As Fox and Kay make love in bed, Miguel starts pulling his clothes off the floor so that he can dress in the closet. Hes finding it hard to watch how Kay can jump back into Foxs arms so easily. Shes obviously not faking it either. He tries calling her on his cell to interrupt and, eventually, she answers. Miguel demands that she stop making love to Fox, but she tells him to call back later. He threatens that, if she doesnt stop right now, hell come out and tell Fox everything. Kay tells Fox its the hospital calling and he needs to go back. He still refuses, but she guilts him into going back. After slipping on his pants, he goes to the bathroom to clean up. Kay gets in the closet with Miguel and he tells her to take him back to the hospital and see if he will really go through with the treatments

Kay drags Fox to the hospital. Hed rather not live at all than not be a whole man: Making love is the basis of their relationship. Kay says their relationship is about communication. Sex is our favorite form of communication, Fox says, pulling her close while Miguel hovers in the background. They start to remember the first time they were together and Fox says that they need to communicate some more before he goes back into treatment. She talks him into going back into his room. Miguel smiles at her and she rolls her eyes. The nurse arrives to administer the treatment, but Fox refuses.

At home, Chad cant believe that Vincent is delivering flowers to his door. As Whitney asks him whose there, he sends her to get the phone while he chases Vincent away. But it isnt Vincent, its just a delivery man. Chad apologizes and gives him a big tip to forget this. For money like this, you can call me Vincent till the cows come home, he says, but Chad doesnt feel like flirting. Whitney walks out to see him with a three hundred dollar bundle of flowers in his arms and assumes that theyre for her. She brings them inside and talks about how exquisite they are. Why would he send her yellow roses though? Theyre for friendship and freedom. He tells her that they also mean newlyweds and she thinks thats super sweet and they start pulling each others clothes off. Suddenly, the delivery man knocks on the open door. Chad runs over. The delivery man tells him that he forgot to sign for the flowers delivered to Mr. Chad Harris Crane. Whitney overhears this and becomes confused. The delivery man says that the flowers were for Chad and leaves. Chad explains that he had them sent to himself so that he could give them to her personally. They start making out when she remembers that she hasnt read the card. He tries to stop her by saying that he hasnt written anything yet. She goes off to make some tea and he tears up the card from Vincent. Then he calls Vincent and threatens him. After hanging up, Vincent sends him a copy of the video on his phone. As he stares at it, Whitney walks in and grabs it away when she hears all the groaning. Its not what you think, he tries to explain.

At the inn out of town, Fancy wakes up just as acid starts burning into her leg. Luis tries to help but almost spills more of the acid hes holding in his hand onto her. He starts saying that he didnt do it, but Fancy begins to shout. Sam kicks the door open and demands to know whats going on. Sam calls for a paramedic and Luis tries to search for the attacker. Sam grabs him and asks what happened. Luis explains that he pretended to be asleep so that he could nab Fancys attacker and ran in when he suspected she would be attacked. But Sam has already had the place surrounded. He had them followed from Harmony but he didnt expect things to look so bad for Luis. When Sam questions Fancy, she has to admit that she didnt see anyone else. Luis tries to explain this away, but Sam is still unconvinced. He checks the window the attacker would have escaped from, but its been closed and locked from the inside. Sam says that hell have it dusted, but they know there wont be fingerprints because they were wearing gloves. The paramedics start treating Fancys wound. She still hopes that Luis will be able to clear himself, but Sam gets a call: None of the cops outside saw anyone. Luis must be lying about everything. Sam asks Fancy if she locked the door and Luis gets fed up and throws his jacket on the floor. When he does, the key to the door falls out. Sam goes through all of the evidence again and Fancy starts to doubt that Luis is really innocent. Sam puts Luis under arrest and cuffs him; this time he wont get bail.

On the waterfront, Theresa argues with the blackmailer about who Ethan belongs to. Ethan is nearby and shouting her name. He runs over and asks her if someone is threatening her. Theresa wont say anything and tries to stop him from searching around. He hears a voice and starts to shout out before searching some more. Theresa paces and expects her whole life is about to be destroyed. She is about to run away when Ethan returns with a little electrical box that speaks in the blackmailers voice. It has been programmed to respond to particular words and phrases. Its an answer box that Crane Industries manufactures for childrens toys. He starts asking it questions, but it wont answer him because its only programmed to answer to her. She wont say anything and writes out in her day planner that she thinks it contains a bomb. Ethan remembers that he knows how to hack into the box and get all of its information out. Theresa starts to panic and shouts out. The box says little Ethan and big Ethan stares at her while she starts to shake.

Next on Passions:
Julian has an offer for a nurse.
Sheridan goes after Fancy for getting Luis arrested.
Whitney feels like she doesnt even know Chad anymore.
Spike has a plan to change he and Jessicas life.
Miguel taunts Fox.