At the motel, Chad gets out of the shower as his lover crawls back into bed. He announces again that he only came to prove it was the end. What we have is amazing, but Im not gay. I love Whitney, he explains as he sits on the bed. The only love he knows is that between a man and a woman. Two people of the same gender just cant have the same love, he claims, and since sex isnt enough anymore, it has to end. His lover is giving him the silent treatment, but that doesnt stop him from throwing a shoe at the TV. Chad tells him that he should leave Harmony: He cant give him what he wants and no one can find out about this. Chad asks his lover if they can just make a clean break and never see each other again. He walks out and the lover unveils the video camera he was using to tape their encounter.

Simone walks into the empty funeral home and approaches Raes open casket. She has to stop herself from crying so that she can say goodbye. How can you be here and gone at the same time? she asks. As Simone starts to blame herself for everything, she hears Raes voice and imagines her lover standing before her. Rae tells her that, even though shes dead, she will always be with her in spirit and she must go on without her. Simone cries and embraces her, begging her not to leave. Rae tells her that she is stronger than she thinks and will have to move on; she will have love again. She kisses her goodbye, but promises to always watch over her. Once she has vanished, Simone starts to weep over the casket.

At the mansion, Sheridan tries to slap some sense into Fancys selfish head. Slapping her again, she barks that she is bad for Luis and it is making her crazy. Aunt Sheridan reminds her niece that she and Luis have shared lifetimes of love and Luis always ended up suffering because of her. Now, Fancy is the one tormenting him and, if she loves him like she says, she has to get out of his life. Fancy is getting sick of these mind games and tells Sheridan to go back to her husband; she can give Luis all the love that she needs. Sheridan grabs Fancy and puts her arms around her. You cant stand to be cant give Luis all the love that he needs, she maniacally taunts as Fancy squirms in her arms. How can you make love when you cant stand to be hugged? Sheridan ask, but Fancy feels like shes being held hostage. Sheridan keeps gripping her and attacking her for not being able to give Luis pleasure. She tells her nice to go to Europe, hook up with Esme, get some therapy and a soccer player or a prince. But Fancy doesnt want a soccer player or a prince; she just wants Luis. With you gone, there is no crime: Luis will not stand trial. Leave Harmony, Sheridan demands. Fancy struggles loose and says her aunt is acting like a woman possessed. She cant believe how strong she is, she fights like a man. Fancy then reveals that shes discovered that the person who attacked her could have been a woman. As she explains her theory, she realizes that she is staring at the most obvious suspect. The woman is you Aunt Sheridan, she gasps. Sheridan thinks that this is all crazy, but Fancy is sure that its the truth. Sheridan narrows her eyes.

Luis walks in on Theresa kissing Jared while Ethan and Whitney stares. Theresa announces that shes engaged. She says that its wonderful, Ethan is less enthusiastic. Luis hugs his little sister who still believes that, as soon as she gets her brothers off, shell drop Jared and get together with Ethan. Jared tries to break the ice, but Ethans seen enough and walks out. Jared tells Tess that hell do his best to take care of the blackmailer. He leaves the girls to do girlie things until he gets back. Whitney asks her friend why she would do this. It doesnt take much to figure out that shes only doing it to protect her brothers. Tess cant understand why something always has to come between her and Ethan. Whitney gets a message from Simone asking her to meet at the funeral home. The friends hug and Whitney goes off, leaving Theresa to think about her decision. She hopes that Ethan will forgive her.

Luis and Ethan go down to his office. Neither of them can understand why Theresa just chose to marry Jared when she could finally be with him. Changing the subject, Luis starts to talk about how he is being set up. If he doesnt get cleared, he wont only go to jail, hell lose Fancy too. Ethan has already assembled a legal team to go over all the evidence. If this drags on too long, something unforseen might happen, Ethan says. They start talking about Theresa and Jared again. Ethan tells Luis that Whitney told him Theresa feels like she can only be around people that she trusts right now. Luis doesnt like the sound of that and decides he should go talk to his sister. Later, Chad arrives and Ethan tells him about the happy couples engagement plans. Chad tells him that theres nothing he can do now. Ethan has other ideas though and, to Chad, this sounds like hes planning to kill Jared. That is an option that Ethan is taking seriously. Whitney calls and asks Chad to come down and help out with Simone,. Before he leaves, he asks Ethan to chill out, but Ethan repeats that he would kill Jared before he lets him hurt Theresa and her kids.

Outside, Jared calls on his cell for a favor from his dangerous old friends. He needs them to find the memory stick. After he hangs up he says Tess, I hope you know how much I love you because I just signed a deal with the devil. He soon gets a call back and makes an appointment to meet up with his contact. He makes his way to an alleyway where someone with a raspy voices waits for him. After asking for the memory stick, the mysterious figure takes out a gun and shoots him in the stomach. After Jared collapses in the snow, his attacker draws closer for another shot.

Theresa looks at the engagement ring and hopes that Jared finds the blackmailer before she actually has to marry him. She gets another threat on her phone and throws it against the wall as Luis walks in. He guesses that shes having trouble. She tries to tell him that its just business. He only came back to talk about her sudden decision to be with Jared; he doesnt want her to look back and regret this decision. She wont take love advice from him and she believes that the Cranes are cursed. Luis cant believe that though for, if he did, he would have no hope. She admits that theres still a chance that she could be with Ethan. He smiles and goes off to find Fancy. Theresa picks up a photo of Ethan with his son. She hates that she cant tell him the truth.

Chad arrives at the funeral home. He and Whitney watch Simone at the casket from a distance. He says that he wouldnt call what Simone and Rae had love. He gets that Simones sad, but a couple of the same sex cant love each other. Whitneys startled by this sudden homophobia, but he keeps insisting that two men can love having sex with each other, but cant love each other. Whitney disagrees and cant see how he doesnt understand that Simone and Rae were in love. Because, he blurts out, but cant finish his sentence. If I loved the guy I was having sex with, that would make me gay and Im not. I just like being with a man, he thinks to himself.

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Fancy tells Luis that Sheridan is the rapist.
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