Passions fans now have a new way of connecting to the show online. NBC has announced their partnership with Cyworld-dot-com and created a special space on their website featuring Fancy Crane (Emily Harper) called ‘Fancy’s Room.’ Cyworld offers personal profile pages which can include journals, sketches and other personal items. The company has been one of the leaders in personal sites and web communities for nearly a decade. Passions was the ideal choice for the veteran internet company because it is the second most popular show in the key advertising demographic of 12-17 years olds. This will continue the show’s history as one of the most innovative integrators of new technologies and trends on television. Michael Streefland, the Vice President of Marketing and Sales for the USA, is excited about the new deal pointing out that ‘NBC is at the convergence of entertainment and technology, and given our common goal of innovation, together we can uniquely grow both brands and consumer engagement.’