With reports of Passions undesirable end persisting, this is a great time to begin rallying together to save the show. While the decision has not officially been made, it is set for early July. This doesn’t leave fans with a lot of time and all support is appreciated. While there may be fewer Passions fans, I�m sure we�re no less devoted. Anyone concerned should start raising their voices now. With the flurry of concern over the fate of the show, we’ve received a number of e-mails from fans wondering where they can write to express their support for the show’s survival.

Here are a few places that you can write:

This is a good place to start. Try posting your comments there to save our soap


or, on the official Passions message board here

You can write directly to the show, expressing your support for the actors and producers at these addresses.

CBS Radford Studios
4024 Radford Avenue
Studio City, CA 91604

30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10112

You can also begin your own online petitions to forward to the network at any of the sites below.


Another important place to start is with your local station. Affiliate and local stations carry a lot of weight in matters like this and local support can go a long way. Addresses for local stations can be found here

I will start a thread on the message board for people to post links to petitions, ideas and information.