Jessica comes downstairs to find Paloma alone after Noahs left. Shes happy to see that shes getting close with her brother. Spike calls, angry that she is still at her fathers house talking to police cadet Paloma. He doesnt like the ideas she puts in her head and commands her to go home before hanging up. Jessica pretends that Spike is just being sweet and has a day planned fo them. When she turns away, Paloma sees that there are bruises all over her neck. Jessica says that it was just a book that fell on her and wont stay to hear her badmouth her husband. Paloma begs her not to give up her dream prince for Spike. But Jessica says that nobody can know, or understand, how much Spike loves her. Sam calls Palmoa and asks her to come down to the station to do some work. Left alone, Jessica starts daydreaming about Spike bringing her flowers. She thinks that her dream can come true if shes patient

Miguel paces around the hospital waiting for Kay. Simone thinks that he should stay away. No matter what Fox did, Miguel still broke Kays heart by sleeping with Charity. He repeats that he never did that, but Simone is unconvinced. That dirtbag is lying! Miguel shouts. Lying on his deathbed, Julian says interrupting, and he wont let Miguel get away with it. Julian wants his unfortunate son to live as long as he can, but Miguel promises that whether he lives or dies, he will be with Kay. Julian walks away and Simone reminds Miguel that Kay decided to marry Fox. She also admits that she isnt sure whether he actually hit Fox or not.

Julian goes into Foxs room as Kay sits by his side. Julian asks her why she isnt telling him that she will never leave him. She admits that she doesnt know if thats true. While she loves Fox, she loves Miguel too. An annoyed Julian rolls his eyes before Paloma interrupts and asks Kay to come outside. They got the forensic report on Miguels car and the evidence matches up. Sam arrests Miguel for attempted murder. He swears to Kay that he didnt do it as Sam drags him away. Simone tries to tell her that things will be okay, but shes in love with two men who both have ugly futures. Shes so confused. Simone isnt surprised. Love is blinding, just look at Jessica and Spike.

Spike and Julian meet in an alley. Julian pushes on him for running Fox down when he was only supposed to steal Miguels car and make it look real, not almost kill him. Spike says that Fox told him to make it real, so he was just doing what he was told. Julian says that if Fox dies, so will he. After Spike threatens to go to the cops, Julian throws him into a pile of garbage and walks away.

Fancy tries to convince her mother that, even if she has no idea how his DNA could get inside her, Luis would never attack her. She just wants to have a shower and be alone. Ivys horrified by what the creep has done to her daughter. Pilar arrives and Ivy tells her that she hopes Luis rots for the rest of his life. Pilar defends her son, but Ivy pushes the evidence in her face. Plus, Fancy is Sheridans niece and way out of his league. These relationship between the classes never work out. This is enough to make Pilar lash out at her and remind her that Theresa is the mistress of the house and Ivy has no business there. She also reminds her of how her father sold her off to the Cranes and destroyed her life. Luis loves Fancy, she repeats, but Ivy asks her if shes forgotten that he also loved Sheridan and got their son killed. You b***! Pilar shouts as she slaps her across the face before telling her that she deserves more. As they get into a shouting match, Fancy comes out and they stop. Pilar tells her that Luis would never do this and Ivy continues to threaten him. Fancy starts to cry and begs them to stop. After Pilar leaves, Ivy gets her daughter her sleeping pills and tells her to face the facts.

Sam brings Luis down to the station. Ethan and Sheridan follow behind and Sam informs them that Luis has been officially charged with the rape of Fancy Crane. Ethan goes with Sam to look at the arrest report. Sheridan tells Luis that shell get him whatever he needs; shes sure that hes innocent. However, hes not so sure.

In jail, Ethan confesses to Luis that things dont look good. He recounts the details of the night and Sheridan backs him up. However, he continues having flashes that he had sex with Fancy. Ethan is more concerned about the DNA evidence and this, Luis cannot explain. If it really is true, he says, then he deserves to be locked away. Ethan and Sheridan tell him that thats not who he is and he shouldnt talk that way. From behind the bars, Luis sees his brother arrive and tells them why hes there. Miguel doesnt have a lawyer, so Ethan offers to help out. Luis turns to Sheridan and asks her check on Fancy. Ethan confesses to Sam that hes not sure that he can get either one of them off the hook. They leave the Lopez-Fitzgerald brothers alone. Luis has no idea what to think anymore, but the evidence is damning. Miguel thinks that its weird that they could both end up in jail at exactly the same time: Someone must have it in for them. We then see the rapist cutting pictures of their faces up with a knife. Two down and so many to go... Later, as Fancy sleeps, she dreams of the attack. Waking up, she screams as someone in black leather stands by her bed.

Theresa tells Whitney that she loves Jared, but now Gwen is gone and she finally has a chance to be with Ethan. Whitney tells her friend that it is now time to tell Ethan that he is little Ethans father. Theresas afraid to tell the truth. Then your relationship with Ethan is doomed, Whitney says. But after everything that Theresa put up with from Alistair to assure her sons future, she cant risk giving it up by telling the world that he doesnt have a drop of Crane blood. Whitney points out that, if little Ethan lost all the Crane money, he would still have a real father and a mother that love him. If she doesnt come clean, shell lose everything. Finally, Theresa decides that she will tell the truth and it will give Ethan even more reason to make a family with her.

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Fancy attacks the person in her room.
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