In the hospital corridor, Julian is on the phone with Judge Reilly. He pressures him with blackmail to do his bidding regardless of what Theresa wants. Shell never know what hit her, he smirks. Meanwhile, in Foxs hospital room, Kay kisses Miguel. She backs off, afraid that he might have a sense of whats going on. Miguel doesnt care though and wont stop. As they continue kissing, Foxs heart rate goes up dramatically until the alarm goes off. A nurse rushes in followed by Julian. You bastard! Youre trying to kill my son again! Kay tries to keep Julian away from Fox until the alarm stops and Foxs heart rate drops. Miguel continues to protest his innocence. Julian demands that he stay away from his son and his wife. After Miguel leaves, Julian tells Kay that Miguel will be going to prison and Foxs coma is all her fault. She isnt bothered by his attacks and still refuses to believe that Miguel slept with Charity. Julian thinks that, deep down, she is sure that it did happen. If you cant believe your own eyes my dear than you are a fool, he says as she gulps. But Kays not a fool; anything is possible with money. Hes not impressed by her scepticism and tells her that he saw Miguel and Charity kissing just last night. Miguel is using her now because she may soon be a rich widow. She cant accept that idea and walks out. Youll see Kay, he says glumly before going to his sons side and encouraging him to wake up.

Miguel paces around the hospital when Charity arrives. She tells him again that she loves him and wants to be with him. Im in love with Kay now, he claims. She reminds him of their kiss, but he insists that he only loves Kay. Charity regrets leaving and wishes she could go back and change things. All he wants now is to be with Kay and Maria, but Charity wont take no as an answer: She wants to make him the happiest man alive. She suddenly changes her mind and tells him to forget that they kissed or he might lose Kay. They embrace just as Kay walks in, shocked by what she sees.

Fancy wanders the hallways looking for Luis when she finds Paloma. She confesses that she isnt sure what to believe about Luis anymore. She doesnt know if he attacked her or she attacked him Aunt Sheridan thinks the latter and she may be right. Paloma isnt convinced for a minute and tells Fancy that she has to believe that her brother would never violate her. Fancy and Paloma decide that the best thing for her to do is to get back to work and discover who did this to her.

Sam is thinking about what Grace said the last time he talked to her. Who could be behind the great threat that she thought was coming? Luis walks in to tell Sam that hes coming back to work to clear his name and his brothers. Sam cant allow that, but Luis think that, if he cant take care of this quick, hell lose Fancy. He goes on to say that this all seems like the work of Alistair. This strikes a cord in Sam who tells his friend about Graces warnings. Luis asks again to be let back on the job, but Sam is reluctant. He finally agrees of course, though only if Luis remains on suspension so that everything he does is unofficial. Sam also has to have him partnered up to keep an eye on him and control the media. The ideal candidate: Fancy, who just happens to walk through the door. She and Paloma walk over and ask them what they are talking about. Luis says that she will be his partner now and this will prove that he is not the man who attacked her. Fancy is unsure, but finally agrees to help him find her real attacker. Meanwhile, outside the station, the rapist stands watching them through the window.

Chad finishes putting Miles to sleep and sits down with Whitney. She tells him that Theresa and Ethan may get married soon and then their lives can be as perfect as theirs. Jared comes knocking on the door. He says that he needs their help; he made a huge mistake and wants Tess back. Im sorry, but you cant have her back, Whitney says. She sends Chad to see Miles and tells Jared that Tess is trying to make a life with Ethan and he cant waltz back in and take it away from her. He begs her to help him, but she wont do that now that she has the chance to be with the father of her children. This last details doesnt escape Jared and he demands an explanation. She backtracks and says that Ethan would just like to adopt little Ethan because theyre so close. He accepts this explanation and Whitney tells him that Theresa is doing whats best for herself. Jared still wont give up and walks off to think. Chad is amazed she almost gave it away that easy and still doesnt think Theresa will take Ethan over Jared.

Ethan is sure that his marriage to Gwen is done now. Now, they are both completely free. They kiss for awhile until they realize they should be talking. He agrees with what Pilar said, they should be a family with Jane and little Ethan. Unfortunately, Julian will get in the way. With this, Theresa admits that there is something that she has to tell him about that. She psychs herself up to tell him, but the phone rings and Ethan answers just in case its Gwen. After a chat on the phone, he tells her that Julian has hurried up her brothers trials and will have them behind bars before they know what hit them. She gets on the phone to the Judge, but he wont accept any of her bribes this time so they assume he must have been blackmailed. Still, they can do anything together and will fight this with all the power of Crane industries. He wants to get to work on the case, but she stops him so she can tell him about little Ethan before she is sidetracked again. What she has to tell him is huge and she should have told him a long time ago but things got too complicated.

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