At the police station, Fancy and Luis still cant figure out how so much evidence could have been planted against him. Fancy is afraid to be positive about anything; every time things seem to be going well, things go wrong. Sam brings the suspect out and tells them that the evidence against him is falling apart. He explains that the lab results dont go with any of the samples from any of the attacks. Also, the suspect was in jail every time that Fancy was attacked. None of this makes sense to Luis and he starts spinning crazy theories before Sam stops him. This is all disturbing for Fancy and she becomes uncomfortable. Luis insists again that he would never hurt her. She reassures him; he seems to need to be convinced. Then Luis and Sam start to question the suspect, but he says that they dont need to talk to him, they already have Luis. He accuses Luis of impersonating him so that he can live out his own sick fantasies. Sams heard enough and takes the suspect back to the cells. Fancys upset. Luis tells her that he never wants to see that look of fear in her eyes again. Sam returns and sits down with them. He says that they keep making it easier for the DA to get a conviction.

Watching TV in bed, Chris and Sheridan discover that a suspect has been captured in Fancys case. Chris is happy that Luis and Fancy can finally move on now. He never thought that Luis was really guilty. Sheridan seems less sure, but, of course, says that Luis is the kindest, gentlest man shes ever known. Chris somehow doubts she talks about him like that when hes not around. He suggests that they go on vacation and spend some time together. She finds it tempting, but her family is in crises and they need her. Chris suspects that she just doesnt want to go because of Luis situation. Holding his hand, she reminds him that she chose him and not Luis. Turning the TV back on, they get an update which says that the suspect has been cleared and Luis is the prime suspect again. Sheridan jumps out of bed to get dressed and go to her former lover. Youll go to Luis over my dead body, Chris tells her.

Ethan is annoyed to find Jared wandering the hallways on his way to Theresas office. He thought that things were clear: Theresa took off the engagement ring and he should have impressed him enough with his punches to make him leave. Jared wont take the hint; he is still sure that Tess still loves him. Ethan doesnt trust him, but Jared points out that Tess should be protected from him; its Ethan who has been using and lying to women for years, destroying their lives in the process. Maybe you should learn how to treat her yourself, Jared taunts him. Ethan gets a text message and walks away, but there is no answer when he tries calling.

Whitney is shocked that a rat just ran out of the room. Another message appears on Theresas computer. It tells her that she will never have Ethan and, if she tries to get him. her secret will be revealed and her brothers will go to jail. This is all too eerie fro Whitney and she has no idea what to do. Someone is out to get her. Whose out to destroy you Mrs. Crane? asks Vincent as he walks into the room. He used the secret back entrance that Theresa told him about. He wonders why hes been summoned here by her. She tells him that she needs him to find JTs memory stick. Before she gives him any more details, she reminds him that, if he crosses her, she will crush him. She hands him an envelope full of money just as Jared walks through the door. Hes shocked to see her hiring a creep and, after a few threats, pushes him out to the elevator. Whitney excuses herself while Jared asks for an explanation: He wants to help and needs her to tell him everything. All the while, they are being spied on only a few feet away.

As Whitney starts to leave, she runs into Ethan. Hes concerned to see the tabloid reporter with Theresa. Combined with all of her strange behavior lately, hes becoming very concerned about her. She asks him if hes done with Gwen. He is, but now Theresa seems to have something else in mind. He begs her to tell him what Theresa has been trying to tell him for weeks.

At the hospital, Miguel tries convincing Paloma that he didnt run Fox down; the evidence is overwhelming though. Hes sure that Fox and Julian are framing him. Meanwhile, in Foxs room, Kay blames herself for everything that happened. Fox tells her that its not her fault. Now, she believes that Miguel must have just snapped when she actually got married. Julian sends Kay out to get some food for Fox. Alone, Fox confesses to his father that he did ask Spike to run him down, but didnt expect this. Julian tells him that Kay seems sure that Miguel is really guilty now and he had Dr. Gasparro come in and prove that he had a terminal illness. Fox loves Kay enough that this has all been worth it. Miguel should be sent away for a long time. If no one finds out what weve done, Fox says as Paloma walks in. They stare at her, she says that she came to take his statement, but, from what shes heard, it might not be necessary. Simultaneously, in the hallway, Miguel is trying to convince Kay that its all a set up. Shes sick of hearing this and slaps him. She is now sure that he is the one that tries to kill Fox.

Next on Passions:
Chris tells Sheridan that its time for her to start remembering that hes her husband.
Sam thinks that Luis could be spending the rest of his life behind bars.
Theresa starts to lash out at her blackmailer.