Whitney is helping Theresa pick out the ideal clothes for telling Ethan that hes little Ethans father. Ethan knocks on the door and Whitney excuses herself. They both have something they need to tell each other. She wants to change her clothes, but he stops her so that he can tell her that her brothers have been arrested. The evidence is damning and Julian already got to judge Reilly to deny them bail. She asks him what she should do. As a lawyer, he cant say, but she can figure it out Judge Reilly is easily bought. She asks him to take the children to daycare while she goes to get her brothers out.

In jail, Miguel still suspects that he and Luis have been set up. Pilar arrives and promises that shell get them both out of there so that she can prove theyre innocent. She still cant believe that her children are guilty of such evil. Luis still thinks that he may be guilty, but Pilar thinks this is all seems like Alistairs doing. Unfortunately, hes dead and someone has it in for the Cranes; Fancy just happens to be one of them. Pilar wonders aloud if Fancy actually seduced Luis, then lied and said he attacked her, but Luis has a hard time believing that scenario. The idea does conjure up his memory of having sex with Fancy though. Maybe I did it, he wonders again. No you didnt. And Im going to get you out so you can prove it, Theresa announces as she strides in. Luis tries to smile as Theresa starts the bribery negotiations with Judge Reilly and quickly has their bail set. Its no secret I hate the Crane money and power, but that was nice, Luis quips. Theresas in a hurry; she has something she needs to take care of. Pilars worried, but her daughter tries to convince her she will be happy and then rushes off. The guard soon comes down to let them out. Miguel wants to figure out who framed him; it couldnt have been Fox, he was left for dead at the time. Now he has to see Kay while shes confused. After he runs off, Pilar encourages Luis to go to Fancy and convince her that he didnt attack her. Once alone, she can only wonder who is out to get them.

Fancy wakes in bed to see a figure standing before her. She imagines that its her attacker and tackles them. Before she can pummel them with her fists, she realizes that its actually Sheridan. Fancy turns on the lights as her aunt gets up, remarking that she hardly seems defenceless. As her niece walks around the room feeling confused, Sheridan tells her that shes concerned about what shes done to Luis. She needs to take responsibility for the trouble she causes to others, like getting Luis arrested. If Luis didnt rape her, as Fancy claims, then she obviously forced herself on him. Fancy thinks that her aunt is delusional, but Sheridan recalls all of her nieces spoiled behavior as a young girl. This is too much for Fancy and she asks her leather clad aunt to leave. But she refuses to go anywhere until Fancy admits that she forced herself on Luis and then cried rape. She lays out the evidence again: Luis DNA was in her, she claims she was attacked, she was heavily sedated and he remembers having sex with her in a cheerleader outfit. Fancy just wants to be left alone. I will not stop until you leave Luis alone! Sheridan shouts. After taunting her some more, she finally leaves Fancy alone just as Luis walks in. Shes surprised to see him out of jail so quickly. He admits that he cant see how Ethan will get him off, but asks her if she still trusts him.

Jared is asleep on his couch dreaming about being in bed with Theresa when Ethan arrives and throws him out of bed. Although he reminds Tess that theyre engaged, she and Ethan dont care and they make out before Ethan beats him up. Chad wakes him up and Jared jumps on him. After pushing him off, Chads surprised to see that hes been sleeping in the office. Jared explains that he was all ready to go when Valerie talked him out of it, but after the dream he just had, hes not sure anymore. He asks Chad for advice, but soon realizes this isnt the best idea. After all, Chad fought for Whitney when he thought she was his sister and began having an affair at the same time. Anyway, he knows that hell never be first for Tess. Chad tells him not to let his pride make him lose out on a chance at love. He leaves and Jared continues to pack. Realizing that he still loves Tess, he runs off to find her.

When Chad walks out, he finds Whitney taking Miles to daycare. She apologizes again for thinking that he was having an affair. We are lucky that we love only one another and no one else, he says, embracing her with a guilty look on his face. They part as she takes Miles to daycare.

Ethan is taking little Ethan and Jane to daycare when they run into the tabloid reporter. Hes just looking for Valerie, but, while hes there, he decides to ask Ethan about his marriage breaking up. Little Ethan is surprised to hear this and Ethan sends him and Jane off to daycare. When theyre gone, Ethan grabs the reporter and threatens him. Chad seems them scuffling and runs over to break it up. After he talks Ethan down before he can get charged for assault, he offers to give the reporter something bigger so that hell leave him alone. Do what you have to do, Ethan says before trudging off to Theresa. Chad then gets a call from his lover, but tells them that theyve almost been caught too many times. He finally agrees to meet one last time and then hangs up.

Ethan runs into Whitney at the daycare. She encourages him to go and find Theresa right now. She tells him that its important. Meanwhile, Theresa is in her office telling herself that shes doing the right thing. Before Ethan can arrive, Jared bursts into the office to say that hes made a huge mistake and he still wants her. I want to marry you just like we planned, he proclaims as he pulls her into a kiss.

At the hospital, Kay sits by Foxs bedside. She tells him that shes there for him, but shes confused by everything thats happened. If only he would get well so that they could put their lives on track... Youre doing the right thing, Eve says as she stands beside her. He needs to know that his wife is there for him. Kay wonders if he can really hear her. Its so sad; he survived surgery to go into a coma so that he might come out and die soon after. Eve says that, for Fox, having his wife by his side will make his days happier. However, Kay cant help but admit that she loves Miguel too. Left alone, she tells Fox how much she loves him while Miguel watches from the doorway.

Chad arrives at the motel and takes out his box of condoms and a bottle of liquor. He makes himself promise that this will be the last time and begins undressing. The door opens and a man walks in. Better late than never, Chas says as he begins undressing. (We do not see the mans face).

Next on Passions:
Kay wonders if its possible to be in love with two men at the same time.
Ethan believes he can finally be with Theresa.
Jared wont give up on Theresa.