezes and turns to her as Ivy stands with her mouth open.

As Jared runs out to search for the blackmailer, Theresa runs after him, trying to stop him. Ethan halts her, tired of her running after Jared and trying to keep things from everyone. When Ethan offers to find the freak himself, he begs her again to tell him the truth and free them from the blackmailer's power. If she loves him, she needs to trust him. She's not saying anything about it and continues begging him not to go after the blackmailer or Jared. He doesn't want Jared to find out the secret before he does; he needs to end this so they can move on. He walks out and she goes into the parlor. When she hears someone approach, she begins to panic.

Gwen and Rebecca watch, amused that Theresa may finally be testing Ethan too much. Rebecca is worried about her daughter though; there is a strange look in her eye. When she asks her if she is really going to kill Theresa, Gwen denies it. She doesn't want Ethan back anyway, not now that she has a man who really loves her: The most wonderful man in the world. Rebecca begs for more information and tries to guess, but all Gwen tells her is that he has a killer smile and comes from the best family (except for his mother's side). Rebecca's phone starts to vibrate so she pulls it out and answers it. It's her contact giving her a lead on the USB stick. She rushes off. 'There's nothing left for me here,' Gwen announces, but before she can walk away, the demon elf shows his face and shoots his demons inside her. Gwen suddenly decides that it's time to kill Theresa.

At Harmony police headquarters, Sam sends his officers out to keep an eye on his house and shoot Spike if they see him. Jared arrives, demanding that they stop the monster after Theresa. Sam tells him to take a number. He tells Jared to relax and not go off like a vigilante. That's not what Jared wants to hear and he rushes off to find the blackmailer himself.

In her cottage, Sheridan ponders the blackmailer's offer, but still feels that she can't kill Luis' sister. When she opens the door, the blackmailer is waiting for her. As they walk her back inside, they want all the details about how she will kill Theresa. Sheridan insists that she's not a murderer and threatens to call the police again. The blackmailer takes out a vial of poison; if she calls the police, they'll commit suicide before the cops even arrive. Sheridan puts the phone down and listens to the offer again: To kill Theresa is exchange for having Luis cleared and Pretty brought back to destroy Fancy. Sheridan continues to insist that she can't. The blackmailer is sick of the poor little rich girl routine she's been playing since they were kids. They tell her to just imagine that Theresa is Fancy, that should make it easy. Sheridan daydreams about strangling Theresa, goring her with a broken bottle, shooting her, but none of this sits well with her. The blackmailer taunts them: Obviously, Sheridan isn't a true Crane; she is always letting people walk all over her. The demon elf appears in the window and shoots his demons into Sheridan's head. She suddenly announces that she has to go and kill Theresa. The blackmailer watches her walk out and then starts to look through her things. Hearing someone approach, they hide as Ethan walks in.

Next on Passions:
Chad vows to fight for Miles and his unborn baby.

Ivy wonders if the family can sink any lower,

The blackmailer holds a knife to Ethan's throat.