In Foxs hospital room, Eve explains that poisoning a tumor is like hitting a pin with a sledgehammer. Hell lose sleep, hair and become impotent. Fox is horrified. Eve tells him to look on the bright side: He might get a little more time. This is too much for him. Hes not going to go impotent for anything and starts tearing his way out of bed. Julian tries to calm him down by telling him that impotency must be unsettling for a newlywed. Fox wants all his parts in working order while hes still alive. Eve repeats that these brutal treatments are the only thing that will give him more time with Kay. Eve leaves and Kay tells Fox that they have love and thats all they need. Fox would rather have quality time. She wants him to live long enough that Maria can have some clear memories of her and he has to do everything possible to make that happen. She kisses him goodnight and goes. Julian sits down to ponder this interesting predicament, but to Fox its more of a serious shortcoming. Fox doesnt want his manhood turned off. Julian tells him that his mother does that to him all the time.

Miguel watches through the window. The fact that Fox wants to refuse treatment is proof that hes faking it. When Kay walks out, he grabs her. He tells her that her troubles are over now. Fox will scheme to find a way out fo his lies, or hell die. If youre mother could hear you now... Kay wonders, shaking her head. She tells him to actually do something useful and take Maria home so that she can stay with her husband. Going back into the room, she tells Fox that she will stay there all night with him. I would do anything to make you feel better, she says. Anything? Julian leaves to give them some privacy and Kay lays in bed next to Fox. She just wants to listen to the beat of his heart, but he can only think about impotency. We have true love, thats all we need, she says but he just stares blankly.

While Miguel is wheeling Maria out, he stops Eve to ask her if Fox is really ill. She insists that he is and tells him to stop harassing a dying man. He tells Maria that hell be back with mommy soon. Julian listens in. Over my dead body Miguel. A Crane never shares his toys, he says to himself.

At the mansion, Sheridan tells Fancy to stop shouting at her. Fancy says that a woman attacked her, but Sheridan is baffled because the rape kit showed that semen was found inside Fancy. Could it be a team? Sheridan asks, arching her eyebrows. This thought has never occurred to Luis and Fancy, but it would explain a lot. But if there are two of them, that means it will be twice as difficult to nail them, he worries. Suddenly, Theresa calls to say that Jared has been shot. Luis wants to rush down and Sheridan wants to go with him. He doesnt think thats a good idea, so she reminds him that hes on suspension. He believes that, if he can solve this, he might be reinstated and talks her out of going. Fancy is excited to go and they run off.

By the water, Jessica is feeling like a pathetic loser who no one will ever love. A masked figure comes at her and she begins screaming. Simone calls Paloma to come down while she runs to her friends aid. Noah and Paloma quickly appear and find Simone, but Jessica is nowhere to be seen. Simone tells them that Jessica was hooking again and she never should have left her alone. The peeper looks around a corner, brandishing a shiny new razor and saying that its too late, Jessica will never be the same now. Jessicas three friends run around the waterfront shouting her name without luck. They start to wonder if she jumped in the water when they hear a thumping sound. Its Jessica wearing red shoes and stumbling around. She falls into Noahs arms and then onto the ground saying its a man, its a woman, man woman, man woman... She notices her pretty red shoes and Simone wonders where they came from. They find cocaine on her, likely laced with something else, and rush her to the hospital as a maniacal laughter start up from an unseen spectator.

At home, Chad is in bed thinking about breaking up with his lover. He just hopes that his lover will stop coming after him. Whitney almost catches him talking to himself and climbs into bed with him. She asks him whats bothering him. He showers her with compliments. Shes happy that they arent like Theresa and Ethan. He promises her that no one will ever come between them. They start making out when theres a knock at the door. When Chad answers it, Ethan walks in. He needs to talk about Theresa choosing Jared. This doesnt make any sense to him and Whitney isnt helping. Whitney gets a call from Theresa and they leave fro the hospital. Chad stays at home and prays to God that his lover will leave him alone now.

Theresa talks to bloody Jared in the alley. The ambulance arrives while she tells him to hang on. They rush him to the hospital. Fancy and Luis arrive forthwith and start asking her questions. Seconds later, Ethan and Whitney arrive and she tells them what happened. Whitney asks if this has something to do with Jareds investigation, but Theresa wont say, not to anyone. Luis tells her that shes making a mistake by not cooperating with the police. Whitney takes her friend aside and tells her that she has to tell the truth about everything right now. Jareds been shot and you could be next. But Theresa wont listen, she has to look out for her family. Besides, the blackmailer could have easily killed her in the alley, but didnt.

Ethan asks Luis what is wrong with his sister. He has no idea, but Ethan has realized that something strange is going on. Fancy walks away to make some calls and the two men talk about how amazing she is. Ethan wont rest until he finds out what Theresa is hiding. When Fancy walks out of the building, the peeper grabs her. She bites its hand, elbows them and smashes them against the car before they buck her off onto the ground. Luis runs out as the attacker drives away. She says that they are doing things her way this time: They should drive to Sheridans cottage. Luis isnt sure, but she wont let him think it over. When they arrive, they wake Chris up and he tells them that Sheridan isnt there.

Next on Passions:
Theresa is with Jared, but Ethan still loves her.
Sheridan comes home to be confronted by Fancy.
A strange man recognizes Chad.