Noah wakes up naked in bed with a hangover. He doesnt know where he is or who he was with. Paloma opens the door with breakfast on a tray. She gives him some aspirin and he begins apologizing. He wanted to get to know her better before sleeping over. She tells him that last night was a dream come true. He asks her to forgive him for ruining their relationship with a night of drunken lust. Paloma cant believe what hes saying at first. She explains that she doesnt need to forgive him because he only passed out and nothing happened; he was a perfect gentleman. Relived by the news, hes still a little surprised that she went to the trouble of taking off all of his clothes while he was unconscious, but she says it was no trouble. It was my pleasure. Rising from bed, Noah starts searching for his clothes so that he can escape. He promises that, when they do what they really want to do, it has to be right. They make a date and he kisses a bashful Paloma before he leaves.

Jared has been sleeping on the couch in his office after a night of solitary drinking. Valerie wakes him and she reminds him of why he cant leave. Theresa needs him more than ever; something awful is happening to the Cranes. The stress of running Crane combined with her personal life in shambles is destroying Theresa. But Jared thinks its over; Tess only said yes to him because she thought she couldnt have Ethan. Now, all of thats changed. Valerie tells him he should fight, but hes already done that. She tells him to go easy on Theresa; she was in love with Ethan all her life and it takes time to get over that, but she said yes to him. Right now, he needs to prove how much he loves her by fighting Ethan all the way.

Ethan and Theresa kiss and she begins imagining taking him and Jane back to the mansion, but then she remembers Jared proposing to her and stands up. She asks Ethan where they would be with Jared and Gwen gone. He tells her that Gwen might come back; he messed up, but maybe he can make things right. Sick of this refrain, Theresa will have none of it: He should get on his knees and thank God that Gwen is gone; its best for everyone. Gwen needs to find a man who will love her the way that he loves her. As he gets up to check on Jane, she prepares herself to leave with her daughter, whether Ethan comes or not. He comes out to find her packing Janes things. She is taking her daughter home and he can challenge her in court if he wants. When he reminds her that he has custody, she points out how little time he would have to look after her; therefore, he should move into the mansion with her and they can do it together. Although, he agrees, he insists that he is only doing it for Jane. As he goes to pack, Theresa realizes that shes just done the opposite of what she had intended to do and has no idea what will happen next.

At the hospital, Eve tells everyone that she didnt find any evidence that Fox had a terminal illness. Miguel begins rubbing this in everyones face, but Julian still insists that Fox is dying and accuses Eve of trying to confuse Kay. Dr. Gasparro reappears to explain how Eve is wrong he just removed a piece of a malignant tumor from his body which she managed to miss. Eve apologizes and Kay begs the doctor to remove the entire tumor. But its too late and Fox will die. Eve and Julian stare around the room as Kay gets up and Miguel moves after her. As he starts massaging her neck, he tells her that Dr. Gasparro must just be a quack, but, hearing this, Gasparro and Eve tell him off. Gasparro walks away angry and Eve tells him that if the great doctor says Fox is ill, he must be. Kay sits down to think all of this over while Miguel continues his accusations. Eve assures them that Gasparro cant be bought; hes practically a monk.

Meanwhile, in the hall, Julian thanks Gasparro for his good work. The doctor says that Fox will be fine when he comes to, but he needs funding for a clinic in Africa. This shall be his payment. Julian agrees and tells him that hes doing the right thing. As Gasparro walks away, Julian remarks What a good man...he could never conceive of my role in Foxs near death experience.

Downstairs, the DNA results are conclusive: Luis is the man who attacked Fancy. Sam cant believe what he just heard. Its unbelievable, Chris says. Yes, unbelievable, repeats Sheridan as she wrings her hands. But Ivys not surprised, the Lopez-Fitzgerald men are all pigs. Fancy stops her mothers ranting; she doesnt believe Luis is guilty. Sam reminds Ivy that DNA results can easily be tainted, not that she needs reminding. This is different though; after all, who would frame Luis for this? This is just him trying to dominate another woman and brand her as his property, Ivy says. Fancy protests her mothers gross attitude and Sheridan seconds the objection. But the doctor insists that the results have been run twice and they are correct. Sam goes over the evidence again: His fingerprints were on the knife, he was sleeping in her room and saw no one else, he woke up dressed as the rapist... Luis starts to remember making love to Fancy in a cheerleaders outfit. Ivy takes this as proof, but Luis says it must have been a dream because they havent really... Sheridan tells him to stop being so graphic. All of this is enough for Sam to arrest his old friend. Sheridan wants to get him a lawyer, but Fancy says that she will. Ivys heard enough, she slap Luis, calling him a monster and suggests that he simply couldnt wait to have sex with her daughter any longer.

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