Spike tells Jessica to cheer up, nobody likes a whiner and then leaves her alone with Paloma. They sit down and Jessica tries to explain that Spike loves her... in his own way. Paloma is only there to return something which Noah left in her bed. What? Youre sleeping with my brother? Paloma explains that nothing happened and Noah was a perfect gentleman. Jessica cant even imagine something like this. Her friend reminds her of how lovely she is; she just needs to drop Spike. She goes on to explain that she may be falling in love with her brother; she feels like shes dancing on a cloud, but she doesnt want to jinx it. Jessica misses her mom and Paloma gives her a hug. Shed had hope when she heard that Grace was returning, but now shes dead and she cant be the girl she once was; she has to make the best of what she is. Her friend continues to encourage her to change when Noah arrives and adds his support. Shes convinced that its too late, but Noah thinks that their mother would want her to break away from Spike. When she believes that she is truly loved, shell have the power to do anything, he tells her. She stifles her tears and walks away.

Noah tells Paloma that shes a great friend and gives her some flowers for all of her help. Jessica watches them from the stairs, convinced that shell never have what they do. She has a pastel colored fantasy about a goody-two shoed Spike proposing the perfect wedding to her. Noah and Paloma kiss, but he feels like he shouldnt be doing this: Were wrong. Shes too young and shes Luis baby sister. Besides, hes a loser with no future. Shes sick of hearing this and kisses him intensely again before he gets up and runs away. He walks outside saying Oh, Dios mio.

Ivy continues to attack Luis, accusing him of being unable to control himself and raping Fancy in a lust filled rampage. She slaps him and Sam has to hold her back. As she demands that Sam do something to Luis, Pilar enters and asks whats going on. After they explain, she denies that its even possible, but, unfortunately, they have proof. She starts telling her son to tell them that hes innocent, but he cant: He doesnt know. Sheridan tells him not to say anything until she gets him a lawyer, but Fancy says he doesnt need a lawyer because she knows that hes innocent. Ivy goes through the evidence again and demands that Sam arrest him and throw away the key. Fancy refuses to press charges, but Ivy is eager to have him put away. Sam wants everyone to calm down. Ivy promises Sam that if he doesnt do something about this now, she will, and then storms off.

Pilar asks her son whats going on. He doesnt know. He cant remember. Somehow he remembers making love to Fancy. She asks if he was drugged and he admits to feeling strange. Ivy returns, announcing that shes having things taken care of. Sam gets a call from the mayor demanding that he make an arrest. Sheridan calls Ivy a bi*** and Fancy begs Sam not to arrest Luis. Sam apologizes to his friend, but his hands are tied. Ivy promises to make sure the press hears about it if they dont go through with it. As Sam arrests him, Fancy cries. Sheridan wants to call Ethan down, but Chris points out that Luis already has Fancy, Theresa and his mother backing him. Of course, that isnt enough and she goes to make the call. Fancy tries to accompany Luis, but her mother holds her back. Its tragic, Chris says. Its going to cost Fancy any chance with Luis, thinks Sheridan as she bites her lip. Sam takes him away as Sheridan follows. Fancy still refuses to believe that she would fall in love with a man who would hurt her.

Around the breakfast table, Ethan, little Ethan, Theresa and Jane finish their meal. Little Ethan has always wished that they could be a real family and now his wish has come true. She leaves Ethan with the children and runs into Whitney in the hall. Surprised to see her so happy, she asks her what happened. My dreams came true, Theresa beams and tells her that Ethan and Jane have moved in. Everythings perfect, she smiles. If everything is perfect, then why are you still wearing Jareds engagement ring? Whitney asks. She doesnt know, but its over with Jared and Gwen has left Ethan for real this time. She finally has a chance to make all her dreams come true. Whitney is worried: Every time that Theresa talks like this, something bad happens. They look into the kitchen to see Ethan playing with little Ethan. Whitney starts to wonder if Theresa is actually doing the right thing...maybe. While she tries to support Theresas enthusiasm, she always thought that this could only end in disaster. Ethan stops in to say that he has to take care of something urgent. She says how much she likes having him around. After Ethan leaves, Whitney reminds her again that shes wearing Jareds engagement ring. She needs to go the whole way if shes going to do this; she has to take the ring off so that she can have an honest relationship like her and Chad. Reluctantly, Theresa pulls the ring off.

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Julian threatens Spike.
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