Kay nestles up to Fox in his hospital bed before getting up to kiss him goodnight. The nurse arrives to insert a catheter into his chest. When she gets the drill out, he starts to cringe, but she insists that having a hole put in his chest wont hurt too much. Kay wants to stay and give him comfort, but he tells her to go home. When both women leave, he calls Julian for help. By the time he arrives, Fox has already had the catheter port drilled into his chest. This is getting way out of hand. If he is turned impotent by the treatments, he says, Kay will soon turn to Miguel for what she needs. Julian chuckles and realizes that things are more dire than he suspected. Fox can always try Viagra, he jokes. Fox isnt laughing. He starts getting dressed and wants to get out. Julian tells him that hes being rash. Its better than being impotent, Fox says as he walks out.

In Kays bedroom, Miguel sadly flips through a book of Kay and Maria photos while he wishes that he could prove that Fox is setting him up. Kay comes home and finds him in her room. He repeats all of his suspicions about Fox again and she still wont believe him. Shes tired of this conversation and asks him to leave. He grabs her and starts shouting in her face, demanding that she look in his eyes and tell him if he is really the sort of man who would run someone down. She pushes him away and tells him to leave her alone. He wont though and keeps begging her to say that she trusts him. She wont though: She loves Fox, but he deserves better than a wife who would cheat on him on their wedding night. Miguel says that their love is so rare and intense that they cant stop it. He put his arms around her. She keeps saying no but he pulls her into bed. As they tear off each others clothes, Fox arrives outside.

Theresa is pacing around her office. She called Whitney over for advice about whether she should go and visit the blackmailer alone. Whitney thinks thats a really bad idea, but Theresa doesnt think she has any choice: The blackmailer knows everything that she does ahead of time. She even had Valerie bring people in to search for bugs and they couldnt find anything. Whitney tells her to just marry Jared and get her brothers out, then drop Jared for Ethan. Theresa wants it over tonight and is willing to pay whatever she has to, but Whitney suspects that, if she caves now, it will never end. A message comes in from the blackmailer. Theyre dying to meet her and will only discuss what they want in person. They send her proof of little Ethans paternity and Theresa knows that she has to meet them: Its the only way. Whitney wont let her go through with this and threatens to tell Ethan everything. Theresa gives in to her friend, but the second that shes gone, she begins to question the choice, but another message comes in. This deal is only for tonight, come tomorrow, anything goes. She decides she has to go and rushes out of the room. We see the blackmailer with their long dark hair, dressed half in black leather, half in a red dress laughing and wondering what to wear.

Luis and Fancy arrive at the inn outside of town. He made sure that they werent followed and will keep a close eye on her. She loves him for everything hes tried to do for her, but she still believes that Sheridan is her attacker. If only she could have checked her arms for marks...She gets in her nightgown and Luis gets her dinner. After opening the window to let music in from the garden, they sit down to enjoy the meal. He remembered to get her all of her favorites and hopes that will make things easier. It does, she says, trying to relax. She cant relax though and keeps thinking of her aunt taunting her about not being able to give Luis what he needs. She asks him to dance, but when he touches her, she flashes back to the rape and recoils from him. She apologizes; she feels like a freak. But Luis insists that shes not and hes not going anywhere; he will be with her as long as it takes. He tucks her into bed and locks her in the room alone while he stays in the hall. After he leaves, she notices the flowers he left for her. She feels lucky to have him in her life and turns out the lights. Luis is outside keep an eye on things when a waiter arrives with coffee and cookies complements of your lady friend. Someone pours drugs into Luis coffee while he looks away. He sits down and begins to drink it as a gas tube is fed into Fancys room.

Chris walks in on a shirtless Sheridan. She covers herself up, but not in time to hide the scratches on her arm. He asks her where she got them. She says that she was playing with James. Playing what? Steel cage wrestling? No, she was teaching him to climb trees, she giggles. Chris seems unconvinced and she begins accusing him of believing Fancys stories. He points out that there was already cough medicine and she had no reason to go out. He cant figure out if she has a problem with Fancy or Luis. Hes only with her because he cant be with me. Im the one that he loves! she exclaims. She never stopped loving him and she never will. This is no great surprise to Chris, but what he cant understand is why shes so against Fancy. Sheridan repeats that theres no real evidence that Fancy was attacked and shes obviously unbalanced. Chris suggests that Sheridan may have been up to nasty things, jealousy can make people do strange things. Sheridan thanks god that at least Luis believes in her when her won husband doubts her. She storms off to sleep at the mansion. Luis wont be there! he calls out as she goes.

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