Ethan wanders around the hospital trying to figure out what Theresa is hiding from him. Close by, Whitney think that Theresa should tell Ethan the truth so that he can protect her. Jared already tried to protect her, she says. She wont put Ethan at risk like that. Ethan comes around the corner and overhears. He wants to know how shed be putting him at risk. Luckily for her, Jared gets wheeled in and interrupts an awkward moment. The orderly tells her that Jared was calling out for her. Jared mumbles that hes sorry, he tried. This feeds Ethans paranoia, but Tess goes into a cubicle to sit with her fianc. Ethan starts demanding that Whitney let him in on whats going on. She wants to tell him, but she cant.

Someone is watching a DVD of Chad and his lover. Meanwhile, Chad is hoping that his lover has taken the hint and left town. Now Whitney will never have to know. Chad rushes over to the hospital to see how Jared is doing. Whitney thought all of their bad times were over and wants things to go back to normal. He tells her that he loves her and she doesnt have to worry about anything. But even in his embrace, she keeps thinking of their argument before. She had no idea that he was so prejudiced; she wants to make it clear that she doesnt feel the same way at all. He doesnt even want to talk about it, so they talk about Jared. Whitneys worried that Theresa could be next, but Chad says that theyre just trying to scare her or shed already be dead.

Whitney and Chad go home just as Miles is coming back from his babysitter. Whitney introduces Chad to Kevin the babysitter and his partner Brian. Chad realizes that theyre a gay couple and one of them recognizes Chad, although hes not sure from where. Chad gets uncomfortable and says that it must be someone who looks like him. He takes Miles and walks away while Whitney makes excuses for his rudeness. They make a play date and leave. Chad says that she can scratch that. His son wont be friends with a kid thats got two daddies. Whitney doesnt understand where all of this hostility is coming from; she doesnt like it. Chad remembers hanging out in a gay bar and seeing the one of the men who were just there.

In the hospital cubicle, Tess sits beside Jared and blames herself for what happened. He tells her that hed do anything for her and will try again as soon as hes out. He also tells her that hes pretty sure he was shot by a woman. She tells him not to worry. Ethan eavesdrops on the whole conversation and tries to figure out whats going on. When she gets up, he confronts her and insists that hes involved in all of this already. They were just about to get together when she suddenly get engaged to Jared; they cant let this secret keep them from finally being together. Theresas eyes water when he tells her to have faith in him. As she opens her mouth, she gets a call. Her blackmailer tells her not to tell Ethan anything. If she does, her brothers will go to prison and worse will happen to Ethan. When Ethan asks again, she refuses to tell him and says that nothing in her life concerns him anymore. She stomps away, but when shes alone, she mournfully wonders how this blackmailer can know her every move.

Tess returns to Jareds side and Vincent appears. She asks him how he knew that Jared had been shot. He was contacted by the people who did it. They want to have a meeting with her and make a deal, but she has to show up alone and cant send anyone in her place. If she does, then she and little Ethans father would be at serious risk. Vincent tells her that she shouldnt go, but she has already decided that she is going. Meanwhile, at the office, Ethan receives the divorce papers from Gwen. The marriage is officially over.

Fancy and Luis walk into Sheridans cottage. Chris is there alone. He thought Sheridan was sleeping, but shes vanished. They ask him to look around for her. Chris hopes they have a good explanation for this. After checking, he finds that shes gone, just as Fancy suspected.
Meanwhile, Sheridan drives through the night thinking about making love with Luis. She has scratches and bruises all over her arm. She pulls up to the cottage and walks in to find them all waiting for her. Chris asks her where shes been in the middle of the night. She says that she went to the pharmacy to get cough medicine. James walks out coughing and Sheridan takes him away to medicate him. So she was telling the truth, Luis says glumly. Or not, Fancy adds glibly. After Sheridan puts James to bed, she comes back out and asks why they are there in the middle of the night. They explain that Fancy was jumped in the parking lot by a woman. Sheridan acts concerned, but Fancy says that shes ducky. Fancy adds that her attacker had spiked heels and she scratched her up. Sheridan realizes that they are there because they suspect her. Luis wont say anything, but Fancy starts to demand to examine Sheridans arm to see if there are scratches. Sheridan thinks that her niece is having a mental breakdown and wont go along with her sick fantasies. She goes on to explain all of their other theories to Chris and he starts to wonder if they are crazy. Fancy starts shouting and demanding to examine Sheridan, but Luis wont force it. Fancy cant take it and goes out for air. Luis begins apologizing and Sheridan says that Fancy seems to be regressing to when she was younger. There was a time when bad things happened and everyone blamed Pretty, but she always wondered if it was really Fancy.

Sheridan goes to make tea and Luis looks outside at Fancy standing in the cold. Chris goes into the medicine cabinet and discovers that they already had cough syrup. So why did Sheridan go out? Back in the living room, Chris, Sheridan and Luis all sit and drink tea. They leave Fancy outside and Luis says that he wants to take her to the new inn out of town. Sheridan says that shes glad that Fancy has someone like him to look after her. Luis goes out to Fancy and tells her that shes been through a lot and needs some rest. He doesnt think that its possible that Sheridan attacked her. The two of them should go away for a few days. She smiles and agrees, but it wont change her mind about aunt Sheridan. Meanwhile, Chris glimpses Sheridan undressing in the bathroom and sees scratches on her arm. He thinks of what Fancy said.

Next on Passions:
Sheridan accuses Chris of siding with Fancy.
Fancy cant let Luis touch her.
Theresa needs to meet the blackmailer.