Kay bumps into Paloma at the Blue Note and can barely believe how grown up she looks. Shes heard that her and Noah have been getting close. Paloma blushes and says that shes trying to convince him that hes not too old for her. Shes always believed in fairytales growing up, but all of the couples around her are having a terrible time. They start talking about Miguel and, no matter how much Kay wishes she could believe he is innocent, shes seen proof that he was with Charity. Until she finds proof to the contrary, shell stay with Fox. Julian has been listening from behind a palm leaf and realizes that he needs to spring into action.

At the crummy diner, Jessica keeps getting drunk while Miguel tries to talk her down. Suddenly, she spots the Charity impersonator and they both get excited. They chase her out of the diner until Miguel grabs a blond woman in the street. She turns out not to be Charity, fake or real. He needs Jessica to come with him and tell Kay what she saw before. She refuses to go to the Blue Note so he gives her money to wait in the diner while he runs off to get Kay. Alone, she starts drinking again so that she can live with herself. Fake Charity meanwhile runs off to call Julian.

Julian arrives at the diner and finds Jessica sitting alone. He sits beside her and tells her that hes sorry about her mother; she must hate Kay so much. He asks her to imagine how wonderful her life could have been if her mother hadnt left, but instead Kay is the one with all the happiness. My my...your life would have been so different... He orders a meal and they share wine while he talks about how unfair things have been for her.

Miguel suddenly arrives to announce that he has the proof that she saw imposters and not he and Charity. He tells her that he found the Charity impersonator and she ran away; Julian must be behind this since Fox is in coma. He and Kay go off to the diner together to see Jessica. When they walk into the diner, Kay exclaims: Oh my god!

Ethan walks to the Blue Note and finds Jared standing outside the door. Jared wants to go in and celebrate Valentines Day with Tess. Ethan reminds him that he already walked out on her and shes not going back now. Jareds done more than enough to hurt Theresa, Ethan says. Now its time to leave her alone because shell never be happy with him. Theresa gets to decide who she wants to spend the rest of her life with, Jared answers before he rants about all the things about Ethan that make him sick. He thinks that Ethan is just playing a cruel game with Tess to keep her in a constant state of confusion. If she wants you so bad, wheres the engagement ring you gave her? Ethan taunts him. They start to wrestle and punch each other into the snow and concrete. Whitney comes put and stops them. Jared accuses Ethan of just being worried that Tess will finally pick him.

Pilar and Theresa try to figure out how Gwen could have discovered her secret. They both suspect that Julian is behind everything and is as evil as his father. Even worse, Gwen now seems interested in Ethan again and Theresa may not be able to wait around like shed planned. They decide that they had better hunt down Rebecca and get more information. They find her wandering around the club in her token scarlet outfit and start to grill her. Rebecca really has no idea what theyre talking about, but she lets them go on. Pilar comes to realize that Rebecca isnt just playing stupid and stops her daughter from continuing. As soon as they walk away, Rebecca calls Gwen, who has no idea what shes talking about when she explains the situation. If you didnt send the text message, who did? Gwen doesnt care shes done with this and the divorce papers are on the way. Rebecca still wont give up. Someone knows Theresas secret and she will get it. Looking back, Pilar says that Rebecca was just fishing for information, maybe neither she nor Gwen had anything to do with the message Theresa received. Theresa remembers that the only way that someone could know her secret was if they read the letter she wrote to Ethan. A few feet away, the rapist peers out from a plant. I know who it is Theresa, they growl.

Simone is on the floor crying with Raes dead body in her arms. Luis strides off to call Sam while Fancy starts asking Simone for more information. Whitney, TC and Eve arrive and ask her what happened. TC tries to comfort his daughter while Eve examines Rae. In the doorway, Luis explains the situation and tells Sam that he thinks the rapist did this. He goes on to tell a sceptical Sam that it may have been a woman that was behind the attacks. Sam asks him for an alibi. He says that he was with Fancy, but Simone speaks up, saying that it isnt true. She saw Fancy alone and Luis was nowhere to be found. Luis admits that he did leave Fancy alone and then Eve notices something in Raes hand. Sam places it in an evidence bag and sees that it has Luis name on it. He doesnt know how that happened, but Simone is already convinced that he killed Rae. Outside, the rapist looks in. Now Rae cant tell anybody anything.

Next on Passions:
Theresa and Whitney need to find out who did this.
Luis continues to protest his innocence.
Paloma corners a suspect.