Kay rushes into the hospital. A nurse tells her that Fox has flatlined. She remembers Tabithas warning that someone would die tonight and starts to panic. Miguel arrives and uses the opportunity to try and comfort her. Ivy and Julian follow quickly behind and Ivy starts to tear into Kay for betraying Fox while hes on his death bed. Julian tells Miguel that he is being callous and disrespectful simply by showing in this situation. Kay asks Miguel to leave, but Ivy and Julian have to badger him before he does. Doctors are called into Foxs room and Ivy clings to her ex-husband with worry.

Ivy, wearing her rather fetching Valentines outfit, begins threatening Kay again for betraying her son and putting him on his death bed. Julian promises that he wont let their son die. He remembers Spike telling him that he ran Fox down because thats what he wanted. If Fox dies, so will you Spike, Julian promises to himself. Some nurses stream out of Foxs room and inform them that Fox is still alive, but is critical. Ivy stops Kay from going in until she tells her that she has to make Fox believe that she loves him and will never leave him; that is the only way that he will get better. Kay enters and sits by Foxs side. She tells him that she loves him and knows that he only wanted to make her and Maria happy. She just wants the chance to make things up to him. I need you, she says tearfully as Foxs fingers begin to move and he wakes up. Julian and Ivy rush over to the bed. Fox remembers being run down. Did you see who was driving the car? After a long pause, Fox says that it was Miguel. Ivy stomps off to call the DA and Kay tries to suppress her mixed feelings.

Pilar is doing her house cleaning when Miguel arrives. She sits down and he tells her his theory about the imposters again. He thought that he had evidence again, but Jessica refused to back him up. Kay must think that he really is guilty now. While Miguel still thinks that Fox is an arrogant jerk, he didnt try to kill him. Kay will likely never believe all of his far-fetched stories though. Nevertheless, they are both certain that the Cranes are behind all of this. His mother blames herself for all of this and calls the hospital fro an update on Foxs condition.

At the wharf, Noah thinks Paloma is amazing. Hes just watched her take a creep out single-handed. She holds her gun at the mans head while Fancy and Luis rush over. Luis grabs the guy and starts threatening him before pulling him up and yanking off his mask. He needs Fancy to ID the guy, but she cant say for sure. Luis gets set to arrest the man, but his sister reminds him that he is still under suspension. She begins to search the suspect and finds a roll of duct tape in his pants. They also discover a phone full of photos of women. Luis tells him that hed better find a good lawyer and starts to smile, believing that hes finally solved his problems. He tells his sister to read the perp his rights.

They take the suspect down to headquarters. Paloma hopes that the charges against Luis can be dropped now. Fancy is upset and goes off to powder her nose. Luis takes the evidence down to the evidence room. Paloma seems worn out. Noah tells her that she did a great job and she tells him that she knows how to take care of herself. He still seems to think of her as a kid though and she is furious. He tries to explain himself; he just means that he wants to protect her, he cares about her. Smiling, she admits that cares about him too and they kiss.

Luis gives Fancy some coffee. She is glad that this is over; it was just weird to look into the eyes of the man who hurt her. He takes her hand and tells her that he wants them to get back to where they were before all of this stuff happened. The worst part is over, he assures her. She hopes hes right. Meanwhile, the peeper sits at a desk, opens up a computer file called secrets and starts to laugh.

In her office, Theresa explains to Whitney how hiring Vincent, the reporter, is the surest way to keep tabs on all of her enemies. Right now, the blackmailer is backing her into a corner and shell have to play along until she finds a way out. Suddenly, a message arrives on her computer. Its a video message from a figure clad entirely in black saying, I know what youre doing Theresa. Youre hiring someone to try and find me, but youre wasting your time. Youll never track me down and youll never stop me either. They have no idea what this is. Theresa isnt even sure its a man, but Whitney says they have a mans hand. How could they have found out her plans already? We see someone looking through a secret hole in the wall. Now, Theresa notices that the other hand of the person in the video is a womans hand. This makes them really confused. Theresa sends back a threatening note to her/him/it. It laughs and tells her that there is nothing the Crane money and power can do. The phone starts ringing and Theresa gets paranoid. She refuses to answer, but it wont stop ringing. She gets another message telling her to pick up the phone. She finally does and demands to know who she is speaking to. The only thing that It will tell her is that Ethan will hate her and she should check her email to see what the future holds. Although she and Whitney are freaked out, they open the email anyway and find a picture of Ethan and Gwen smiling with the children. It comes back on screen with a rat in Its hands and tells her that she will lose again. Suddenly, a rat runs across the floor of the room.

Next on Passions:
Ethan asks Whitney if Theresa is in some kind of trouble.
Luis continues to insist that he would never hurt Fancy.
Kay slaps Miguel.