In the street, Jessica wants to go and find Kay and tell her that she saw the Charity imposter. Spike isnt about to let her do that and grabs hold of her arm while he draws his knife. He remembers that Julian made him promise to make Jessica keep her mouth shut. Jessica asks why he cares so much about Kay. He says that, after the things that Kays been up to, shes a girl after his own heart. Jessica thinks that her sister deserves a man that doesnt lie to her. He tries to convince her that telling Kay the truth now would only turn her against her even more. She should never ever meddle. He puts his knife away and Jessica tries to walk away. He grabs her and slaps her face. Youre my wife, you do as I tell you. They dont have any money so she needs to go back to work. She protests, but he says that its a good season for sailors. He takes her down to the wharf and hands her off to a longshoreman while he counts the money and licks his lips.

At the hospital, Julian finds Miguel watching Kay and Fox. As Kay kisses her husband better, Julian suggests that Kay has other things on her mind than Miguel. The married couple hold hands and Fox says that he could never have made it through this if he didnt know in his heart that she was waiting for him. Miguel is sick of watching this. Julian reminds him that hell be on trial soon and the jury always decides the way the Crane family wishes. Eve walks down the hall and into Foxs room to check on him. Kay leaves and Fox asks her to bring Maria back for a visit.

At home, Tabitha is trying to get her bowl to show her the evil in town, but its staying murky. Shes angry that someone else is up to no good when its her job. When she find out who it is, shell give them a witch slap up the side of the head. After telling her bowl off, it starts shooting out steam. Miguel walks in as she talks to the bowl. She magically fills it with potato salad when he asks her what shes doing. A dog starts barking and Tabitha asks him why he isnt in jail. He asks her if she believes that hes innocent. She does, adding that more than a love triangle has gone awry in Harmony. Kay returns home and Miguel starts grabbing at her and telling her that he had nothing to do with the accident. Kay says that hes going to prison and she should probably go too for committing adultery on her wedding night. They run off and Tabitha starts quoting Alice in Wonderland. Looking in her bowl again, she still cant figure out if the attacker is a man or a woman.

Back at the hospital, Eve is surprised that Fox is recovering so quickly. He wants to get out, but she says that he cant go anywhere until they go through all of the treatments. These treatments arent easy and have nasty side effects like extreme discomfort and pain. Julian and Fox start to worry. Julian suggests that they should go to Switzerland and do the treatments there, but Eve wont hear of it. But its so restful in Switzerland, Fox mutters. He decides that Kay shouldnt be around to watch while he goes through the treatment, but Eve says their presence will give him the strength he needs. She leaves him a brochure and he tries to get out of bed, but his father stops him. Kay and Maria arrive for a visit and Miguel stands in the doorway watching. Eve soon returns and says the treatments can start tomorrow. Julian and Fox try to smile. Eve explains that poisoning a tumor is like hitting a pin with a sledgehammer. Hell lose sleep, hair and become impotent. Fox is horrified. Kay looks through the glass while Miguel continues to stare at her.

At the mansion, Sheridan tells her niece that she isnt making any sense, but Fancy is sure that she is the rapist. Luis walks in and Fancy starts pointing her finger at Sheridan and calling her the attacker. This sounds impossible to Luis and he insists to Fancy that her aunt loves her. But Fancy says that Sheridan is her fathers daughter and she is doing this just to keep them apart. Sheridan starts to breathe deep before saying that she already has everything she could ever want and Fancy is being hateful. Luis tries to comfort Sheridan, this makes Fancy gasp and accuse her aunt of being a predator. Sheridan turns around and points out that shes been supportive of Fancys relationship with Luis since the beginning and she loves her just like an aunt should. Luis cant argue with this, but Fancy says her aunt is two-faced. Sheridan and Luis start saying that Fancy is just suffering from post traumatic stress. Fancy admits that she finds it hard to accept that a woman could do this to another woman but...some woman did.

Theresa mopes around her office upset about all the people she is hurting. Another message pops up on her computer. It tells her that she is already paying for not doing what shes been asked. An address pops up on the screen. (It is for the alleyway where Jared was shot.) The letters turn to blood and fall away. Someone you love is dying to see you, It tells her. She gets up and runs.

The shooter kicks at Jared in some hit red high heels and starts to laugh before lighting a menthol cigarette. Finishing the cigarette, they drop it into the snow and apply their lipstick. Theresa starts down the alley and they run off. She begins demanding that they show themselves to her. She gets within a few feet of the shooter before slipping in Jareds blood and falling beside his body. She starts to shake the body and prays that its not Ethan. My Theresa, you do have a one track mind, It says. Eventually, Theresa realizes that its actually Jared. She starts to scream again as It gets up and runs from the scene. Finally, she calls an ambulance.

Simone goes down the wharf. She doesnt think that she can go on without Rae. Standing on the edge, ready to jump, she pulls away and falls on her knees shouting Raes name. Suddenly, she hears Jessica screaming and rushes to help her. Finding her friend being attacked by a longshoreman, Simone clobbers him with a giant piece of wood and he runs off. Jessica tells her that was a mistake. Simone doesnt even know why she bothers anymore; she cant save anyone. She tells Jessica that Rae was murdered by Luis. Simone wishes that Jessica would wake up and change. Youre so damn lucky, but youre too damned stupid to know it, she says. Jessica says that shes sorry, but Simone walks away from her. Simone cant deal with this right now so she calls Paloma to come and get Jessica. Meanwhile, the peeper surprises Jessica and she begins screaming.

Next on Passions:
The peeper has plans for Theresa.
Whitney thinks that Theresa could be next.
Ethan realizes that something strange is going on.