A year ago, Harmony was a very different place, well, not so different. Ivy and Sam were happily reunited sweethearts, with Ivy trying to do her Martha Stewart routine in the B&B. Last Christmas, Kay was bemoaning the collapse of her relationship with Fox to her father while Ivy was pouring the poison into Fox’s ear. She was particularly concerned about what would happen if Miguel came back, something which everyone actually believed was unlikely. The thought of losing Fox was tearing Kay apart, so much so that she virtually blackmailed Tabitha into setting a love spell on him that threatened to bring the wrath of the Dark Side down on all of them. Added to this was the prospect of Norma’s annual attempted holiday killing spree. As usual, Tabitha got stressed for the holidays while little Endora did her best to drive her mother mad. (By the way, now that Endora has started using real words, will she stop her bubble talking this year?) Tabitha even threatened to leave her unhelpful daughter, but she couldn’t do it. They went out and Endora set the town tree burning and spinning until it flew away.

Meanwhile, Norma decided the make Christmas extra special by adding Edna to her Christmas gift bag. In their attempt to escape the mental hospital, they used a talent show to incite a riot and grab the keys from guards. They found ‘Santa’ outside, hijacked his sleigh and ate his phone so that he couldn’t call for help. Narrowly escaping capture from police, they arrived at Tabitha’s and broke in. As usual, after a few throws of the axe and an animated fight, Tabitha and Endora would escape and imprison Norma and Edna in a Christmas decoration.

Noah and Fancy were trapped in the Crane cabin with Ethan, Theresa and the mysterious woman with red nails (Alistair’s ‘dead’ wife, Rachel). Noah spent most of his time trying to convince Fancy to take him back while she attacked everyone for the way they were treating Ethan and her grandfather. Ethan, of course, was comatose and laying in the bedroom with Theresa who had abducted him with Noah’s help when she expected Gwen to pull the plug. With the help of the FBI, Gwen tracked Theresa down and got Ethan back just in time to call Ivy and Sam in to see him go. After one of their trademark brawls, Theresa was pulled off of Gwen and placed into custody while Ethan’s family gathered around his bed to say goodbye. Miraculously, he recovered and although Gwen explained that he’d been poisoned by Theresa, it seemed as though no impression whatsoever was made on him by the whole ordeal.

Sitting in jail for Ethan’s abduction and Alistair’s attempted murder, Theresa and Noah became close for awhile and Noah even seemed to develop feelings for her. These sad and tender moments were broken up when Theresa’s husband Alistair arrived to offer her release (back into his bed) or a divorce and loss of all legal power over big and little Ethan. She accepted his offer, much to Fancy’s chagrin, who believed that Theresa should be paying for her crimes. However, she feels bad for Noah and, since her grampy is reluctant to let him out of jail, she bribes the guards to let her bring him Christmas dinner and he gives her the key to his heart before the announcement comes that he’s being released.

Luis was believed dead and Sheridan was moving on with Chris and James. The Lopez-Fitzgergald family was trying to reunite itself; Martin still lived with Pilar who was furious with Theresa for breaking numerous vows to God. Miguel called to say he would be returning someday. Now, Luis is alive, Miguel returned, Chad and Whitney discovered they weren’t brother and sister, Martin left, Alistair was blown up, Fancy became a cop and Theresa gave up dreams of Ethan for Jared, but Ethan is very much the same and Norma comes back again. Any guesses on where we’ll be a year from now?