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Recent developments have given Passions fans have two reasons to be optimistic this week. Since the show’s cancellation was announced with a final air date set for September 7th, ardent fans have been rallying behind the show, signing petitions and feverishly writing letters to NBC. While the network has maintained that it would be seeking another avenue for the show, this week it actually made some concrete hints about what these might be. To preface this, these are only rumors and nothing has been confirmed.

NBC Entertainment president Kevin Reilly stated from the offset that ‘there are loyal viewers of this show who love it and show up every day. And in a perfect world, we’d like to keep the brand alive. There may be another network. You know, I don’t think it’s a broadcast network, but there may be another cable network that wants to get in business with us and have some sort of on-air presence for the show.’ While the network was initially thought to be considering the prospect of an internet-based and much shorter version of the show, they now seem resolved to stay with television. These past weeks, NBC has entered into official talks with associates for DIRECTV satellite providers about the possibility of selling the show. Although no official statement has been made about the success of the negotiations, representatives of the network have indicated to the press that they may be guardedly optimistic.