Theresa faces prison charges, Ethan denies an affair, and Whitney reveals a shocking truth.

“Passions” has been off the air for quite a while but has attempted to resurrect the over-the-top storylines, and corny magic of this soap by writing fictional stories about what is happening in Harmony.

The first Passions Fan Fiction installment reminded us that there is no place like Harmony. In our last Passions Fan Fiction, the adults had become trapped, and were being forced to stand trial for their many crimes.

Inside the magical courtroom, the cloaked and hooded judge announces, “Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald Crane, you are accused of stealing fashion designs from the House of Forrester while in cahoots with the handsome son of the owner of Forrester.”

Theresa stumbles for words to explain that she only resorted to the extreme behavior because several of her designs were mysteriously destroyed, so when she was offered a chance to save her name at Fashion Week, she felt she had no choice. The judge counters that not only has she betrayed her customers, and broken the law but she will serve time in prison. “Why would you have to lie? What are our children going to do if you get arrested?” Ethan asks. Theresa fights back her tears. “I’m sorry, Ethan. I was desperate. I would never bring disgrace to our family. I can pay back every penny that Forrester lost.” The judge charges that Theresa has committed a far greater crime that she must confess or she will be held accountable for her actions.

Ethan demands to know what secret is worst than her being a thief. Theresa begins to answer but is interrupted when the judge counters, “Ethan Winthrop, before you begin holding your wife in judgment, you need to confess your secret rendezvous’ with Whitney Russell Harris. Tell everyone what the two of you have been hiding.” Everyone in the room gasps with shock and begin to ask Whitney and Ethan what is the judge talking about? Theresa stares at her husband with a look of horror on her face. “Oh my God, Ethan! Why are you sneaking around with my best friend?” Theresa exclaims. Ethan glances at Whitney who is standing next to her mother. “Theresa, I haven’t been sneaking around…”

The judge interrupts and bluntly asks, “Who is the father of your unborn child, Whitney?” Again, the room explodes into gasps and conversations of shock as Whitney clutches her belly. “How did you know?” She whispers in disbelief. Theresa swoons as Eve screams, “Whitney, how could you?” Ethan catches his wife and leads her to a chair, and begins telling her that what the judge is saying is not what it seems. He explains that it’s true that he has met Whitney in New Orleans a couple of times but nothing illicit was going on between them. He tells her that he only agreed to keep Whitney’s secret because there were lives at stake. Whitney chimes in, “Ethan only helped me because I was desperate, Theresa.” Theresa faces her, and asks what is so important that she is forcing her husband to keep secrets from her? Ethan looks at Whitney, and urges her to tell the truth. Whitney drops her head, and takes a deep breath. “Chad is alive. This is his baby I’m carrying. The real Chad never died. Alistair switched him with his twin sometime after our son was born.”

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– Ophelia Thomas