fox shirtless on passions
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Miguel and Kay are making out in her bed as Fox trudges up the steps eager to hold her again. They begin making love and Kay remembers that shes married just as Fox walks in. He finds her in bed alone, startled to see him out of the hospital. He tell her that he cant subject himself to the barbaric treatments of Dr. Eve. As he climbs into bed with her, we can see Miguel hiding on the floor biting his tongue. Kay gets up from bed and tries to talk Fox into going through with the treatments. Miguel crawls into the closet to hide while Fox says that he needs to be a real man for her. Right now, he needs her to forget everything else and make love to him. Miguel opens the door to peek as Fox takes off his shirt and reveals the catheter port in his chest. Kay starts to kiss him and Miguel gets confused. Kay tries to tell Fox that hes not well enough for this, but he pulls her on top of him.

Whitney walks into Theresas office and finds that her friend has suddenly gone missing. Ethan follows her in. He hopes that Theresa hasnt gone to see Jared now that hes free to be with her. He knows that Theresa really wants him, not Jared, and cant wait to tell her the divorce is final. They keep chatting when Valerie walks in and asks them what theyre doing there. After making up some excuses, she tells them that she has no idea where Theresa is. No, really. I have no idea, she insists. Whitney and Ethan nod and sit down to wait. He gets tired of waiting and Whitney wishes him good luck as he rushes off. Whitney tells Valerie that Gwen is finally giving him a divorce. Valerie seems a little over-enthusiastic about the news. She goes on to tell Whitney that she and Vincent are getting serious and bring out the best in each other. It feels like theyve known each other all of their lives, but hes almost too perfect to be straight. They should double date sometime. Whitney starts talking about Chads attitude to gay people and how much it disturbs her, but decides that she may be being over-sensitive because of Simone.

Chad answers a knock at the door and finds an envelope waiting for him. Opening it, he discovers a DVD inside and slips it in. Its the video of him and his lover in bed. Suddenly, his lover appears on the screen. Its Vincent, asking him if he thought he could get rid of him so easily. Chad is horrified and his eyes start to dart back and forth. Vincent tells him that he can lie to himself all that he wants, but it wont do any good: Hes not taking it lying down anymore and soon, Whitney will set him free and hell come running back. If Chad doesnt come to him soon, hell show Whitney everything. Chad pulls out the disk and stomps on it. Whitney arrives home while he clutches the envelope in his hands. She starts to talk about going on a double date with Valerie and Vincent. He doesnt think thats a good idea. Theres a knock at the door. Its someone with Chads favorite flowers.

Theresa goes down by the water to meet the blackmailer. The blackmailer calls out to her while staying unseen. They start to taunt her; theyve been watching her for a long time and have seen how she uses people and treats them bad. The only people shes ever been good to are her family. She starts demanding to know who they are. Who knows? Maybe Im a relative... they laugh. Theresa doesnt want to chat anymore, she just wants to make a deal for the memory stick that holds all of her secrets. The blackmailer laughs. She doesnt have anything that they want; all of her money means nothing to them. She offers to get them whatever they want. They tell her that she is their puppet now. She has to leave Ethan alone. If she ever sees him again, her family will pay the ultimate price. This doesnt make sense to her and she wants to be a family with Ethan. The blackmailer says that she did something awful to them and is now in the way of what they want. Theresa tries to argue, but they insist that she finish with Ethan, who is all theirs, or they will make her life into nothing. In the distance, Ethan begins calling her name.

Someone in gloves slips a drug into Luis coffee while he drowses in the garden. He wakes up and starts to drink, believing that the rapist will never find them there. He paces around and tries to stay awake so that he can keep an eye out. Moments later, he falls asleep and dreams about being in bed with Fancy and telling her shes safe. He starts to say here name while the person in gloves breaks a twig over his head. Meanwhile, upstairs, a gas tube is fed under Fancys door while she sleeps. Dusting off their hands, someone in gloves starts to laugh. Soon, Fancy begins to cough and the tube is pulled out. Someone in gloves walks in with a jar of acid and approaches her. Luis barges in and wrestles the jar of acid from their hands. They run out, but some acid spills on Fancys legs as she wakes up.

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