Tabitha and Endora get home from the altered states convention on a smoking broomstick. Endora is listening to her wItchpod and ignoring her mother. Tabitha just hopes she isnt listening to folk music and falls over when she tries to pull off her earphones. She finds a Scissors Sisters magazine in her daughters bag and starts to worry about this new phase in her life. Since Endoras ignoring her, Tabitha decides to check the bowl for whats been going on in her absence. Shes shocked to see Chads male lover and then asks to see the face of Fancys attacker. The bowl refuses to show her.

In the hospital, Charity hugs Miguel, hoping that they can still be friends. Kay walks in and sees them. She steps back, unable to believe her eyes. Julian follows behind her and rubs it in. Now do you believe me? They interrupt the warm moment, but Charity claims that she is only saying goodbye before she leaves town. As she walks away, Miguel claims that its not what it looks like, but Kay slaps him anyway. Eve makes her promise not to act out anymore and then runs off. Miguel continues to swear that he hasnt been cheating on her with Charity. But Kay knows that hes been lying, he just told her Charity wasnt in the hospital and he wasnt kissing her even though Julian saw him. Miguel begins arguing with Julian and blaming him for everything, but Julian continues to insist that all the proof is against Miguel. Kay is sick of debating this, but Julian tells them that he has proof. Hes taking them to security to look at the surveillance footage. The technician fetches the footage and they sit down to watch. They quickly get a very good look of Miguel kissing Charity. Kay is now convinced that she made the right decision marrying Fox. Miguel repeats all of his accusations and then asks Julian to leave so that he can talk to Kay alone. He begins apologizing. It never ends. You always have some kind of excuse, Kay says tired of trying to believe a liar like him.

In the hall, Julian pays Charity who takes off her mask to reveal that she is the same actress that Fox hired.

Fancy and Luis try to start working on her case. She knows that he would never hurt her and just wants to get to work catching the guy who attacked her. Its difficult work. No matter how many times Luis reads the report, it all leads back to him. Shes says that theyll find out who really did it. He tells her that its too much of a coincidence that he and his brother were arrested at the same time; its obviously a frame up. Fancy thinks it sounds like something Alistair would do, but hes dead so they have nothing to go on. They sit down and try to remember what happened. Fancy starts to flash back and lash out at him. He calms her and then begins to apologize for putting her through this again. She doesnt think she can remember anymore this way, so he suggests that they go to hypnosis. They only hope that she doesnt remember things that will put him in jail.

Luis and Fancy go to visit Eve so that she can put her under hypnosis. He doesnt want to put her though any more potential pain, but she insists on going ahead. Soon, Eve puts her under and they begin. Quickly, Fancy begins screaming again.

Whitney stops Chad from walking in on Ethan and Theresa. She hopes now that they will be together and know the happiness she knows with him. Inside her office, Theresa tries to tell Ethan about his son when hes interrupted by the PI investigating Luis case. She imagines them becoming the family she always dreamed of and begins to smile. Ethan gets off the phone to say that Julian has hired the biggest guns in the country to put her brothers away. It will take a lot more than money to get them off. Whitney and Chad come in. Theresa takes Whitney aside and her friend wonders why she hasnt told Ethan the truth yet. She turns around to do it, but then turns back to Whitney so that she can talk her into it again. Im not sure why Im so afraid, Theresa says to herself before she returns to Ethan. As she starts telling him, the PI calls again and Ethan walks away. Whitney runs over to her to encourage her some more and says that she and Chad are staying until Theresa actually finishes telling Ethan. He gets off the phone and says that they are going to have a tough time getting her brothers off. Theresa insists that she can be more manipulative, cold-blooded and corrupt than Julian or Alistair. Chad suddenly realizes that Theresa cant tell Ethan the truth because, if she does, and Julian finds out, she and little Ethan will be stripped of all Crane power and she and her brothers will all be destroyed.

Next on Passions:
Endora calls on the Scissors Sisters.
Miguel and Kay walk in on Julian and his actress.