At the hospital, Miguel continues trying to convince Kay that he didnt kiss Charity, even though she has video proof that he did. He grabs her arm and drags her out to search for Charity so that she can set the record straight.

Down the hall, the actress confesses to Julian that she feels guilty about playing Charity and taking part in all of this grief. Julian still has plans for her though and doesnt need to hear moral analysis from her. Kay and Miguel suddenly come around the corner. From behind, Miguel mistakes the actress for Charity until she turns around. He tells her that she looks familiar. Perhaps you ran her over with your jalopy, Julian jokes before Kay accuses Miguel of trying to pick up a woman right in front of her eyes. The actress tries to leave, but Miguel keeps telling her that her eyes are familiar. She runs away and he wants to chase after her. Kay is sick of watching this and tries to go back to Fox. Miguel asks Julian if hes seen Charity. Since he doesnt get a friendly response, he runs off. Julian walks down the corridor and finds the actress. He gives her an envelope and tells her to take it to the nurses station. Miguel will never know what hit him.

Miguel and Kay go down to the nurses station where they give Miguel a note from Charity. He refuses to look at it so Kay does. After reading it, she storms away, leaving the note in his hands. It says how much she loved him tracking her down and kissing her and how she cant wait to see him again. He crumples up the letter and then stalks away. Julian comes out of hiding behind a corner. When Im good Im very very good. But when Im bad, Im better, he laughs.

Tabitha is jealous that there is so much evil in town that has nothing to do with her. Noise erupts from the living room and Tabitha rushes in to see the Scissor Sisters playing a concert for Endora. What do you think this is? Wigstock? Tabitha asks her daughter as she shakes her head. She sits down and starts swaying to the music and telling Endora that she cant use her magic any time that she wants to or theyll get burnt alive. Tabitha pulls the plug on the music and the band snaps out of the performance. They begin demanding to know where they are; they thought that they were in England. When the band almost attacks them, Tabitha suggests that they must be suffering from a hallucination brought on by food poisoning. Theyre not convinced, so Endora casts a spell and puts them into the CD case. Tired by the frivolity, Tabitha gets Endora a baked apple and then checks the bowl again. Shes shocked by what she finds. Someone is going to die tonight! Someone we know...

In Eves office, Fancy is distraught from reliving the trauma of her attack again. Luis wants this to stop, but Eve says that they have to finish what they started. She begins asking Fancy for details. As she remembers the first attack, she can hear the man tell her that hes a lot more than just the peeper. Fancy starts to gag and cover her mouth, but then begins narrating the events. They dont get any more details and Luis insists that there is only one attacker. They move on to the next attack and Eve tells her not to be afraid of her memories. As she remembers, she starts to cry out: She attacked me! She attacked me! Luis and Eve are startled and decide to wake her up. They think that must have just gotten confused when she said she. They ask Fancy about it, but she cant understand how its possible either.

Eve and Luis leave Fancy to relax. She tells him that he needs to be careful because Julian knows how to twist things. She then suggests that Luis should undergo hypnosis as well and find out what he really knows. They return to them room to start. She puts him under hypnosis and he begins to remember...

Chad thinks that they have to stop Theresa from telling Ethan the truth before its too late. If little Ethans true paternity comes out, she will lose all the Crane money and power. Theresas wanted to tell Ethan for so long. He puts his arms around her and asks her what she wants. She begins to fantasize about how happy they can be after she tells him the truth. Then she could spend all her time rubbing him down with KY massage oil. While Theresa stands with her mouth open, Chad takes Whitney outside so they can figure out how to stop this before it goes too far. Whitney thinks that Ethan deserves to know the truth, but Chad reminds her that she will lose most of her family if Ethan finds out. They go back in and see Theresa embracing Ethan. They assume that she must have already broken the news. But she didnt; Theresa just got over-emotional when talking about little Ethan.

Whitney takes her friend outside and tells her its a good thing she hasnt told him the truth yet. If she does, shell lose everything and her brothers will go to prison for the rest of their lives. Theresa never thought of that and still isnt sure that her brothers can be proven innocent. Going back in to Ethan, Theresa asks him what the odds are of getting her brothers off. He tells her that if she wasnt the head of Crane Industries, they would certainly be done for. What did you want to tell me? It sounded really important, he asks, trying to get back to what she was almost saying. She tells him that it can wait they need to focus on saving her brothers from prison right now. Choking back her tears, she gives him a check and sends him to work. Chad tells her that she did the right thing. I hope so because my heart is breaking, she cries.

Next on Passions:
Tabitha knows that death is coming tonight.
Eve finds the needle mark on Luis neck.
Chris finds Sheridan has a syringe.