At the hospital, Paloma has walked in one Julian and Fox talking about their plot. She came to get his statement but, from what she heard, it might not be necessary. She begins to question him, though he can only speak in a whisper. Hes sorry to tell her that her brother, Miguel, drove him down and left him for dead. Julian tells Paloma to tell the DA to throw the book at Miguel.

In the corridor, Miguel continues to claim that hes innocent, but Kay now believes that he is a monster. Shes sick of his conspiracy theories; no one had more to gain from getting Fox out of the way than him. He tells her that Fox will likely get a miracle cure as soon as hes in prison. Kay doesnt listen; she is starting to blame herself for everything. He repeats that he only wants to be with her and Maria; hes a victim of impersonators. She needs to listen to her heart. But Kay wont believe him this time; hes lied to her too many times and demands that he leave her alone. She walks away as Paloma comes out. He starts telling her that hes being set up. Miguel and Julian overhear this and are happy to see Miguel is losing everything. Kay comes into Foxs room with food and he asks her how Maria is and tells her that theyll be together for the rest of their lives.

At home, Chris is tired of indulging Sheridans obsession with Luis. He wont let her go out to see him. He asks her to come back to bed with him where she belongs. Unable to believe what he just said, she asks him if thats an order. His attitude is incomprehensible to her, but he points out how she always goes out of her way to be around Luis. After making some convoluted excuses, he tells her that if she was any more lame, shed need crutches. Thats not very nice, she pouts. He needs her to forget about Luis and remember that hes her husband. Luis has moved on and doesnt need her holding his hand, he adds. Their marriage should be more important than her friendship with another man. She realizes that hes too close to the truth and needs to distract him, so she tells him how much she loves him and jumps in bed with him. After sex, Chris falls asleep and Sheridan checks the news. It is announced that Luis is now the prime suspect in Raes murder. She gets dressed and sneaks out.

At the police station, Luis and Fancy tell Sam about their hypnosis session. This aggravates Sam. They just tainted evidence against their own investigation and used a doctor with a bad reputation to do it. Luis says that at least now they know that a woman might be involved. Sam thinks that this is insane, but Fancy backs him up, even though she doesnt know how a woman could have violated her. They go over the evidence again and cant come up with a consistent explanation for anything beyond Luis being guilty. Fancy isnt scared of the DA if this goes to trial. Sam plays the DA and questions her unsentimentally. She breaks down and admits that there is no reason to believe that Luis didnt attack her beyond the fact that they are in love. He goes over all the other evidence, that Luis was her instructor and fraternized with her though they were reprimanded for it, that they made a porn tape together etc.. Luis stops the interrogation. He knows how bad it looks. Fancy apologizes to him; she feels like shes ruined his life. He tells her that shes not responsible and hell prove his innocence. Shes tired and just wants to go home.

When Fancy gets home, she starts to drink and wonder if things really can get better. Sheridan walks in and tells her that she just saw the news. Fancy isnt sure what shes talking about so her aunt smacks her and accuses her of ruining Luis life.

Outside of Theresas office, Ethan continues to badger Whitney for information about Theresas secret. Whitney wont say anything other than that Theresa is in a situation where even all the Crane money and power wont protect her. Like usual, Ethan has no idea what this means.

In her office, Jared begs Theresa to trust him. He wants to help her, she doesnt need Vincent. Surprisingly, she comes right out and tells him that shes being blackmailed. The person in the mask watches and shakes their head. Too late Tess, its all over for you. Tess tells Jared that there is nothing he can do; she just has to go along with things. But, if she had JTs flashdrive, she could erase her secrets. Jared says that he will track it down and stop the blackmail so that he can prove how devoted he is. He needs to know her secret first though. She tells him that she cant marry him now that Ethan is available. Suddenly, Ethan storms into the room demanding to know why she just sent him a text message saying that he is little Ethans father. With her jaw dropped, Theresa cant answer and Whitney runs in to say that chaos has broken out throughout the building. Everyone believes that Theresa is no longer head of Crane Industries. Ethan takes this as proof that the text message is true and this must have been what she learned in Rome. She starts to shout at her absent blackmailer and everyone starts to think that shes lost her mind. But all of this was just in her imagination. Jared touches her shoulder and she snaps out of it. He promises to help her and they embrace just as Ethan walks in and demands to know what theyre doing. Jared tells him that Tess is taking him back. Shes about to answer when she gets a text message from the blackmailer threatening her again. They ask her what the message is. She says that theres something she has to tell Ethan: Shes marrying Jared after all. She puts on her ring and kisses Jared while Ethan and Whitney are utterly flummoxed.

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