Adrian Wilson (NBC)

If you’re as much of an Alistair Crane fan as I am, you’ll be happy to know that Harmony’s master of mayhem will be returning to the show beginning on August 20th. In even better news, he will once again be played by the deliciously nasty John Reilly, a man so good at being bad that he can make you look forward to seeing Theresa cry. We last saw him supposedly dying when his train was blown up by a drone in Italy. Exactly who was behind that attack has never been clear, but general speculation was that he had planned to fake his demise all along. Does this mean that Beth and little Marty are still out there somewhere? We’ll have to wait and see. Alistair will be returning to a rather different Harmony though. With Tabitha going over to the good side, albeit reluctantly, this leaves Alistair in prime position against the town’s other major villain, his own grandson Vincent. Rumors have been around for months that the two may have been working together all along, but one thing is for sure, between this pair of dangerous and treacherous characters, things will soon be turning deadly for someone (and Alistair has never been known to be any kinder to his own family than to anyone else’s).