Miguel stands outside Foxs room at the hospital. He eavesdrops on Kay promising a comatose Fox that she will stay with him. Miguel refuses to believe what shes saying; she must truly want to be with him, he is the man she loves. Kay tells Fox that she doesnt believe that Miguel tried to kill him, but she will find out who it was and make them pay. Eve arrives and encourages Kay to keep talking to Fox like hell come out of it. Kay admits that she doesnt know who she wants to be with anymore. She cant accept that Miguel did this to Fox and wonders why they havent even looked for other suspects. How can she chose when she loves them both? Eve tells her that shes going to have to make a decision or shell turn everyones lives upside down.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Pilar asks Miguel if Fox is getting worse. He tells her that he was listening to Kay talking to Fox about how much she loves him. Pilar tells him that he should have walked in and taken her into his arms he has to fight for her! He goes after Kay and stops her before she can go back in to Fox. You have to be with me, he says. She enters Foxs room and Miguel follows her, refusing to leave. He swears that he didnt try to kill Fox or sleep with Charity. She has to decide who is truly in her heart. When she does, she literally imagines Miguel standing in her heart, bathed in a pink glow, telling her that he is the only one there. Its you, she cries as they kiss.

Luis goes to Fancy to beg her to believe that he didnt rape her. When he tries to touch her, all she can think of is being attacked. He continues telling her that he would never hurt her, yet, when she looks at him, she hallucinates that hes wearing the ski mask. He tries to touch her again and she commands him to stay away. He wishes that there was something he could do to stop her from being afraid of him. She sits down crying and he walks out. In the hall, Sheridan jumps back from the door (she was eavesdropping again). When she asks if everything is alright, he answers not even close. Putting her arms around a depressed Luis, she cracks a smile. He wants to go back in to see Fancy, but she stops him and asks him how he got out of jail so quickly. He shouldnt be around Fancy right now anyway, she needs time to recover. Luis believes that Fancy thinks that he is the rapist. If she loves you, how could she not believe you? Sheridan prods. He has no answer, all that he knows is that hes failed to protect her and doesnt know what hell do if she doesnt want to see him again. Ill be here for you Luis, Sheridan thinks to herself. Meanwhile, Fancy paces around her room trying to figure out whats happening. She doesnt want to ruin Luis life; she loves him and runs out of the room to tell him.

Whitney encourages Ethan to go and see Theresa. She has something important to tell him and she needs him to tell her that he wants to marry her. If he doesnt hurry, something may come along to ruin their chances again. Ethan says that hes tried calling Gwen and she wont accept his calls; shes made up her mind. Then hes finally free to marry Theresa, Whitney says. Ethan thinks that shes still engaged to Jared. Whitney tells him thats over; she already took off the engagement ring. He imagines spending time with her and the children. That would be a dream come true for all of them. He smiles and Whitney snaps him out of the dream. If he married Theresa, little Ethan would be like his real son; thats what hes always wanted. Whitney encourages him again to hurry. Soon, he could be as happy as her and Chad.

At the motel, Chad gets out of bed to check if there have been any messages from his wife. There havent, so hes got plenty of time with his lover. After a busy afternoon, he gets dressed so that he wont be late for dinner. As he goes to the door, he tells his lover not to worry about Jared. He tries to leave but, looking at his lover stretched out in bed, he cant stop himself. I can be late, he says throwing off his coat and returning to bed. Afterwards, he brings Whitney some flowers with a note that reads: The only woman I love.

Theresa pushes Jared away as he kisses her. He says that hes done something idiotic; he cant leave her now hes crazy in love with her. As she stands away from him, he notices that shes taken his ring off. While he thought he could make her forget Ethan, he doesnt believe that is possible if shes already given up on us. She thought that shed never see him again. Chad convinced him to stay and hell never give up now; he wants to put the ring back on her finger. This has all thrown her for a loop and she doesnt know what to do. She starts to cry and think of Ethan and little Ethan finally being a family with her and Jane. Finally she admits that there may be nothing that could make her put his ring back on. He apologizes that his insecurity forced him into giving her ultimatums, but hes back now and wants to be with her. He promises her no more macho garbage: She will always be first in his heart, he can offer her no more. But as she listens to him, she can only imagine Ethan standing there telling her how much he wants her to be his wife. Taking Ethans hand, she tells him that little Ethan is her son and they can be a real family now. Jared interrupts this fantasy, dismayed that her mind is wandering as he pours out his heart. Shes confused and has been talking to herself about little Ethans father. He asks her what thats all about and she tells him shes just worried about losing her son to Julian. After offering to help, he asks her to have dinner with him later; they could be happy together with little Ethan. Leaving her alone to think, Theresa wonders if fate is playing a sick joke on her by finally letting her be with Ethan just as shes fallen in love with Jared. Ethan then walks through the door and tells her that he had a talk with Whitney and knows that shes free now. Im free now too, to be with whomever I want, he says as she smiles.

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